Monday, 3 September 2018

The war on Viganò has entered a new stage and the Catholic and secular media are defending child rapists

The Vatican's war to discredit and denigrate Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has gone into overdrive.

It is as far from Our Lord Jesus Christ as you can get.

Each one of them, Bergoglio, Spadaro, Rosica who brags that the Vatican has "begun a pushback," Paglia, Martin and their lay sycophants Faggioli, Ivereigh - all of them will be held accountable before God for the coverup and the way they have treated Viganò.

The secular and Catholic media have joined in the smear campaign. People such as Cindy Wooten, Sean Michael Winters, and others (name them in the combox and I will add here), have all lost their souls. They are not journalists, they are not looking for the truth. They are sycophants and by their actions, they are equally guilty in the cover-up.

They have turned this away from the truth, away from the victims.

What happened to the truth?

Viganò has "sold himself for 30 pieces of silver" but McCarrick is a "tragic figure."

A tragic figure? The man is a sodomite, a pervert, a predator, a Judas priest. He is not a tragic figure

Pope Francis is a monster. He called out the rabid dogs on the aeroplane journey from Ireland. Don't you see it? Bergoglio cards not about you or me. He cares not about the victims. He has protected sodomites from the first of his pontificate. He is evil, a fraud, a filthy child pervert protector. He brought Danneels into his inner circle, promoted an active sodomite, Battista Ricca, kissed the hands of those promoting sodomy, brought back priests who were rapists, and cursed victims of clerical abuse.

How can these men not be beating their backs with whips and wearing hair-shirts over this calamity? These monsters have seized control of the Bride of Christ, they have set up a false religion and a perversion in the place of truth. These are not men of faith.

Where are the rest of the bishops and cardinals who know the truth? Will none who know come out and defend Viganò? Will none tell what they know? Are they all sodomites? Are they all blackmailed?

But as we heard in yesterday's Epistle for the XVth Sunday after Pentecost, "God is not mocked."

All of these will fall, There defence shows that they are actually in panic mode. They know that they have been found out. They will get mean, they will get violent and stop at nothing, but they will make mistakes. 

These men are devils, every one of them. 

They will not win. 


Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy,

The "journalists" and the media spokespeople who are trying to impugn Archbishop Vigano, are sadly to be expected.

Instead of examining what Vigano alleges, these spokespeople try to deflect by calling in to question the person making the accusations.

The spokespeople should be asking for the accusations to be investigated to see if what is alleged is true. If the allegations are not true then they are right to attack Vigano.

This is part of the problem. It is not the medias job to decide on the guilt or innocence concerning any allegation.

The spokespeople and media are trying desperately to deflect attention away from the content of the accusations....................because they know that the accusations contain the truth.

"What is Truth" asked Pilate.
His questions resonates still today.

College of Cardinals yet again the time has come for ye to stand up and be counted.

Kathleen1031 said...

Like the bedraggled remnants of an army, worn out and knowing with some certainty there is not a likelihood they can win against a larger and more devious foe, Catholics are left with some consolations.
They may mock it, but we have right on our side, and the faith that God intended. They have pederasty and subterfuge, homosexuality and evildoing. They hate the faith, we love it. We care about purity, they have no use for that, it is an illusion they use, and those who are taken in by it are willing to trade tapestries for Kleenex.

They may win. To all outward appearances they may, but God wins in the end.
God will not be mocked, as the reading said, and we have to take those words and keep them close. They will not have the last word, even though it may appear that way for awhile.
We always know this church is in God's hands. We also know we have little recourse, if the world decides to go to Hell, we can't stop it. The Catholic faith teaches about sheep and goats, and our job is to remain sheep and keep our faith.

But that does not mean we can't fight them. We have every obligation to fight them and use every single weapon we have. Become a thorn! They achieve a comfortable victory if we leave, submit, give in, go away, and especially if we keep supporting a hollowed out church full of apostates and boy sodomizers.

Never let it rest.
Don't support them in any way. They have us when we say, well, this church is good or that priest is good. They have us. The money we give goes to this Vampire that has taken over the Roman Catholic Church, our church!

