Saturday, 8 September 2018

"There is a sexual nature to the Eucharist," - Thomas J. Rosica of the Congregation of St. Basil

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From the cleric who said that no family was as "irregular" as The Holy Family.

From the Basilian who praised the now dead and decaying homoerotic-heretic apostate Gregory Baum who after he left the priesthood to marry a former nun but before and after engaged in sodomy said; "you remain a faithful, deeply devoted Catholic; you love Jesus, the Church, the Eucharist". (that must have come as a big surprise to homoerotic-heretic Baum).

From the intimate of the Argentinian pervert protector, Bergoglio who said that "Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants because he is “free from disordered attachments.” Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of this first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture."\

Comes this.



Peter Lamb said...

This satanist is neither "priest", nor "catholic".

Anonymous said...

How can one not spit at these wretched wicked men, they make Judas look good. Rosica you are one sick B-T-CH, you make me vomit!

Anonymous said...

He is the antichrist. No doubt about that.
One of many little antichrist's paving the road for their master Satan.

Dan said...

What do you expect? The ordained to be Catholic? All the evidence points to faith no longer being a requirement for ordination and advancement.

Coming soon Fr. James Martin as the second Jesuit pope calling for a "rainbow synod" on gender and sexuality affirmations!

Anonymous said...

The declarations of this man are revolting.

Kathleen1031 said...

Were the people riveted or glued to their seats? What prevented them from walking out. People are far too polite, cowardly is a better word. To sit there after such a blasphemy. Surely this beyotch is a homosexual, no healthy heterosexual man would say such a thing. Homosexual perverts see getting the mail as something sexual, they see sex in everything. If this is their line of theological reasoning, no wonder they think they have a holy calling, they are always "receiving". They "receive" from other men into their mouths and behinds. It is their obsession. As horrible as that is, we can't avoid this reality, because if we don't understand the enemy how can we identify what they are doing and why. We must understand this is how it is. That is why a filthy person like this can sit there and utter something so perverted, that the Holy Eucharist is "sexual". He should have been kicked out the door right there and then. Too bad there was not a Catholic man in the place.

Good grief, it's all so vile and disgusting. Even to read about them is gross.
We categorically refuse to be part of the same organization as men like this, that twist the Gospel to suit their dirty needs.
How long must we endure them O Lord!

Anonymous said...

The heretics blaspheme like we breathe. Continuously. What a wretched state he is in.
Truly scattered in his own conceit.

And certainly damned given the evidence.

God save us from their wicked hands!!!

Lynda said...

"homosexual" is an evil, false term with inescapable false premises designed to subvert logic, reason, objective truth and man's God-given nature.

bvs said...

Ok enough is enough!!! The man is a freak and a pervert. Sick sick sick

bvs said...

Can you explain to me...does Cardinal Collins have the authority to silence this man? He is a priest in Toronto isn't he? Because if the Cardinal has that authority then I am going to write and express my thoughts and request him to do so. I just want him to know that this sheep has absolutely had it with these clerics. This is real clericalism . Arrogant priests like Rosica and his ilk believing they have they right to impose what ever they want on us

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis will reward him for his "faithful service." He will be made a Cardinal and an Archbishop of Toronto one day. TSE

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but Fr. Rosica's comment is theology of the body, but it may be used out of context. In the Eucharist, Jesus gives us His entire Self: body, soul, divinity. So, yes, there is a sexual component in there. So, technically, he is right, but only if this understanding is used to underscore Christian Marriage as the proper place for sexual intimacy. The Marriage Act has echoes of the Eucharist in it - spouses give one another their entire self, just as Jesus gave His entire Self to His bride, the Church. The problem arises when this understanding of Eucharist is used to justify homosexual intimate sexual acts. This is the very opposite to the Eucharistic nature of sexual self-giving between spouses in Christian marriage, and ONLY in Christian marriage.
Br. Anthony

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the long post...

