Thursday, 6 September 2018

Pope Francis' cover up of sexual perversion and sodomitical rape in Argentina.

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This image of Bergoglio has made the rounds, often showing up in feeds or memes. It is as if he is saying, "no, not me." Now, we know from where it comes, a confrontation in St. Peter's Square with German filmmakers asking his covering up for abuse in Argentina in one specific case. The excerpt is below, the whole film, in German, can be viewed through the link at LifeSiteNews.

Thank you Dear Reader: You can generate English subtitles. Open the settings (gear) icon which is right next to "YouTube" on the bottom right just below screen. Go to Subtitles/CC. Choose German (auto generated). German is checked but right below you can now select auto-translate which will give you a long list of languages, including of course, English.

The full film needs to be subtitled and widely distributed. 

Here are the decisive 12 minutes about Bergoglio and Argentina.

The case concerns one Judas Priest pervert, Julio César Grassi, but there are more as the witnesses testify and as they confirm that Bergoglio ignored their please and their letters. This follows on the reports by Marco Tosatti, since removed but captured elsewhere, of a clear case of cover-up and accusations by the victim's mother.

The time for action is long since passed. The fetid swamp of homosexual infiltration in the Holy Catholic Church must be exposed. 

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a malefactor, a wretched man who from the very beginning to aid form perverts (McCarrick) and their protectors (Danneels) and surrounded himself with them, (Ricca) and that was the first two days! 

From the insults emanating from his mouth to blasphemies to heresies such as Amoris Laetitia and to the cover-up of this filth of homosexuality and abuse, Bergoglio has proven that he is not on the side of Christ or you and me but on that of his "god of surprises."

Now, we see have his minions such as Coccopalmerio, a man whose secretary is an active homosexual and was caught in a cocaine-fueled orgy in a Vatican apartment, musing about a suspension for Carlo Maria Viganò.

These men are evil. The pressure must be maintained, they must get the message that we are in this fight, we are not abandoning our Lord and His Church, our Mother to them, and that we will expose them and out them without ceasing.




Anonymous said...

You can generate English subtitles. Open the settings (gear) icon which is right next to "YouTube" on the bottom right just below screen. Go to Subtitles/CC. Choose German (auto generated). German is checked but right below you can now select auto-translate which will give you a long list of languages, including of course, English.



Ana Milan said...

Does PF really believe the world's Catholics are with him? Some questionable journalists associated with low level catholic journals might well be, but well-informed Catholics are not. His behaviour has been disgusting from the start & even before in his native Argentina. No-one seemed to know him except Sankt Gallen Mafia who, by their evil manipulation, forced him upon the entire world.

It shows the depth of PF's own depravity if he thinks that ++Coccppalmerio & his troupe of sodomite cocaine & homo-erotic party lovers are in any position to offer advice to him about truth-revealing +Viganò whose Testimony still awaits his response, as does the Dubia. With prelates like ++Napier suggesting PF's silence is similar to Christ's silence before Pilate, & ++Tobin asking Catholics in his Diocese to join him in prayer & fasting (implying that they are as much to blame as bishops), they are showing desperation.

Catholics must publicly refuse them any support while continuing to privately pray for the destruction of their vile lifestyles & their offices taken from them. It is they who need to apologise to their victims for the sufferings they inflicted upon them & to the entire laity for the demonic example they have blatantly displayed. They are not worthy successors of the First Apostles & must go.

Brian said...

Hey Vox
Didn't Jorge encourage us to "...make a mess..."? He and his Boys-R-Us club are doing a good job of it. Be careful what you wish for Bergoglio. "Hey there Georgie Boy....."

Anonymous said...

This is certainly interesting. For anyone, such as Kevin Symonds, who doubts that the Bertone's or the Sodano's or the Bergoglio's would ever lie--and make a lot of money trying his best to prove it in a book--I would encourage you to research "Heaven on Earth"--Bergoglio's and Skorka's "interview" book.

In that book, a hypothetical about a pedophile priest is discussed and Bergoglio states emphatically: "In my diocese it never happened..." Now, let's see the usual suspects try to spin this. If this isn't a bold-faced and blatant lie, given what we now know, what is?


Kathleen1031 said...

This is like Lepanto. The Christians were vastly outnumbered by the Infidels (in that case, the Muslims), and after holding up the flag or standard of Our Lady, the Christians pulled off a stunning defeat. I don't know if these men will win or not, in the end, only God knows that, but while we are here, let us work hard to make them miserable.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link for the English version.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Catholic laity in the pews can begin to take action. Petition your diocesan bishop, write to your archbishop. Let them know that you DEMAND action in the removal of this pope and the compliant and deviant hierarchy.

Judge them not by their words but judge them by their (in)actions.

What are you dear Catholic going to do otherwise? Silence means that we condone these homosexual/paedophile clerics. Not in my name. Not in my name will anyone remain silent because we have to defend the church and we must defend the victims.

Let this hierarchy know that the time has come. This is over as of now.
Pester them. Annoy them. Pursue them. Run them out of the church!

Johnno said...

What worries me is that Francis and the Gay Lobby Members (membership cards, name tags and all...) will try to make grand overtures to the world to try and turn things around.

Just like how Kevin Spacey tried to come out as 'gay' in the hopes it'll cushion the blow of his scandals, Francis and all will be 'Out and Proud', and they'll try to make sodomy 'not-a-sin' via the Youth Synod in their usual sophist way so as to tell the world, "Look! We're LGBT now! You must like and protect us from all those Conservatives!"

I believe the general faggotry will reach entirely new levels out of some desperate attempt to salvage themselves via appeals to the Drag Princes of this world.

Burke, meanwhile is still apparently pressing for Francis to answer the dubia... so that tells us at the very least that Burke will just sit on the sidelines and let Francis carry on, tolerating Burke meowing in a LifeSite article or two.

This one isn't a Vigano, that's for sure...

Peter Lamb said...

" I don't know if these men will win or not,..."
I do! How can these men win? Is the Catholic Church not indefectible and indestructible? Did Our Lord not promise that the gates of hell, (heretics), would NOT prevail? Christ promised His protection to His Church, until the end of time. So, that's how we know who will win.

These doubts and problems only arise when one confuses the novus ordo church with the Catholic Church.

Dan said...

Johnno, I think you're right. Soon they'll be crying persecution by those "rigid neo-pelagian cisgenders!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ann Barnhardt has just postedmore explosive news from Argentina.