Saturday, 22 September 2018

Bono's good friend is not only Bergoglio but Uncle Teddy "Predator Pervert" McCarrick

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. A video, even more.

The same week that abortion advocate Bono, who has made hundreds of millions of pounds, dollars and shekels from capitalism, condemns capitalism along with the Peronist Pope Bergoglio, this little gem emerges.

"This goes out to my old friend, Cardinal McCarrick." (about 2:38)

Uncle Ted McCarrick was the founder of the Papal Foundation, The Papal Foundation became more well-known earlier this year when a scandal erputed as certain cardinals manipulated the Board to provide funds on behalf of Bergoglio for a dermatological hospital in Rome caught up in malfeasance. 

The abortion advocating Bono and his globalist-laden charity One, is now providing funds for Bergoglio. 

What is the connection between the globalist funding network, the homosexual pervert and predator McCarrick, the coverup by Bergoglio, the deflective visit and financial collusion with Bergoglio and the world of child sex trafficking, abuse, blackmail and pornography, the Podesta Group and the WikiLeaks of the need for a "Catholic Spring" and the revelations by Dr. Henry Sire in The Dictator Pope of funding from Peter's Pence for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the reported rage that Bergoglio flew into upon the election of Donald J. Trump?

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Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I do not presume to understand evil as Bergoglio and team do. This homosexualist cabal has centuries of experience to build upon, while I had good parents who taught me to despise evil.

I build upon my limited personal experience and observation when I say that Bono was called upon at this time, because the strongest opposition to Bergoglian perverts comes from Bono's age group and older, many of whom used to and still do appreciate his music.

Bergoglio, you Judas, this is not going to work. We see through you and we see through that other globalist elitist. Even if some of us liked his music before, we have seen the little devil for what he is, as we have seen you.

Don't you understand? We are appalled by evil, regardless of the costume you sodomy-lovers choose to put on. The stench is unbearable, even long distance!