Saturday, 15 September 2018

Bergoglio again refuses a blessing!

A few days after being elected, Bergoglio spoke before the assembled media in the Paul VI Audience Hall. I recall that he refused to bless them because they were not all Catholics and he said that he would not provide a blessing because he respected their consciences. I have no time to look up a transcript or video of the event, if someone can, please leave it in the comment section.

Today in Sicily, he did it again. He refused a pontifical blessing so as not to offend the "many non-Catholic Christians, those of other religions, and the agnostics."

Yet, he himself has no problem being "blest" by a layman.

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The man is truly evil. 

He denied Catholics the right to the pontifical blessing and denied those non-Catholic Christians, agnostics and others the opportunity for grace to be poured out that might lead to their conversion.

Did I say the man is truly evil?


Dan said...

If he wants to stop offending me, he can resign!

Anonymous said...

"Yet, he himself has no problem being "blest" by a layman."

You mean to say, 'blest' by Indian witch.

John the Mad said...

Frankly, I have no interest in receiving a papal blessing from Francis The Heretical Sex Abuse Enabler. Resign now!

Cardinals, arise from your slumber and contact the bridge. The barque is capsizing and the laity are donning life jackets.

Anonymous said...

The refusal to bless could be a blessing in disguise.

Lynda said...

He has publicly, pertinaciously and with malice aforethought denied the Catholic Faith for decades. Look how he behaved when he first appeared on the loggia - I was appalled in mind and spirit. Remember how he waved in a worldly manner, refused to wear the papal cope and with anger wore the stole with disdain for a few minutes - he denied the truths which these physical things symbolise. Then he spoke as a wordly man and did a sickening bow to the assembled crowd.

Reason and Faith tell us he has been an unrepentant, pertinacious heretic/ apostate for many, many years. We await an official finding and declaration to that effect when the institutionsal Church is once again able to do so (currently unable to due to general apoatasy among the clergy).

mazara said...

Leave out the blessing, have you seen the look he gives the Blessed Sacrement, its scary.

Johnno said...

And yet, Francis has no problem washing the feet of non-Catholic Christians, those of other religions, and the agnostics.