Thursday, 13 September 2018

Programs here, programs, can't tell the perverts without a program!

Good grief. 

It is becoming hard to keep up with the bloodletting of the sodomite perverts and their protectors.

What do we find?

An alleged priest, Manual LaRosa-Lopez, was arrested in Conroe, Texas on four counts of "indecency with a child." It turns out that Cardinal DiNardo who has been urging Pope Francis to act regarding episcopal pervert cover-uppers has been accused of being a cover-upper himself.

On top of that, we have the report from Germany of the leaked report of abuse of nearly 4,000 people by priests and bishops and the repetitive relocation and cover-up. The number cannot be accurate, this report was not independent.

We now have Bergoglio calling a Synod in 2019 on the matter of protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse.

Unless the Synod provides full disclosure on the worldwide cover-up of what is no doubt a global network of sodomite perverts and an assurance that homosexuals will be removed from ministry no matter the colour of their cassocks, the Synod will be a sham.


Ana Milan said...

I'm sick of Synods whose only aim is to change the Sixth Commandment & allow Sodomy, SSM, Remarried & Divorced, cohabit &, without repentance, receive the Holy Eurcharist. The complicit silence from hitherto seemingly traditional prelates is no longer acceptable. They have stood aside while Satan took over the reins in the Papal Office & without murmur looked on as horrendous acts of demonic perversity were blatantly being carried out worldwide against our children, teenagers & young adults, including seminarians, who have all been grievously harmed. No-one votes for people they don't know - they had already greatly supported PF in the previous pontifical election. They all knew who & what they were voting for & have brought the greatest tribulation yet upon God's people & the rest of mankind. They all have something to hide & need to be driven out of the Vatican & Dioceses of the OHC&A Church without fear or favour. How they can celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while either actually performing lewd acts or looking the other way, is grotesque. They obviously have no belief in the Almighty & use their positions to bring the Papacy & Hierarchy of the CC into worldwide disrepute causing great suffering to its true members. These grossly demonically-possessed effeminates must be excommunicated, laicised & expelled immediately. They are Apostates, Heretics, Blasphemers, Sodomites- let the civil courts deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Another synod...ha! And what will this one do? Nothing...period! How could it do any good? I mean with the commander and chief of sodomite enablers Bergoglio heading it up...what could go wrong?

Peter Lamb said...

These judeo-masons will NEVER expel their own. Why should they? They purposely, intentionally, actively infiltrated sodomites into the Church for the purpose they are achieving - major scandal and loss of Faith. The battle is between Christ and satan. satan's minions have succeeded in their strategy and have usurped the property and offices of the Catholic Church to form their own church of satan in opposition to the Church of Christ. Letter-writing, petitions, demonstrations to modernist prelates are futile and pointless. They simply reflect a willful determination not to recognize the current situation for what it is. Saint Paul warned us about the "Operation of Error", when itchy ears would listen to fables. Our Lord is permitting it to separate the believers from the unbelievers. When He comes, will He find [His] Faith on earth? He is telling us that very few true, faithful Catholics will remain.

Kathleen1031 said...

Ok, here is how it looks now.
It looks as if the church is less a church and more a massive, international child porn/trafficking ring. It looks as if most/many/all of these men are complicit in this, and one can reasonably conclude this is part and parcel of how these men live their lives. There is too much of it, too many of them involved. Do they all know, and agree to it? Is this practice for all of them, the rape and sodomization of boys and teenagers? Do they all share pictures and experiences? Maybe even kids?
Dear God in heaven, have mercy on us. Send the remedy to this evil and confusion. Protect children and young people, most of all, and help us to help them! Never let us stop doing all we can to protect them Lord. They matter more than we do. Amen.

Johnno said...

Looks like the Italian media has got its hands on the Benedict XVI dossier. FInally we'll have names to attach to the Gay Lobby Membership cards so that Bergolio can finally identify them.

Dan said...

"It looks as if the church is less a church and more a massive, international child porn/trafficking ring." Yes Kathleen, and let's not forget the homosexual part. Also, have to be gay.

Peter Lamb said...

"It looks as if the church is less a church and more a massive, international child porn/trafficking ring."
That is precisely the reaction desired and manipulated by the judeo-masons!

jac said...

A Synod of bishops ad cardinals led by the Pope, to address the protection of children in the Church is akin to Al Capone calling for a meeting with other mafia bosses to address the fight against the organized crime.

Tom A. said...

Lost in this mess is the simple premise that to be Catholic one must hold the Catholic faith. If one holds a faith other than the Catholic faith one cannot objectively be a Catholic no matter how much one proclaims the status. Yet over and over we here trads lament the the crisis in the NO sect as if it were the crisis in the Catholic Church. The crisis in the Catholic Church is that it is extremely small with few clergy and laity left holding the Faith. No one should equate what is happening in the conciliar sect with the state of the True Church. Until the traditionalist draw this distinction, no restoration is possible. For to call these heretics Catholic is to destroy the Faith.

Peter Lamb said...

Bravo Tom A !!!

Anonymous said...

Tom A - I agree with you. Most people don't know that V2 was supposed to condemn Communism instead the agenda was cunningly hijacked and new ideas were introduced and changes made that outwardly sounded appealing but after implementation they distorted the average catholic's understanding of Christ's True Doctrine and how we practiced it.

In the 60's people trusted and blindly obeyed the clergy and the vast majority went along with the changes or dropped away (a tiny remnant stayed faithful to Tradition). If those trusting people could have looked into the future and seen the current state would they have accepted V2 and the NO Mass?

Today we need to use our God given intelligence and the vast resources of the internet to research and learn about the Faith of our grandfathers and compare/contrast it with V2. If we are intellectually honest we will see that V2 was a bad council because its ideas and subsequent changes are a deviation from the past. If anyone deviates from even 1 article of the faith they can't call themselves a true catholic or a true catholic priest. Therefore it logically follows that a priest/bishop/pope who follows V2 does not have lawful authority and is not owed obedience. Therefore, the vast majority who followed V2 are the ones in schism and the remnant who remained loyal to Tradition are the True Church and Bride of Christ even though they are few. If only 1 person out of a million believes that 1+1=2 and the rest don't, then that 1 person is right and everyone else is wrong regardless how many they are.

Some of you who are still reading may have a hard time accepting my succinct analysis, and for most people it is difficult just to consider that we have been fooled for decades, conned out of our spiritual inheritance, we possessed a sacred treasure that should have been preserved and guarded for posterity and instead it was exchanged for a counterfeit made from fool's gold. Accept this frightening truth or choose complacency and stick your head back in the sand. But I pray that we humble ourselves and face reality.

Research and learn for yourself... search on for the Baltimore Catechism. Educate yourself and pray pray pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and to enlighten you.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear BC, please don't go away!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter Lamb - thank you for the sentiment, I'm not going away from the Faith, I'm reclaiming it, regrouping and putting on the "Full Armour of God"

May God confound the enemies of our souls!