Thursday, 27 September 2018

Archbishiop Viganò again accuses Bergoglio of a cover up - calls out Cardinal Marc Ouellet

Tit. Archbishop of Ulpiana
Apostolic Nuncio

Scio Cui credidi
(2 Tim 1:12)

Before starting my writing, I would first of all like to give thanks and glory to God the Father for every situation and trial that He has prepared and will prepare for me during my life. As a priest and bishop of the holy Church, spouse of Christ, I am called like every baptized person to bear witness to the truth. By the gift of the Spirit who sustains me with joy on the path that I am called to travel, I intend to do so until the end of my days. Our only Lord has addressed also to me the invitation, “Follow me!”, and I intend to follow him with the help of his grace until the end of my days.

“As long as I have life, I will sing to the Lord,
I will sing praise to my God while I have being.
May my song be pleasing to him;
For I rejoice in the Lord.”
(Psalm 103:33-34)


It has been a month since I offered my testimony, solely for the good of the Church, regarding what occurred at the audience with Pope Francis on June 23, 2013 and regarding certain matters I was given to know in the assignments entrusted to me at the Secretariat of State and in Washington, in relation to those who bear responsibility for covering up the crimes committed by the former archbishop of that capital.

My decision to reveal those grave facts was for me the most painful and serious decision that I have ever made in my life. I made it after long reflection and prayer, during months of profound suffering and anguish, during a crescendo of continual news of terrible events, with thousands of innocent victims destroyed and the vocations and lives of young priests and religious disturbed. The silence of the pastors who could have provided a remedy and prevented new victims became increasingly indefensible, a devastating crime for the Church. Well aware of the enormous consequences that my testimony could have, because what I was about to reveal involved the successor of Peter himself, I nonetheless chose to speak in order to protect the Church, and I declare with a clear conscience before God that my testimony is true. Christ died for the Church, and Peter, Servus servorum Dei, is the first one called to serve the spouse of Christ.

Certainly, some of the facts that I was to reveal were covered by the pontifical secret that I had promised to observe and that I had faithfully observed from the beginning of my service to the Holy See. But the purpose of any secret, including the pontifical secret, is to protect the Church from her enemies, not to cover up and become complicit in crimes committed by some of her members. I was a witness, not by my choice, of shocking facts and, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church states (par. 2491), the seal of secrecy is not binding when very grave harm can be avoided only by divulging the truth. Only the seal of confession could have justified my silence.

Neither the pope, nor any of the cardinals in Rome have denied the facts I asserted in my testimony. “Qui tacet consentit” surely applies here, for if they deny my testimony, they have only to say so, and provide documentation to support that denial. How can one avoid concluding that the reason they do not provide the documentation is that they know it confirms my testimony?

The center of my testimony was that since at least June 23, 2013, the pope knew from me how perverse and evil McCarrick was in his intentions and actions, and instead of taking the measures that every good pastor would have taken, the pope made McCarrick one of his principal agents in governing the Church, in regard to the United States, the Curia, and even China, as we are seeing these days with great concern and anxiety for that martyr Church.

Now, the pope’s reply to my testimony was: “I will not say a word!” But then, contradicting himself, he has compared his silence to that of Jesus in Nazareth and before Pilate, and compared me to the great accuser, Satan, who sows scandal and division in the Church — though without ever uttering my name. If he had said: “Viganò lied,” he would have challenged my credibility while trying to affirm his own. In so doing he would have intensified the demand of the people of God and the world for the documentation needed to determine who has told the truth. Instead, he put in place a subtle slander against me — slander being an offense he has often compared to the gravity of murder. Indeed, he did it repeatedly, in the context of the celebration of the most Holy Sacrament, the Eucharist, where he runs no risk of being challenged by journalists. When he did speak to journalists, he asked them to exercise their professional maturity and draw their own conclusions. But how can journalists discover and know the truth if those directly involved with a matter refuse to answer any questions or to release any documents? The pope’s unwillingness to respond to my charges and his deafness to the appeals by the faithful for accountability are hardly consistent with his calls for transparency and bridge building.

Moreover, the pope’s cover-up of McCarrick was clearly not an isolated mistake. Many more instances have recently been documented in the press, showing that Pope Francis has defended homosexual clergy who committed serious sexual abuses against minors or adults. These include his role in the case of Fr. Julio Grassi in Buenos Aires, his reinstatement of Fr. Mauro Inzoli after Pope Benedict had removed him from ministry (until he went to prison, at which point Pope Francis laicized him), and his halting of the investigation of sex abuse allegations against Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor.

