Monday, 10 September 2018

Cocaine Capozzi - back in the apartment, back in the game.

From Elizabeth Yore at The Remnant:

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts (charged with the interpretation of Canon Law) and his Secretary, Msgr. Luigi Capozzi

coccopalmerio and capozzi“Oh I make no excuses. All my life it's been my ambition to surround myself with rare and beautiful things. Suddenly faced with this golden opportunity...”  ~The Lavender Hill Mob

How stupid does the Vatican think we are? The contempt for which they hold the laity knows no bounds. The people of God are treated like ignorant sheep who are on a need to know basis and they need to know nothing.

Silence the sheep.

Spare us the lame and convenient Bergoglian Who Am I to judge narrative. Lest we forget that our weekly parish collection basket helps to pay their rent, their meals, their scarlet birettas, their croziers, their episcopal rings, their cars, their luxury apartments and their parties.

Speaking of parties and luxury apartments, despite the Vatican’s best efforts to muzzle the Vatican Gendarmerie, Italian media and the Curia, the infamous Msgr. Luigi “Cocaine” Capozzi, Secretary to the powerful Cardinal Francesco “Positive Realities of Homosexuals”

Msgr. Luigi Capozzi was arrested for hosting a raucous drug fueled homosexual orgy.


Peter Lamb said...

Some harsh criticism for an old fella just doing his job - while he still can. As a good and senior judeo-mason, his sworn duty is to cause as much scandal and harm to the "catholic church" as possible. The more scandal - the more loss of Faith, the more souls lost and the more recruits for his master. Make hay while the sun shines. As they say, "Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die"!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that there needs to be regular and noisy protests outside of Francis' Santa Martha residence. Though of course the Swiss guards might not allow that. But we need to do more than just be keyboard warriors. Francis is just ignoring the laity.

Meanwhile, Barnhart is featuring a series of articles which show that Francis himself is likely a homosexual and has enabled homosexual predation in Argentina. Not sure if her claims can be proven, but she's done a lot of research into the matter.

M. Ray

elpine flower said...

Big sigh........

So what more do we need to know that what passes for leadership in what was once the Catholic Church is now just Apostasy?

Peter Lamb said...

Dear M. Ray, Paul the Sick, (soon to be canonized, or already canonized?), was a sodomite, (see Fr. Luigi Villa), who had a live-in boy friend in the Vatican and who was picked up by the police, on more than one occasion, cruising for men on the streets of Rome, dressed in civilian clothes. Roncalli, ("John 23rd"), and Paul the Sick were both registered judeo-masons and therefor excommunicated from the Catholic Church, before they became "popes". An heretic cannot become Pope. The novus ordo "church" is filthy, false, fake, fagoty and fraudulent. Under present circumstances, truly traditional Catholics are sedevacantists.

Anonymous said...

Shame on this so called Pope. Shame on the priests who have kept silent !
Shame on all Catholics who turn their heads away and feel safe because it was not their child.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lamb,

Sedevacantists are usually a few cans short of a six-pack. That's why they obsess on whether or not the pope is the pope. Sedes will usually try to control conboxes, and take over. Look at what happened to the AKA Catholic blog. Comments are no longer allowed there - now why is that do you suppose? I won't engage further with you, since it is futile to argue with a sede. They know it all (or believe they do).

M. Ray

Vox Cantoris said...

Respect please!

It is a great disservice that Rorate and AKA closes their comments. I don’t often come in here and compared to them, I have few. But mine must play nice in the sandbox.



Dan said...

My only real problem with the sedevacantist position is one of logic maybe? That is, why pick one council, or moment in time, as opposed to another, and how to know the rightness of the decision... each council had its detractors. Why not Chalcedon? Why not Vatican I? Anyway, current situation makes the hierarchy look like closet satanists. Very bad.

Lynda said...

Thank you very much, dear brother in Christ, Vox, for your continued service to God, the Holy Faith and the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in this most terrible time of Apostasy and deception. You and others help isolated members of God's Remnant to communicate and gain support from fellow suffering Faithful.

Commenters ought keep comments to the objective matters which concern our Faith, Church and the salvation of souls, and refrain from making personalised comments on other commenters.

Lord, God Almighty, give us strength, consolation and final perseverance in the Faith. Viva Cristo Rey!

Lynda said...

The immodest pose and demeanour and dress shown in the photograph are not what holy consecrated men of God ever display. And priests and bishops ought never be in public dressed other than as a priest or bishop - they are not jobs which incur on-duty hours but soul-marking sacramental ministry to souls in service to God's mandate.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear M. Ray, I'm sorry to hear Louis has closed his blog to comments. He banned me from his combox several years ago, very politely in a personal email, for being a sede. Personally, I don't see the point of having a combox which disallows any comment, or discussion contrary to the bloggers point of view. Perhaps such bloggers just enjoy a sycophantic chorus of approbation devoid of dissent?

