Saturday, 8 September 2018

Don Bergoglio and his minions seeking the whereabouts of Carlo Maria Viganò


By Rev. Michael X., JCL

Vatican officials are on the hunt for Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

According to sources within the Vatican, the Secretariat of State of the Holy See — under the direction of Pietro Cardinal Parolin — has communicated an instruction to its internal and external security services to use its "intelligence resources" to locate the physical whereabouts of Abp. Viganò. This request has been communicated not only in order to prevent more unpredictable damage to the image of Pope Francis and the Holy See on the world stage, but also to "prepare the terrain" for the former apostolic nuncio-turned-whistleblower to be prosecuted for alleged multiple crimes against Vatican and Church law.

The urgency with which the location of Abp. Viganò is being sought is all the more palpable since, according to canon 1507 of the Code of Canon Law and other procedural and penal norms of the Holy See and Vatican City State, Abp. Viganò cannot be prosecuted or even punished unless he first be given the opportunity to be officially notified in writing of the specific canonical and Vatican crimes he is alleged to have committed and be given the opportunity to defend himself against them.

As first reported by the very well-informed Baron Roberto de Mattei (Corrispondenza Romana, September 5), criminal counts are said to be in the process of being researched and drafted in a libellus accusatorius (canonical criminal complaint) for Viganò having allegedly committed perjury for his having breached pontifical and other forms of state secrecy in violation of, among other norms, the Instruction Secreta continere on the Pontifical Secret issued on February 4, 1974 by John Cardinal Villot, Secretary of State of the Vatican.


Kathleen1031 said...

This is going to fire up the laity even more. Now they are really showing themselves to be the vindictive mafia types we suspected. Why did Abp. Vigano disappear in the first place? Because he knows how they operate and expected this. He broke omerta, the code of silence, which is what protects them from punishment for their evil deeds. He dared to speak about it outside the church. We owe Abp. Vigano a great debt. Circle the wagons friends.
We cannot let them get away with punishing Abp. Vigano.
In light of this, perhaps it's time to name a date for a national boycott.

Santa said...

Now this is just getting silly! PF is acting like a total idiot. Some people just have no self awareness at all.

Aqua said...

Sorrow. Closeness. Solidarity with the victims of sexual sodomy perversity crimes against our young.

Violence. Fire. Vengeance against anyone who dares expose these crimes to the parents of our young victims.

The day of reckoning for these evil Clerics is coming. Justice belongs to Almighty God, Jehovah; who loves His little children.

Viganó is a martyr already. Whatever persecution comes his way is just laurels in his glory. He stood, alone in the world. When no one else would stand and act, he stood for the children; for the Church; for Jesus Christ. He has lit a fire, like the Prophets of old. Persecuting him will merely expand the blaze.

Johnno said...

Ah, glad to see that Operation: SILENCE is now in effect.

The Christ-like silencing of Vigano that is! Meaning beating, imprisonment, scourging and finally death.

Hopefully Vigano had the good sense to flee to Moscow.

Russia is the go-to place these days. Especially considering Ecuador is bending with regards to Assange.

AMalek said...

Vigano is probably being protected by the same folks who asked him to speak up in the first place. I suspect the white hats in our intelligence community/Sessions.

Ana Milan said...

I hope he's writing his memoirs in a peaceful backwater somewhere. He surely has plenty up his sleeve to put in writing. Evidence that will rock the whole Church even more than we presently feel. The scourge has begun & will only end when all has been revealed. I believe we can count on +Viganò having placed copies of his Testimony plus updates in a couple of strong boxes, the location of which is known only to person(s) of known integrity, to be opened in case of his sudden & unexplained removal from this earth.

A Vatican witch-hunt will greatly increase his book sales & ensure a successful outcome to this atrocious Apostasy.

C. LaSalle said...

Because of his inside Vatican experience Vigano knows what people are capable of and would plan his escape accordingly. God bless and watch over him.

Anonymous said...

I pray that where-ever he may be, God will send him his most glorious angels to watch over and protect him, Archbishop Vigano You give us strength to carry on, you are loved dearly and supported all over the world through prayers, God bless you!

Unknown said...

Archbishop Vigano. God bless and protect you. You give me hope. Tonight my prayers in the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I will ask our Lady to be with you at your side.