Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Vatican thugs slap down dissent - of faithful, orthodox Catholic priests and laity!

Oppose the current Vatican regime and you get threatened with lawsuits or fired from your ministry.

Eponymous Flower has the story. but first, here is something you can throw into the mix about coincidences and divine retribution.

The two patrons of Rome after St. Peter, are St. Paul and St. Lawrence. The earthquake on the Feast of Christ the King (in the proper calendar) that destroyed Norcia also damaged two basilicas in Rome, that of St. Lawrence and St. Paul Outside the Walls. St. Paul's is where the Popes have had various "ecumenical" gatherings. What you may not know, is the Cathedral in Lund which was consecrated in Anno Domini 1145, and which was stolen from the Church by Luther's heretics, was originally dedicated to St. Lawrence the Martyr.

Just a coincidence, to be sure.


(Rome) Last Saturday, the 5th of November, Radio Maria Italy has dismissed Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, one of the best-known moral theologians in Italy, who is close to Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican dissociated itself publicly from the statements by the Dominican, which the latter, really need had not have done at all.  He was alleged to have claimed that the earthquakes in Central Italy was the punishment of God for the legalization of "homosexual marriage." [Homosexual is such a ridiculous word.]
The Catholic online daily La Fede Quotidiana (LFQ) spoke to the 75-year-old priest about the criticism from the Vatican. The moralist found clear words of disapproval for the Vatican's approach. The Secretariat of State publicly "contradicted" him and the Vatican media prepared the spreading of blame against him worldwide.


Unknown said...

"The Holy Scriptures are full of God's punishments.." Such clear thinking can't be tolerated in the New Church.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I hope the good Priest has many friends around him, and faith that can't be shaken. May God bless him, keep him safe and at peace.

Anonymous said...

He has the lord with him, there is nothing the Vatican, or some dumb radio channel can do to destroy his heart, mind and soul. We are blessed to have him preach the truth in this valley of tears. God keep him safe from the demons inside the church!

Eirene said...

What a lovely, kindly face this blessed Father has!And what a disgraceful and low act to treat him like this. Still, I suppose it fits in with the disgusting Agenda being followed now in the Vatican under the auspices of the unholy father Bergoglio. C'mon, cowards, stand up for the Truth
or fall into the eternal fire!

Ana Milan said...

I have emailed Radio Maria to inform them of my family's full support for Fr. Cavalcoli whose Orthodox Catholic teaching & 'opinions' were exactly what faithful Catholics yearned for. If these are not what Radio Maria stands for then I suggested they should close forthwith, otherwise they must reinstate Fr. Cavalcoli forthwith as that is what their audience demands.

Unfortunately I cannot find a similar email address for Fr. Cavalcoli in order to let him know of our support. If this can be found I shall contact him, as I feel the few Orthodox Catholic priests we have must be fully supported.

Kathleen1031 said...

Good idea Ana Milan. We should all do likewise.
Today, as an American, I am jubilant that the election of our next president is Donald J. Trump. I comprehend that without God's direct intervention for our nation, this could not have happened. Against all odds, God allowed our Republic to be saved, and the godless regime of our nation, has been handed their walking papers. Only yesterday they were full of insults and attacks against God and people of faith, most definitely including Catholics, and now look. They will be gone into the ash heap.
But this comes at a precious cost. We see only too clearly that this election happened with not only no help from our pope and Bishops, who actually spoke words that indicated it was more moral to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, despite what we know about her. This is a scandal, an outrage, and an obvious abandonment of godly principles and the Christian ethos, let alone Catholic teaching. These men are usurpers, they do not represent Christ, and in the end, the American people ignored them, sidelined them. They have no great moral authority in America, they have made themselves totally irrelevant. Lord, first America, then your Church.