I attend the pre-Vatican 2 Tridentine Latin Mass (our priests follow the rubrics before the changes of the 50's) in my Saint Andrew Daily Missal's Ordinary of the Mass 4th Part The Consecration and Oblation under section The Transubstantiation and Major Elevation...(p.974 in red):

The priest has now reached the most solemn moment of the Mass. Obedient to our Lord's command he re-enacts the Last Supper. "The sacrifice that is offered on the altar, says the Council of Trent, "is the same sacrifice that was offered on Calvary: it is the same Priest, the same Victim, moreover for it is Jesus present beneath the Eucharistic species who is offered to God. This divide Victim is immolated sacramentally, only by virtue of the two consecrations, each of which produces its special effect. The substance of the bread is changed into the body of Jesus and the substance of the wine into His blood. As however he cannot any longer die, Christ it wholly present under each of the consecrated species. The sacrifice of Calvary is renewed upon the altar in a manner, very real, but blood-less, since there is no actual separation of body and blood. The Mass therefore, is a true sacrifice, in which the Victim of Calvary is offered to God with all His infinite merits.

So to recap... Our Lord Jesus Christ offers Himself in Sacrifice to God the Father (not to us) with all His infinite merits, and if we partake it should be in the state of sanctifying grace.

The same Missal conveniently provides a description of Marriage on p. 1875:

Marriage is a sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ in order to unite, by an indissoluble bond, two souls whom God has made for each other, and who will love and be devoted to each other as Christ also loved the Church and delivered Himself up for it.
The Holy Eucharist is which Christ makes ever more and more perfect His union with our souls is a sacrifice and a sacrament; and the same is true of marriage, in which a man and a woman unite their lives for ever.

Nuance is important, the nature of the sacrament is a bloodless Sacrifice. I don't see a sexual context in that. In marriage the husband and wife sacrifice themselves and devote themselves to the other by unselfish affection and self-denial, and yes sex is in marriage too...for procreation - no idea what "sexual self-giving" is supposed to mean (I have 3 kids). Moreover, it seems that anything that came from Vatican 2 and after, such as The Theology of the Body, is always being reinterpreted and "developed" and applied to twist and gradually poison our understanding. Vatican 2 and its subsequent theological developments are a house built on sand.

Vox Cantoris said...

I once read that a priest described the placing of his forearms on the altar during the prayers to consecrate the Host as equivalent to a man in the "missionary position" over his wife in the marriage bed.

These people have a sick preoccupation with sex.

Some things just are, what they are.

Heloisa said...

Can anyone tell me if this could be connected to Black Masses? Anything known about 'Father' Rosica? Having wondered this, I had a look at Wikipaedia - sort of wish I hadn't but scanning some of it I get the impression that this sort of thing is often part of them (from early times).

The reason I'm asking, is that if they're being so open about this, it seems as if things have taken a further dive into the cesspit - possibly literally, given the Pope's comments a while back.

PS Nothing too graphic required in replies, please!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

Good point Vox, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, as I believe Sigmund Freud said.

I would be interested to know the era that spawned any talk of the Eucharist as being in any way akin to the relationship between a man and a woman. What theologian is being referred to here? Pre-VII? Or post. Most likely, post.

I guess any argument about anything could be made, but it seems exceedingly obscure to link the Holy Eucharist and the sexual relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. I do wish the Good Lord would return to set straight these points! Someday He shall, and oh, how interesting that day will be!
These men do see sex in everything, not surprisingly. To the disordered, one's sexuality is the core of their being and the reason to get out of bed in the morning, if they must. It is an obsession.
You know, if this were theology, I'd far prefer to stay in my ignorance and read the bible while interpreting it the way the Protestants do. One would probably end up at the end of their lives far more devout and keeping their "simple faith", than by being "educated" to the point of sickness.

Lynda said...

Irenaeus said...

Is it possible Rosica and his comrades - to use the Soviet term - are obsessed with sex because they are still teenagers mentally when it comes to such acts?

Think about it. There is a mature way to talk about sex and the business about it. Tom and his friends don't do that. They remind me of teenagers still caught in the throes of puberty, you know, watching their bodies change and noticing girls and certain bodily functions for the first time. You get that sense in their speech, not just through the words they use, but in their tone and lack of restraint.

I guess they are the Peter Pans of the priesthood - never quite grew up.