In the meantime, a delegation of the USCCB, headed by its president Cardinal DiNardo, went to Rome asking for a Vatican investigation into McCarrick. Cardinal DiNardo and the other prelates should tell the Church in America and in the world: did the pope refuse to carry out a Vatican investigation into McCarrick’s crimes and of those responsible for covering them up? The faithful deserve to know.

I would like to make a special appeal to Cardinal Ouellet, because as nuncio I always worked in great harmony with him, and I have always had great esteem and affection towards him. He will remember when, at the end of my mission in Washington, he received me at his apartment in Rome in the evening for a long conversation. At the beginning of Pope Francis’ pontificate, he had maintained his dignity, as he had shown with courage when he was Archbishop of Québec. Later, however, when his work as prefect of the Congregation for Bishops was being undermined because recommendations for episcopal appointments were being passed directly to Pope Francis by two homosexual “friends” of his dicastery, bypassing the Cardinal, he gave up. His long article in L’Osservatore Romano, in which he came out in favor of the more controversial aspects of Amoris Laetitia, represents his surrender. Your Eminence, before I left for Washington, you were the one who told me of Pope Benedict’s sanctions on McCarrick. You have at your complete disposal key documents incriminating McCarrick and many in the curia for their cover-ups. Your Eminence, I urge you to bear witness to the truth.


Finally, I wish to encourage you, dear faithful, my brothers and sisters in Christ: never be despondent! Make your own the act of faith and complete confidence in Christ Jesus, our Savior, of Saint Paul in his second Letter to Timothy, Scio cui credidi, which I choose as my episcopal motto. This is a time of repentance, of conversion, of prayers, of grace, to prepare the Church, the bride of the Lamb, ready to fight and win with Mary the battle against the old dragon.

“Scio Cui credidi” (2 Tim 1:12)
In you, Jesus, my only Lord, I place all my trust.
“Diligentibus Deum omnia cooperantur in bonum” (Rom 8:28).


To commemorate my episcopal ordination on April 26, 1992, conferred on me by St. John Paul II, I chose this image taken from a mosaic of the Basilica of St. Mark in Venice. It represents the miracle of the calming of the storm. I was struck by the fact that in the boat of Peter, tossed by the water, the figure of Jesus is portrayed twice. Jesus is sound asleep in the bow, while Peter tries to wake him up: “Master, do you not care that we are about to die?” Meanwhile, the apostles, terrified, look each in a different direction and do not realize that Jesus is standing behind them, blessing them and assuredly in command of the boat: “He awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Quiet! Be still,’ … then he said to them, ‘Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?’” (Mk 4:38-40).

The scene is very timely in portraying the tremendous storm the Church is passing through in this moment, but with a substantial difference: the successor of Peter not only fails to see the Lord in full control of the boat, it seems he does not even intend to awaken Jesus asleep in the bow.

Has Christ perhaps become invisible to his vicar? Perhaps is he being tempted to try to act as a substitute of our only Master and Lord?

The Lord is in full control of the boat!

May Christ, the Truth, always be the light on our way!

+ Carlo Maria Viganò
Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana
Apostolic Nuncio
September 29th, 2018
Feast of St. Michael, Archangel


Kathleen1031 said...

I recognize the voice of a shepherd.

His words lift my weary heart, and give me refreshment and encouragement. Thank you Abp. Vigano! Thank you and may God bless you and keep you! We asked God to send us a leader, and He is faithful, and sent one. Thank you Lord, thank you! These words seem as from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Ouellet is not defending Cardinal Vigano by speaking the truth about Jorge Bergolio, he is defending Christ himself. If Cardinal Ouellet does not speak the truth,then he is one of them that yelled out to Pontius Pilate crucify him: We can see that our lord is sending his angels that are separating the "sons of the evil one" (the weeds) from the "sons of the kingdom" (the wheat).

Tom A. said...

I am sorry but nothing that Abp Vigano has written here says anything other than he is against the gay mafia taking over his V2 NO apostate church.

Anonymous said...

"Certainly, some of the facts that I was to reveal were covered by the pontifical secret that I had promised to observe and that I had faithfully observed from the beginning of my service to the Holy See. But the purpose of any secret, including the pontifical secret, is to protect the Church from her enemies, not to cover up and become complicit in crimes committed by some of her members."

