Saturday, 1 September 2018

Bergoglian sycophant Antonio Spadaro, S.J. issues his own testimony

Heh, heh, what these guys don't get is blocking one on Twitter or Facebook really doesn't work.

I am glad to know that I am amongst the "wrong people" according to Tom Rosica. Where is mercy?

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BillyHW said...

Is Rosica a rancid homosexual too?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

These people are psychopaths.
I understand that they are very close to legitimizing their love for sodomy and hate for God, all in His Holy Name, and will do everything to protect their nearly completed project.
They accuse a good and honest man of things he is not guilty of, when the crimes he exposed, are clear for all willing to see.

Reading what these psychopaths want to tell us about it gives one a taste of hell.

They say Bergoglio is serene.

How can any good man be serene at such a time? How can one be serene doing evil or looking evil in the face? - I hear one fully possessed by demons can.

Ana Milan said...

At the present time, all that is being asked from PF is to authorise a formal, transparent investigation into +Viganò's Testimony given before a US court official. Up until now these accusations have been continually swept under the Vatican carpet which has at last been lifted for all to see the filth of many decades, covering most of the prelature as well as many clerics which, it seems to the laity, that our leadership doesn't want us to see, as they know full well the game is up if this Testimony is for real. PF himself will also have the full headlights shone on him for his time in Argentina, his alleged boyfriends (see Ann Barnhardt) &, of course, his dire handling of Chile, Honduras, Pennsylvania, Knights of Malta, Amoris Laetitia, Synods on the Family, WMOF. That is not taking into account his rants against faithful Catholics, his mercy for hardened sinners, his close friendships with sodomites, infidels, abortionists, population controllers & his scandalous appointments of vile miscreants to high office within the CC & sackings of good men doing a god job, just because he can.

It is about time that PF & his coterie realised their time in the Vatican is up - the laity will take no more of their scandal, lies, political maneuvering, Satanic Masses, silence on church sacrileges, suspensions of priests for not offering HC to unrepentant (& often non-Catholic) sinners, giving condoms to the African poor when they should be upholding Humanae Vitae. Holding Synods every year in order to overturn Christ's teaching, saying it can & should change with the times, thereby directly scoffing God Almighty whom they seek to replace.

The only reason they don't want an investigation carried out on +Viganò's Testimony is that it will shed a glaring light on their own malfeasance. That investigation must take place internationally & hiding in the Vatican cannot be allowed to be an option. Italy must, if necessary, look at the Latern Treaty which should not be used to shield criminals wearing dog collars.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see these evil Pharisees spending the rest of their lives facing the cold wall of a jail.

Anonymous said...

John the Mad said...

Re: Father Spadaro SJ comment, "Some shepherds are shown to be wolves." Indeed they are Father, indeed they are. At least I can agree with you on this.

Kathleen1031 said...

These men are only about evil of one kind or another. For a pope to look at the horrified flock and refuse to speak is shocking in it's callous treatment of all Catholics. This is not the action of a pope or a father in any sense of the word. He is a self-interested viper, and all his fawning sodomites know that as long as he is in office their bread is buttered, and furthermore they must move the cause along.
We must do what we can.
Use whatever we have, which is quite a bit, more than we may realize. Imagine a priest coming out and no one is there. Nothing in the offertory. Yes, it's heartbreaking to realize we are there, but we must use what we have.
This demonic organization is in no way the Roman Catholic Church. These effeminate and callous men are not Roman Catholic priests.

Aqua said...

A measure of true repentance is humble acceptance of light from every corner that exposes one's sin. A humbled penitent has only two things in mind:

1: Jesus Christ, author of Mercy, terrible Judge; He sees everything.
2: The sin which separated the sinner from his Lord.

A penitent who resents illuminating light; correction; exposure ... is no penitent. He is a fraud. God is not mocked. I speak from painful, personal experience. All true Catholics do.

Archbishop Viganó's dossier should be welcomed by those who may have just one chance left at avoiding hell and gaining heaven. Focus on the sin, boys. Archbishop Viganó did you a huge favor. You should thank him, rather than condemn.

Aqua said...

P.S. to my comment above: it is now clear where they are going. It is as if the sodomite-pederast crimes over decades, throughout the Hierarchy, across the nation and world, were a mere trifle. Already acknowledged with a wave of the hand. "Sorrow, serenity, closeness ... etc". And now .... the real crime is opposing whatever they currently feel like doing.

