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Bergoglian Cardinal Farrell implicated in scandal

Il fatto quotidiano

The list with the names of the gay lobby: The Vatican trembles

Il Fatto Quotidiano

5 Sep 2018


Behind the tenacious silence of the highest levels of the Vatican regarding the accusations made in the now-famous document of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò may be the fear of being smeared by new facts and developments which may come to light in the explosion of the “nuclear war” which is said to be occurring – for several days now – within the Holy See.

Yesterday we told you about the “Farrell case” which alleged that a dossier had been given to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which oversees the handling of cases of sexual and other moral crimes, concerning Kevin Joseph Farrell, one-time auxiliary bishop of Washington, which if proven true would fall like a boulder on top of the Pope. Farrell, directly nominated by Bergoglio as head of the Dicastery for the Family, lived together with Theodore McCarrick, former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, who was involved in numerous cases of sexual abuse against seminarians.

Upon contacting the Congregation for a comment, or perhaps a denial, the response was: “There will be no comment.” The Vatican thus is not denying the report of Il Fatto Quotidiano, but like McCarrick chooses the strategy of silence. Also because the concerns of the Holy See do not end here.

The new clouds on the horizon are the concrete possibility that there will be a leak of the documents pertaining to the investigation of cardinals Julián Herranz, Jozef Tomko e Salvatore De Giorgi, which they gave to Pope Benedict XVI prior to his resignation. The report contains a detailed and disturbing account of the moral and financial corruption of Vatican clergy, with specific names and circumstances. We have succeeded in seeing a copy of the document with the papal seal on the heading, and from which we will publish excerpts here: a list of both prelates and lay people who belong to the so-called gay lobby, who by means of blackmail and secrets are able to influence, or have influenced, the positions and careers of both themselves and others.

We will not reveal the specific names given in the list, but we are able to confirm that among the names there are persons removed by the Pope, others who had their offices changed, others who still hold important strategic positions in the internal workings of the Vatican, such as in the Propaganda Fide and the Secretariate of State.

The investigation of the three cardinals Herranz- Tomko- De Giorgi has as yet remained “top secret.” However, a small and yet not-so-small circle of persons had the opportunity to read it, and this before the Conclave of 2013, in order to give a hand to the Holy Spirit who would carry Bergoglio across the threshold of the papacy. In order to make the report, dozens of priests and high prelates were interrogated, and all sorts of documents were gathered together. If the public became aware of the content of the report, it would be a disaster for the image of the Church, already devastated throughout the world by sexual scandals. But that is exactly what could happen in this phase of the battle, since the squawking of “crows” is a secular practice which takes place in the Vatican every time there is an escalation in which the civil war gets fiercer.

And this time the war is against the Pope himself. This time Bergoglio can no longer count on the protection of the Curia, given that he has such a complicated relationship with it both personally and doctrinally (one need only think of the questions of the dubia raised by the four cardinals to the Pope concerning the encyclical Amoris Laetitia, in which Bergoglio opened up communion to the divorced and remarried).

Nor can Francis count on some of his powerful friends and allies, overwhelmed as they are by their own sex scandals or by having covered up for others: McCarrick and Farrell, Cardinals Roger Mahony and Godfried Danneels, on the Chilean bishops, on the very powerful number 3 in the Vatican Cardinal George Pell, currently on trial in Australia for multiple sex crimes. Pell wanted to resign as the Vatican Minister of Finance, but the Pope preferred a simple leave of absence. Moreover, when he was named as Number 3 at the Vatican Bergoglio himself could not possibly not have known about Pell’s abuses.

We ask by means of our newspaper to Pope Bergoglio and to Secretary of State Parolin: bring clarity to matters of McCarrick, Farrell and the commission of the three cardinals, to the moral questions which cannot be hidden away under a veil of silence. The reform of the church will take place by means of the truth.

Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino

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Kathleen1031 said...

I must have fallen asleep at some point. Can someone enlighten me on what Archbishop George Pell is accused of in Australia, and whatever it is, are these credible accusations? Last I knew, these were supposedly trumped up charges.
Seriously, there must be something supernatural gluing us to this church. At this point, I don't even understand why I care anymore. It is obvious the church has entirely gone over to sodomy and boy buggering. I sincerely do not understand why I continue to bother with this anymore. It is entirely disgusting. But I never walk away, at least, not yet. That being said, neither do I want to give these perverts another dime of my money.
Thank you in advance to any information about Pell.