What a load of B.S.! He covered up for McCarrick while McCarrick lived at a seminary w/access to seminarians and children all the years he was in D.C. (and after). How many seminarians did McCarrick corrupt while Vigano was nuncio? How many children did McCarrick rape on all his jaunts around the world?

But when McCarrick (88) is in the old folks home, Vigano has broken his code of silence and now he's trying to get Ouellet--who exactly is Vigano working for? And who is hiding him?

"Italian media accounts have indicated he was some way behind the three frontrunners: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal Angelo Scola and Cardinal Marc Ouellet. Commentators have suggested that, in the conclave’s later stages, O’Malley persuaded other American cardinals to back Cardinal Bergoglio."

Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron has decided to join the public discussion about how to respond to the "McCarrick Mess." He repeats the allegation that the former cardinal exercised "disproportionate influence on the appointment of bishops." Please explain. Did Theodore McCarrick help gain Barron's appointment? Does Barron know something about Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet that we do not know?

Why don't Vigano ask Ouellet to tell what he knows about the Germans abuse of 3,677 children by about 1,670 clerics. Isn't that harming the church? Don't Cardinal Kasper & Marx need to go? Don't we need to know who knew and when? Didn't those cardinals elect Bergoglio too?

Who's trying to buy the papacy? American millionaire opus devils? Maybe Vigano's hiding out in Napa w/sodomite seminarian abuser friend Nienstedt.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

C. LaSalle said...

Thank you so much for posting this. God bless and protect you Cardinal Vigano. People are in danger and we have not seen the last of priests being persecuted for the truth.

Peter Lamb said...

A NWO prelate to the death!

"... what I was about to reveal involved the successor of Peter himself,..."
" my episcopal ordination on April 26, 1992, conferred on me by St. John Paul II,..."

The "archbishop" doesn't seem to know that bergoglio has muttered numerous public, pertinacious heresies. Somebody should tell him that jorge denies the existence of hell, which refutes three dogmas of the Catholic Church. Vigano is clearly ignorant of all this and of the fact that an heretic cannot be Pope, otherwise how could he refer to jorge as "the successor of Peter himself"?

Poor old chap doesn't seem to know that the "saint" who "consecrated" him was the father of Assisi who threw Our Lady's statue out of the church and placed budda atop the tabernacle; The father of false ecumenism who prayed with heathen; Who kissed the book of infidels and who was blessed by heretics and a voodoo witch.

"May Christ, the Truth, always be the light on our way!" Amen to that and may He open your eyes before it is too late Mr. Vigano.

Tom A. said...

Vigano is a company man. A man of the council trying to take back his apostate sect from the sodomites. I cannot believe all the voices of support Vigano gets from supoosedly traditional Catholics. The man is no more Catholic than Billy Graham or Joseph Ratzinger. Calling yourself Catholic and sticking up for traditional sexual morals does not make one a defender of the Faith. It simply makes one a defender of Natural Law.

susan said...

Tom 'bout you give the vituperative bile a rest for about 30 seconds.

Abp. Vigano did a magnificent thing, at literal threat to his life. Can you simply not recognize a movement of magnificent grace? Your schtick is getting old.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

There once was a Bishop of Rome
Spiritually a Marxist Gnome
But he admired himself
This sinister elf
And he daily soiled his throne

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

And when time came to repent
His rigid spine would not bend
But he accused the faithful
To his mafia so grateful
By Satan himself he was sent

Forgive me my lack of talent, I never really speak in verse, but... out of desperation and in gratitude for this blogger and his visitors, I add my two cents.

Kathleen1031 said...

Please allow me a lapse in manners, but I am so thoroughly confused now I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt.

I need a scorecard. As far as I know Abp. Vigano is the lone voice of fidelity calling out this hideous pope for his crimes. Now I see people saying he's the devil, and I have no idea anymore what is what.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Archbishop Vigano. I had, just yesterday, been thinking about this whole sorry mess, and especially about the fact that all the major players are still in place - the scandal has not dislodged them from their perches - I was greatly disheartened, but this has given me hope.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Kathleen

They will never accept as virtuous anyone who is still part of post V II Church. They see them as the problem.

I see their point, but can not join them. The post V II Church has given a lot of good fruit. Every single soul this Church has helped to know Jesus Christ counts.

Anonymous said...

And now some more 'good guy' schmear from opus devil at first things -- it's the mccarrick/wuerl Papal Foundation that opus devil wants to get their filthy communist pause on.