This is truly how abusers operate at the personal level. "Sorry! So sorry! I love you so much! Won't ever hit you again! I am so sorry for bruising your pretty face! Please, oh please, take me back! Etc".


Smack. Punch. "Why do you have to be so stupid! Hate your makeup!" Slap! "Where's my dinner! Late again!" Kick. Etc.

It's always the abused person's fault. These unfortunates live in a psychological house of mirrors in which reality is open to debate and mostly controlled by the fellow with the temper, the big fists and the steel toe boots.

We see you guys now though. I am fairly certain the game is over for you fellows. As it always is, one day, for every abuser.

Barona said...

So Rosica is accusing + Vigano of lying about Kim Davis. In other words, Rosica is also claiming that + Vigano created falsified memos as well. This is the same Rosica who tried to destroy the Chinese Catholics. The same Rosica who threatened a Canadian blogger. The same Risica whovturned on the conductor of the Workd Youth Day. The same Rosica who attended the exclusive Rosedale Club with Cardinal Farrell, when the McCarrick protege was in Toronto. No doubt, Farrell was at the Club reaching out “to the peripheries”. Sadly, Rosica and Farrell failed to report this - admitting their guilt. If Rosica wants to discuss Judas, perhaps he would do better to reflect upon his own support of dissent. Rosica has never explained his falsehoods that he spread during the Synod. Rosica has yet to explain his shameful support of Gregory Baum. Perhaps it is time for Rosica to get off the internet, go to a small town and devote himself to pastoral work? Perhaps it is time he take the destiny of his own soul seriously?

Anonymous said...

He is way up there among the enablers of the gay mafia. Of course he will come out with a defensive statement like that. TSE

Anonymous said...

God Bless Cardinal Viganò! One by one the lord will strike down Jorge's homosexual men with or without Bergolio's resignation, either way their time is up!

Anonymous said...

These comments by the homosexualists reveal their utter depravity. They turn everything upside down. McCarrick, a depraved monster, becomes a "sad, tragic" figure. Tragic? Oh my...he is a criminal of the worst no way "sad" or "tragic". Rosica turns his venom on Vigano....he is a Judas...selling himself for thirty pieces of silver....really? Where is the pay off Rosy? He is in hiding for fear of his life. You know him to be dishonest so, no facts just a Rosica assertion. This is all from the vile sin and love of sodomy. All things become dark that are light and light becomes darkness. These men are headed for Hell. They have quote the poet...lost the Good of the intellect. They must be stopped for they would lead others to Hell. Prison and execution for them all.


Antonio Spadaro SJ is a WOLF in shepherd's clothing. That "testimony" was offensive, dripping with disdain and outright slander. Spadaro SJ is totally arrogant, obnoxious and guilty. Thomas Rosica is a low-life journalistic thug....attacking faithful Catholics for their faithfulness. He only approves of sodomites and modernists. An unofficial SCHISM is already here and is being advertised by this latest crisis. Soon, the SCHISM will be declared and faithful Catholics will need to worship "underground" at private Massed offered in people's homes, in order to attend a valid Mass. Not yet...but soon. According to private prophecies, Francis will change and invalidate the Eucharist consecration. Then we will know that is the time to go.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

+McCarrick is a sad, tragic figure who should be publicly drawn and quartered in St. Peters Square ... after he is manually castrated without the benefit of anesthesia.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

CATHOLIC TOPICS, where can anybody find these private prophecies of invalidating the Eucharistic consecration? Please e-mail me at Many thanks in advance.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Joseph, the Eucharistic Consecration of the novus ordo mass is long invalid. Here is an article giving an overview and which leads to the writings of Henry Patrick Omlor on the Sacramental Theology involved, explaining why the "eucharistic consecration" in the "new mass" is invalid.

The new rite of episcopal consecration is also invalid. Hence, any "priest" ordained by a "bishop", consecrated in the new rite, is invalid and consequently any "sacrament" he confects is invalid.

Our Lady warned us long ago that the Blessed Sacrament would be removed from our altars. When you go to a novus ordo "mass" you munch novus ordo cookies and not the Body and Blood of Christ.

Irenaeus said...

Rosica is more so a homosexualist than a homosexual. True mercy only comes from God and those who have opened themselves up to Him. I doubt these men have.