Never stop talking about it or writing about it. They may have it all, but we can remind them at inopportune times, and they never know where it will come from...Vigano! Vigano! Vigano!
God will answer our prayers here or when we leave this rotten world. We can at least know we fought the good fight and never gave in.
A soldier who sees evil can turn and throw a wrench into the enemies plans, and there can be consolation even in that. Mother Angelica had to square off against the men who should have been her friends, the bishops at the USCCB. They hated her and acted as obstructionists to her Catholicism, which was reviving the actual Catholic faith, not the fake church that had taken over. She saw them for what they were, Modernists and materialists, and when the battle over the network that she started with nothing become an important entity, they wanted it. She said to them, on tv and with millions of viewers watching, "I'll blow it up before I'll let you have it." That's the spirit.

Ana Milan said...

For sure, they will not win. God always wins but these creatures don't believe in Him & that is the reason they are in Hellish trouble. But, of course, they don't believe in Hell either - they only believe in their own power to change the Ten Commandments through endless Synods in order to promote the Masonic/Modernist agenda which they attempt to force upon all of us. Catholic Doctrine, Tradition, Gospels etc. cannot ever be changed as they come to us directly from Christ through the First Apostles. Their attitude that it evolves with time is not Catholic, so a non-Catholic, pertinacious heretical blaspheming Peronist is allowed by Canon Law to usurp the Seat of Peter, although the previous incumbent made it known that only the administrative part was conceded due to old age & not the vital elements which he was careful to explain remained with him, i.e. Infallibility ex cathedra & the Keys. PF has never called himself the Vicar of Christ, nor spoken ex cathedra but his opinions are apparently being cited as belonging to the Magisterium which we all have to follow. Our Lady of Quito spoke about the Holy Father being held a prisoner in the Vatican & St. Francis of Assisi's purported prophesy that God would send an un-canonically elected Destroyer Pope (some dispute that he said this). Nevertheless it all ties in with present day events.

I am disgusted that a Canon Lawyer of ++Burke's undisputed calibre cannot keep a promised course of action, instead of caving in to lesser minds citing a possible schism when the CC was already in tatters. He & his silent supporters + SSPX have abandoned us. Viganò has proven himself to be more clever in making a Testimony before a US court official which must be answered, whether PF & Vatican officials like it or not. The Truth will out. No-one is interested in red herrings or mud being slung all around as a distraction. This Testimony lays very serious allegations against PF & Hierarchal members which cannot simply be wished away. Not only will these allegations have to be answered but the Dubia will afterwards, as PF & his cronies have been found out & their credibility publicly destroyed.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

To Kathleen1031, I can only speak for myself in this regard but I have absolutely no intention of walking away and allowing other free reign on the field of play.

I trust that we have God on our side.
I trust that we are fighting the good fight.

The martyrs in their last days upon this Earth must have implored God to save them from their enemies. But they accepted too that their own sacrifice was for the greater glory of God too.

I believe that we are in dark times right now. Very dark times in fact. But we must all remain steadfast and hopeful. The hope we hold to is very difficult to articulate and to demonstrate to those who are indifferent. Our enemies will mock of course.

But even the demons know that God does exist. The demons themselves cannot bring themselves to tell their followers the truth in that regard. They will lie and cheat their own disciples, because it is a means to their own end.

Remain steadfast. Remain hopeful.

Irenaeus said...

Mom is cleaning house.

Charmaine said...

Why have there not been any reports from the victims of sexual abuse in the wake of Vigano's testimony? You would expect they would be praising the courageous Archbishop. No reports from victims castigating Bergoglio for remaining silent amidst such scandal. All we are hearing is that Bergoglio is being attacked by the "ultra-conservatives" and "rigorists". Where are the victims' voices? It's almost an eerie silence on their part.

sfgreg said...

Add Dawn Eden.

Anonymous said...

Fr Rosica is flailing around erratically.

I think he is a little pissed-off at having been criticized for planning to attend a "Gay Mass" at Our Lady of Lourdes. A few days later, he pens that ridiculous screed about Bergoglio being free of tradition.

If you are reading this Fr, we are on to you! It's only a matter of time before whatever, and whomever, you are covering-up will be outed.