Thursday, 20 September 2018

Was Father Joseph Moreno of Buffalo murdered?

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Was this priest of Buffalo, Father Joseph Moreno, whose death was framed as a suicide actually murdered? 

Was Father Moreno silenced due to his knowledge of a network of homosexual pervert priests?


TLM said...

Also the reason Arch. Vigano is in hiding. Henry Sire (The Dictator Pope) says he really is in fear for his life. There have been a number of these suspicious deaths of priests that had 'too much information' and were about to go public with it. Reminds me of Fr. Kuntz, of Dane Wisconsin who was a traditional priest and offered the TLM and an orthodox priest. He was Pastor of a Parish there with a Catholic school attached to it. Murdered in the 90's but the murder has never been solved. A teacher found him in the main hallway of the school in the early morning with his throat slit. They found 'defensive wounds' on him, so it WAS a murder. He was also investigating a gay network in the Diocese of Springfield, IL at the time. You get too close and are a threat to expose them and guess what happens? You go to your eternal reward just a little early.

Unknown said...

This few holy priests make my faith stay strong.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget its not simply gay sex that's worth murdering for - its the money laundering, illegal drugs, human trafficking and sex trade that comes with it that that they indulge in and use the church as a front that these fallen priests and their collaborators would murder to cover up.

fpf said...

This recalls another priest-murder which occurred under very comparable circumstances several years earlier: cf reports on the death of Fr John Minkler of the Albany diocese in Feb, 2004. There were claims that Fr Minkler was trying very hard to sit down with Cardinal O'Connor to share with his Eminence a substantial dossier he'd assembled, but that the appointment was never secured.