Sunday, 23 September 2018

Come on now Blase, don't be a cupich

You know about this, right? 

Father Kalcik, You are a priest forever, after the Order of Melchizedek. ThisCupich won't last, he's a bully, an effeminate, a rageful homosexualist and an unmerciful, uncharitable fraud and a disgrace to the priesthood and on top of all that, a pretty stupid man.

Be brave Father, Christ has your back.

There are many faithful, no doubt, who will be there with you.


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ImageCHICAGO ( - Church Militant confirmed Saturday that Fr. Paul Kalchik, pastor of Resurrection Parish in Chicago, has fled his parish and gone into hiding, one day after two chancery priests threatened him that if he did not get psychiatric treatment, Cdl. Blase Cupich would ensure he'd be taken away by police.
"The full frontal attack took place this evening, and the attack resulted in me not saying the evening Mass, nor leading the Rosary Benediction," Fr. Kalchik told Church Militant Friday night about the confrontation with Msgr. Dennis Lyle and Fr. Jeremy Thomas, both vicars for priests.

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Johnno said...

Hell hath no fury like a faggot scorned.

The Mercy on display just oozes out of ever pore.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what commie's do,send people they regard as dissidents to psychiatric centres to be "reeducated".

Gareth Thomas said...

The way that Fr Kalcik was hounded out of his parish by heavies made very chilling reading. This is the USA today, or Czechoslovakia under the Soviet repression in the 1960s? Once again, I am reminded of the excellent analysis of Bergoglio's papacy by Henry Sire (the Dictator Pope, 2017). From Chapter 3: the Vatican "has taken internal espionage to a level unknown since Ceaucescu's Romania."

And - as we know - you on this blog have experienced such communist-style dictatorial policing too.

Anonymous said...

What scum the Catholic hierarchy is overflowing with!!!


mike said...

spell it right cuprich

Anonymous said...

C. LaSalle said...

If anyone NEEDS psychological assistance it would be Cupich and his two goons. How disgusting and tragic do things have to get before PF steps in or the Bishops band together to oust one of the worst examples of "clericalism" on the planet. That would be Cupich, BULLY and very dangerous, unchristian and devoid of mercy.

TLM said...

AMEN! We will 'be there with him'....and praying for him and all the other faithful priests who have been, are presently and will be persecuted by these imposter prelates. Offer at least SOME of your Masses for these brave soldiers of Christ! These frauds are mafia criminals who are so beyond narcissistic that they border psychopathy, and diabolically so. They are all in desperate need of an exorcism and I believe possessed with the demon of homosexuality. There are so many of them that I'm not sure we have enough Churchmen trained in the ministry of exorcism to do the job! (seriously these poor men need an exorcism)

Fr. Gabriel Amorth, pray for us, and even if you are in purgatory you can do that!! (how I wish he were still walking among us!)

Anonymous said...

After Stalin died, they decided to reserve Gulag to more public, dangerous opposition figures and let the psychiatric hospitals deal with the other cases.
I assure you that being in an asylum while sane can bring you to desperation and madness very soon.

Anonymous said...

Father Kalcik, you are not alone, many good Holy priests have been innocent lambs to the homo slaughter house. Father John Corapi would preach about the evil of homosexuals in the Church and he did say, they will get me one day, they did and so the same is happening to you.We will keep you in our prayers as we ask St Michael to defend you in battle.+++

Tom A. said...

Why do traditionalists always assume that some NO priest being attacked by a liberal NO bishop is some holy traditionally minded priest? He could be a full blown modernist. I have no idea if he is or not but I do lament this instant canonization of any enemy of our enemy. The same pedastal is out for this NO Abp Vigano because he is sick and tired of his NO sect being destroyed by sodomites. Well that virtue alone does not make the man a Traditional Catholic.

Peter Lamb said...

If you march behind hitler, under the nazi flag, you are a nazi - full stop.

If one acknowledges a brazen heretic as Pope; If one, as a "prelate", swears allegiance to him; If one as a "priest" says the NWO mass and confects its "sacraments"; if one, knowing better, attends the NWO "mass", then one is a judeo-masonic heretic, or an aider and abettor of judeo-masonic heretics.

Occasional orthodox statements, or actions, simply serve to placate worried "conservative" novus ordites and to keep them in the ambit of the NWO "church". One is either a nazi, or one is not a nazi. Nobody can be both. One is either a Catholic, or one is a novus ordite. Simple as that!

Tom A. said...

All should take a good look at that picture of Bernadin with the flag behind him. Remember it was the "saintly" JP2 and Ratzinger that let Bernadin and others thrive.

Anonymous said...

This is a STUNNING EYE OPENING video interview of the priest Cupich is persecuting.

The priest procurer of this filthy blasphemous flag was found dead in bed hooked up to a "sex machine" in the rectory with tons of pornographic material in his closets. Then rather than a private funeral , he was given a pious priestly send off.