Saturday, 22 September 2018

National Shrine's Rossi - I'm so pretty, Oh so pretty, I'm so pretty and witty and wild

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Rossi drives from the mansion to his cordoned off parking spot at the Basilica in a fancy Lexus. He is notorious for “ruling by fear,” as one archdiocesan source put it. “He is the meanest, most un-Christian person I have ever met in my life.” Where other bosses might commit random acts of kindness, Rossi is famous for his random acts of meanness, popping into offices to berate staffers for minor offenses. He is particularly exacting with respect to the Basilica’s floral arrangements. “He won’t let anyone touch his flowers,” says the archdiocesan source.
He is far less fastidious about his body. According to Catholic University alumni, Rossi would proposition them. “He insinuated that he would be up for a threesome,” recalled one CUA graduate, who had a gay roommate with whom Rossi was overly familiar. “It was gay sexual harassment.”

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Anonymous said...

This article is full of hyperbole and hearsay. The Hyattsville "mansion" serves as the Shrine rectory. It is in a middle class town. Faustina