Thursday, 6 September 2018

Legatus turns off the tap!

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Anonymous said...

Good, kick them in the cash flow, it's the only thing these scoundrels can understand.

Anonymous said...

Why should lay people fund the lifestyles of clergy who have cocaine fueled orgies and pay for rent boys. It's misappropiation of donations.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!

Ana Milan said...

As most of their income comes from nefarious sources it probably won't hurt them sufficiently, but is a good example for others to follow. If enough did so, it could collectively cause some bruising. The answer lies with the civil courts obtaining access to all the files in the Vatican & Episcopates relating to active homosexuality within the prelature & priesthood & naming the perpetrators, their enablers & the gross misappropriation of Diocesan & Parish funds. This whole scam would crumble instantly.

Anonymous said...

Finally! I'm happy to see this news. Just keep our fingers crossed that the filthy rich people won't buy the current useless hierarchy to do their dirty work of dismantling the faith. Supposing Legatus' tithe to the Holy See is US$1m and satan's minions give a counter offer of a one-time lump sum of US$5m for the success of certain things. Would it matter to these apostates to heed Legatus' genuine concern?

Kathleen1031 said...

It's a good start.
These men don't care about Christ.
They don't care about the Catholic faith except to destroy it.
They don't care about the Church.
They don't care about boys and seminarians who have been prey.
They don't care about Catholics.

They care about money, because it is money that keeps them living their party boy lifestyle. We need to shut off the Resettlement Fund spigot from the US government, and stop giving. WE, are enabling them by our refusal to do what they think we will never do.

Anonymous said...


Good that the Holy See's tithe will be held in escrow. Also you are not blessed to have Cardinal DiNardo as one of your leaders. Below is just one example of his poor leadership:

Now, take the next step and remove Cardinal DiNardo

Sincerely in Christ,


C. LaSalle said...

Given the on going moral crisis it seems very wise to hold off sending any money to the Vatican. Let's see how they plan to repair their huge credibility problem.