Monday, 10 September 2018

Roman Catholic Faithful is back!

Stephen Brady, the founder of RCF which took down a number of pervert clerics in Illinois and discovered the satanic "St. Sebastian's Angels" is back!

RCF was able to break into a sodomite priest chat group called "St. Sebastian's Angels" and discovered a cesspool of perversion and sacrilege. Bishops were taken out including one in South Africa who wanted to do a few things to "Ratz." - then Pope Benedict XVI.

You can view the capture web page at this link, but be forewarned. there are explicit pictures of priests who uploaded the photos themselves, so forewarned, is forearmed.

Media Contact:

(PETERSBURG, IL. September 8, 2018) — In July of 2009, the Board Members of Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. elected to suspend operations after twelve years of fighting corruption in the Catholic Church. Said Stephen Brady, founder and president of RCF, "Our organization began after we learned that the bishop of Springfield, Illinois, the late Daniel Ryan, was paying young male prostitutes for sex. Soon calls for our assistance came from around the U.S. We sponsored a number of symposia in cities across the country, and we picketed the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on at least two occasions.

"We were privileged to receive the sage advice of holy priests such as Fr. John Hardon, Fr. Charles Fiore, Fr. Peter Mascari, and the legendary Fr. Malachi Martin," Mr. Brady explained. "Yet, we closed our doors after we became convinced that clerical corruption could not be fought simply on a piecemeal basis on a local level; rather, it became clear that the greater part of the post-conciliar Church had lost the Faith. We urged our supporters to attend the Traditional Mass whenever possible, to recite the daily Rosary, to live the life of grace and to pray very hard for the reform of the Church." (RCF's “goodbye letter” can be found at

However, Mr. Brady continued, "The events that have unfolded during the last several months, most particularly the report of the grand jury that investigated the sexual molestation of children in Pennsylvania, have led us to believe that we must once more jump into the fray. It has become impossible for us to stand idle after reading the grand jury report (available at The various committees and commissions proposed by several bishops can be counted on to be a complete waste of time and money. This amounts to the wolves investigating the wolves."

In the past, RCF not only addressed immorality among the clergy but also fought diocesan heterodox teaching and liturgical abuses. These things, although important to its members, will no longer be included in RCF's active mission. Said Mr. Brady, "We have one mission now – to expose the network of sexual immorality among the Catholic clergy in the United States, and most importantly to expose the bishops and cardinals who have enabled their crimes. If we work on this project for ten years, and spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, and save only one child from being molested, we will have considered our work a success. Frankly, though, we anticipate doing much better."

In closing, Mr. Brady stated, "And now a word to the bishops and cardinals in the United States:

"We are going to put the dioceses and episcopal sees of each of you under a microscope. We are willing to crawl into the darkest dens of depravity where children are molested and expose this entire network and enterprise to the public. To those of you bishops and cardinals willing to assist us and cooperate, we thank you in advance. For those of you who will oppose our crusade, let me make this clear – we are going to name names and take whatever remedial action we find necessary, including picketing, urging boycotts of financial contributions by parishioners and....well, let’s just say we have a few other ideas as well."
Mr. Brady concluded, "For assistance in this fight the Roman Catholic Faithful ask for the help of Almighty God and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Viva Cristo Rey! Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!"

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Anonymous said...

I greatly applaud and support this initiative. The filth in the Church can be best exposed through the laity.

Anonymous said...

Sweepoutthefilth !

C. LaSalle said...

OMGosh, all of this filth has to be exposed no matter how heart breaking it is. Anyone engaged in this direct work, please be advised of my daily prayers for your success.

Anonymous said...

QUOTH STEPHEN BRADY: "In the past, RCF not only addressed immorality among the clergy but also fought diocesan heterodox teaching and liturgical abuses. These things, although important to its members, will no longer be included in RCF's active mission."

That's too bad. First, because heterodox beliefs are what leads to heterodox practice. Second, because heterodox priests can and do cause more harm to the faithful than sexually abusive ones. Certainly the abusive ones cause GREAT harm to their victims: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The numbers of victims, though shocking, are but a small percent of the total number of lay Catholics. Heterodox priests harm all the faithful, inhibit vocations of good men, lead people to sin. Heterodoxy is the cause of the abuse; you sin in your mind before you do it in body.

- Felix

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 3:30 Am.

They go together. But hopefully Mr. Brady's experience will yield fruit in naming names.


Kathleen1031 said...

Anonymous, why split hairs. I see this type of argument and I wonder what it is for. Both are worth changing, heterodoxy in liturgy and homosexual perversion which acts against boys or anyone for that matter. What is the point of belaboring which one is worse? I also daresay you should not be quibbling about such a point unless you yourself, or a very close loved one, has not endured the incredible suffering of being molested by a member of the clergy. There is no way anyone should verbally minimize this disastrous and catastrophic act in any way, but especially if this is not the case and you have no personal experience with it. I have a personal experience with a young boy in my family being sexually molested by a male teenager, and I can tell you, it is devastating and causes lifelong negative impacts. Thank God it was not a priest or bishop, because what does it do to a child or teen to have the man who represents GOD, do such a horrific thing.
I think you should end the debate. Both are egregious. Both should be addressed. Stop minimizing homosexual predation by trying to get people to say something else is worse.