Let's hear some talk about the filthy sodomite pedophile apostates in the Jesuit order. Let's hear some talk about the filthy sodomite pedophiles in California, Central America and Latin America. Let's hear some talk about the filthy sodomite pedophiles Germany.
Let's hear some talk about the filthy sodomite pedophiles in the Vatican. Let's hear some talk about the filthy sodomite pedophiles in Opus devil and their mind control of children--you got the numeraries and the supernumeraries and then you got the slaves (just like in all communist systems).

Good guys don't execute the revenge of the sodomite pedophile dictator commie pope so they can steal the other guy's piece of the pie.

Tom A. said...

And what faith do you defend susan? The one that says we worship the same merciful god that the muslims worship or the Faith handed down by Christ Himself. For you cannot worship both. My "schtick" gets old for you and and other modernists since it is extremely inconvenient for your construct of reality.

Tom A. said...

Dorota, there are many in the post V2 church who are virtuous and I do recognize Abp Vignano's bravery to stand up to the evil forces of Bergolio. My point is that they are still defending and standing up for a lie. The post v2 religion is a false religion since it contains heresy. Just because it may contain 99.999 good and true teachings does not make it acceptable. Our Faith demand 100% adherence to all revealed Truth. No error or deviation from the Faith is permitted. The whole Arian heresy was over one single letter in one word. Well over 95% of so called Catholics compromised. One man stood firm and would not compromise and that man is today a Saint. This is why it is imperative to reject all that adhere to V2 and the NO no matter how virtuous or heroic they may be on other moral issues. Getting it right 99% may be great in school, but in the Faith its 100% or else you flink out with the rest of the damned. That is not my opinion but actual pre V2 teaching.

Vox Cantoris said...

Look, I hate to moderate the comments with anything more than an approval. I want the combox to be open and to help people speak and teach and learn and let off some steam.

Rorate shut down comments long ago, Louis Verricchio has just done it, I don't intend to, ever, but if this personal sniping keeps up, I will not approve them.

Don't waste my time.

Now play nice.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Vox, My greatly appreciated and very dear friend, how about letting the kids fight, if they want to? It is not without merit to let them let their hair down. Divergent views are forcefully expressed which might help people who are trying to make their minds up about what is going on. The personal bits are not fun - sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me - especially if we incur them defending the Faith. But, you are the boss of a great blog and what you say goes for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I do feel that the sacrifice of Abp Viganò may be necessary for God to grant certain graces. And he seems to indicate he is ready.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy,

Thank Vox for updating us with Archbishop Vigano's statements. I pray that God will protect the archbishop.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Tom A

I truly understand you, because I think the same. Rejecting even one smallest item of our faith is unacceptable. We have all seen what it does - the Church collapses.

It leads to a double life. I know only a handful of people, who practice their faith, as though its every proposition were true. [I believe they are all true, and because of it I can not accept that Bergoglio or Montini ever were legitimate popes.] People increasingly become lukewarm and prone to double-think and sentimentality.

Our pastors no longer dare to speak of sin and to condemn evil. I am certain that - on psychological level - this is caused by guilt which in turn is caused by double-think and a double-life.

And yet, most of my family in Poland never knew any other Church than this false one, and all of us had post V II shepherds.

Jesus Christ is One and the same for all of us.

I left the Church in my youth, because I knew that I had to accept all Church teaching to be a Catholic. I dreaded being a hypocrite. I used contraceptives and was never married in Church to the man I have lived with for almost 30 years.

I regret leaving the Church.
My husband despises the Church.
My daughter was never taught to love the Church. I am trying to make up for it now, and there is some slow progress.

I see now that even my husband could be a believer if I were a good Catholic. Instead, he was a good man and a caring husband all his life, a hedonist who unwittingly hurt people.

It is a tragedy I have brought upon myself. I will never leave my family, as broken as it is. I will fight.

It is possible that the mess I am talking about is the same mess Bergoglio embraces. He does not want to condemn me.

But what he does is not helpful. His is not the way of truth and love. He reinforces the mess, he promotes it.

We must go back to our true faith.

Sorry for the personal account. Perhaps it will help somewhat, someone.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, thank you, and I loved the verse, yours as well ABS.