Three major points of Catholic doctrine distinguish sedevacantists:

1. An heretic cannot become Pope. This is completely logical. He who is not a Member of the Church, cannot logically be visible Head of the Church. One can't become President of the golf club, if one is not a Member of the golf club.
The Catholic Faith must be accepted in its entirety, or not at all. An heretic is one who refutes even a single article of the Catholic Faith. An heretic excommunicates HIMSELF from the Church according to Divine law. Judeo-masonic-modernists embrace the synthesis of all heresies and consequently none of their ilk could become Pope.

2. There has never been an heretical Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. I state that categorically upon authority of St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church and our prime authority on the Papacy, and upon the authority of Vatican II.
IF, IF, IF a Pope were to become a public, (notorious), pertinacious heretic, he would AUTOMATICALLY be deposed BY GOD, thereby losing all authority and even Membership in the Catholic Church.
This is caste iron Catholic doctrine. I can supply you with a lengthy list of quotes from Catholic Popes, Saints, Doctors, Fathers and theologians to this effect, if desired.
Is bergoglio an heretic? Indeed he is! He denies the existence of hell,the existence of which is Catholic dogma. So how can he be Pope? Please, you tell me.

3. The Pope is the Vicar of Our Lord, Jesus the Christ. He functions by direct authority of Our Lord, Himself. He is the Visible Head of the Church of Christ on Earth. He is designated (elected), by man, but his authority comes from GOD and only He can revoke His authority. The Pope is SOVEREIGN. He is JUDGED BY NO MAN. GOD ALONE judges the Pope. No Council, no College of Cardinals, no human body can depose a true Pope. This is not my poopy opinion, this is Catholic doctrine.

Peter Lamb said...

This being the case, how LUDICROUS is a "Recognize and Resist" position? There is no such thing in Catholic ecclesiology! If you recognize a man as Pope, you OBEY him in his field of authority. The Pope is infallible in matters of Faith and Morals - guided and protected from error by the Holy Ghost, Himself. (Another Catholic dogma.) What Catholic in his right mind would place himself above the Pope? Who has the insane temerity to "sift" the teaching of the Pope and then decide what he will, or will not accept? Not a single CATHOLIC would subscribe to such balderdash. If you count me wrong, please explain how I am wrong. If one were in the army, would one have the temerity to sift the orders of the Commander-in-Chief?
If bergoglio is your Pope, you OBEY him!

All of the above applies
I am not touching on the Cassiciacum Thesis - Pope formaliter, pope materialiter here. The question of pope materialiter is purely a legal question of canon law to be eventually resolved by canon lawyers. A pope materialiter merely legally occupies an office and is devoid of any and all authority.

I'd say the question of whether the conciliar "popes' were/are Popes is a mighty important question to a Catholic.

I don't think sedes try to dominate comboxes. I think they are driven by their love of our Faith and their duty to defend and promote it, pure and unadulterated by modernism and half a century of judeo-masonic onslaught. One has to be fairly geriatric to have lived and known pre-vatican II Catholicism. Millions of sincere Catholics younger than 50,or 60 years of age know nothing except novus ordo "catholicism". They have grown up in it; They have been taught it, (even in seminaries)and they believe it to their own eventual great detriment. It is our duty to proclaim the Faith as it was, as it is and as it always will be. We should not be doing it. We are the taught. The Clergy are the teachers; they should be doing it, but there are very few Catholic Clergy left to teach us, so laymen do their best.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dan, The 21 Ecumenical Councils of the Church were promulgated by true Popes and form part of the infallible Universal Magisterial teaching of the Church. Whether they had detractors, or not, is immaterial because they bear the authority of he who holds the keys and who binds on Earth and in Heaven, under protection from error by the Holy Ghost.

Vatican II was called by a judeo-mason and promulgated by another judeo-mason. Vatican II teaches heresies. False popes = false council. The Catholic Church CANNOT teach anything harmful to the salvation of souls. Vatican II teaches plenty that is harmful to souls. Catholic doctrine cannot change. Vatican II makes plenty changes.

Vox Cantoris said...

Peter Lamb said...
Dear M. Ray, I'm sorry to hear Louis has closed his blog to comments. He banned me from his combox several years ago, very politely in a personal email, for being a sede. Personally, I don't see the point of having a combox which disallows any comment, or discussion contrary to the bloggers point of view. Perhaps such bloggers just enjoy a sycophantic chorus of approbation devoid of dissent?

I agree, what's the point of the blog if everyone agrees with me. I can understand the sede position. I don't agree with it but I understand it.

I have said it before, I have more in common with Peter Lamb in South Africa as a sede than the Catholics in my own territorial parish.

Irenaeus said...
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