No one can deny we are in a dire and confusing situation. It is a mystery that we are left in this without some clear and defining help. We wait on the Lord, but I do hope we don't have to wait much longer.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota, I LOVE you! You are a tremendous lady. God bless you!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

God bless you! I love you too, and the others.
We are all in this together thanks to Vox.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, not only do I understand your situation, I have a very similar story, and the older I get, the more glaring they become. I often consider St. Paul, who killed and persecuted Christians, and then I feel consoled. I can't take back my many errors of yesterday, if only I could, I can only try harder today.
Hopefully we are accruing merit by just living through these days and trying to stay faithful. In the end it all comes down to the mercy of God. What a shame Bergolio has used the mercy of God as a battering ram to condone sin.

Tom A. said...

Dorota, the Novus Ordo has helped destroy my entire extended family save my mother and an Aunt. All those my age have left even the NO. I realized all this too late to have much of a chance with my children. I am trying however but its so much harder now that they grew up with the NO. I feel so betrayed by the V2 NO modernists that I have no sympathy for the institution. It needs to be exposed and its claim to the Catholic name we must strip from them. So please forgive me if I sound harsh and uncaring at times but I firmly believe we can have no dealings with the NO crowd even if at times we admire their courage and the expressions of faith we still share. They have hijacked our good name and we should demand it back. We cannot share it with modernists.

Anonymous said...


Anony above is correct. The Vigano spill appears to be motivated by an opus dei engine. Why now? Long after tons of abuse cases have crossed his desk while he was Nuncio.
Someone is behind Vigano's sudden change of heart and that someone has a fortune that cannot survive without a financially thriving catholic institution. When Legatus decided to hold their tithe's in escrow OD had to move on Borgoglio's vatican too. The institutional church is not a good investment at present which is what the Legatus and Opus Dei depend on for growth.
It's all about making money people !

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Yes, as the saying goes, you are heartless is not liberal in your youth, and a fool, if not conservative in old age. Thankfully, there ARE youths wise beyond their age, especially if brought up in the truth of our catholic faith.

I was very sincerely questioning and doubting our Holy Church in my youth. I was poor though educated, and most sincerely believed in the necessity of contraception.

It took me all my young adult life to see, what the absence of God and denial of the natural order He created causes in the lives of well-meaning people. It creates chaos and evil.

When our pastors refuse to teach us about this natural order, and instead conduct public opinion surveys to figure out, how to make themselves relevant and compliant with the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, we are on the way to hell.

Modernism, feminism, gender theory, all intellectually bankrupt, have poisoned my unsophisticated mind and naive soul in my youth. Yet among my age group I was often praised as a deep thinker. My group is now progressive, moving with the times, with the very unholy spirit of Bergoglio.

They look at me and shake their heads in disbelief: "Whatever has happened to this unfortunate and deplorable woman"?

But my daughter, my only child (God probably wanted me to receive many into my life, which - I know now - was my calling), is waking up. Despite all the brainwashing she was subjected to in university, she is beginning to see. It began when she, a researcher, a biologist, was told to BELIEVE that there is no biological difference between men and women. She can not and will not play along.

Thank you God, these devils are becoming transparent now.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Tom A,
I have friends who home schooled their children at the elementary level and used solid Catholic curriculum. Unfortunately they placed these children in Catholic high schools. The end result? They now tell me between their NO priests and the non Catholic high schools, their children are pro homo marriage and believe their parents are prejudiced against LGBTQ and ILLEGAL immigrants. They are all about climate change and charismatics. These parents now blame the church for destroying their children's minds and Faith.
This is why I laugh when Borgolio pushed youth relations . The institutional church has done more to harm families and destroy parental/child relationships than the Marxist soviet system.

Anonymous said...

Call me "Sloth",

Check out this priest dialog from “South Park” (13:08):

PASTOR: Stop defending me. There’s things you don’t know.

BOY: But it’s not your fault.

PASTOR: Yes, it is. It is my fault.

BOY: Why?

PASTOR: Because I knew, all right? I knew. Years ago, when bad things started coming out about the Catholic Church, I went to the Vatican and I . . . and I found out that the problem was worse than anyone even thought. I thought I could help fix it, so I kept my mouth shut. I thought there was a cancer in the Church that we could get rid of, but the Church is the cancer!

It’s not about a few bad apples. There’s only a few good apples and I’m clearly not one of them.;_ylt=AwrE19WBaLdbE9MARuBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0c2YzdnNmBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjU3MDFfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw–?p=south+park+a+boy+and+a+priest&fr2=piv-web&fr=mcafee#id=4&vid=125e7186a66c2649da9fcba978e69da2&action=view