Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bergoglio's gives a middle finger to four cardinals through his sycophant Spadaro

Considering that Anthony "Soprano" Spadaro, EssJay is as close to Bergoglio as that grotesque tin, "pectoral cross" it is not an overstatement.



This post was pre-timed from before sunrise to go up at 12noon today. Since then, Barona has posted on more Tweets from Spadaro. Make no mistake, Spadaro is speaking for Bergoglio. They are that close! See below:


Amoris Laetitia, is not and can not be "magisterial teaching" because it contains heresy and error and that cannot be magisterial. Not Ordinary. Not Extraordinary!

Cardinal Burke is and was always correct. 

This is Bergoglio's undoing. It is the warning shot that will end in his conversion or his exposition as a heretic.


It is that serious.


Ana Milan said...

Have tweeted to have clarification ex cathedra to avoid misunderstandings & schism. If this cannot be done then an explanation as to why it can't be is necessary. The Dubia requires a Yes/No response which the Cardinals must insist on getting. The world is now waiting as well.

Peter Lamb said...

At the risk of incurring Eirene's ire, this might be a good time to reflect on what the Church says about Catholics associating with heretics:

Pope Innocent III.
"It is impossible for us to hold communion after their death with those who have not been in communion with us during their life."

III Lateran Council.
“The accursed perversity of heretics has so increased that now they exercise their wickedness not in secret, but manifest their error publicly, and win over the weak and simple-minded to their opinion. For this reason, We resolve to cast them, their defenders, and their receivers under anathema, and We forbid under anathema that any one presume to help heretics or to do business with heretics."

Council of Laodicea>
“We should anathematize heretics even after their death.”

II Council of Constantinople.
“Those who are members of the Church are not to be permitted to go into the cemeteries of any of the heretics for the purpose of prayer or veneration. If they do, they are to be excommunicated.”

St. Athanasius.
“Saint Anthony never held communion with the Meletian schismatics, knowing their wickedness and rebellion from the beginning; neither did he have friendly converse with the Manichees or any other heretics, except only to warn them to return to their duty, believing and teaching that their friendship and society was harmful and ruinous to the soul. Thus also he loathed the Arian heresy, and taught all men neither to go near them nor to partake in their bad faith. Once, when some of the Ariomanites came to him and he questioned them and found them to be misbelievers, he drove them from the hill, crying that their words were worse than the venom of serpents.” [He would do the same to bergoglio.]

St. Thomas Aquinas.
"To know whom to avoid is a great means of saving our souls. Thus the Church forbids the faithful to communicate with those unbelievers who have forsaken the faith by corrupting it, such as heretics, or by renouncing it, such as apostates.”

Peter Lamb said...

St. Cyril of Alexandria.
“It is unlawful, and a profanation, and an act the punishment of which is death, to love to associate with unholy heretics, and to unite yourself to their communion.” [Does SSPX know this?]

St. John Chysostom.
“For if they have doctrines opposed to ours, it is not fitting to be mixed up with them for this cause alone. […] What do you say? “Their faith is the same; these men are orthodox”? Why, then, are they not with us?”

St. Cyprian.
“Whoever is separated from the Church must be avoided and fled from; such a man is wrong-headed; he is a sinner and self-condemned. […] But if some of the leaders of schism persist in their blind and obstinate foolishness, and if advice for their own good fails to bring them back to the way of salvation, let the rest of you break away from their ensnaring falsehood. One must withdraw from those who are engaged in sin; rather, one must fly from them, lest by joining in their evil course and thus taking the wrong road, one should become involved in the same guilt oneself."
"Do everything you can to break away from such men; as you value your salvation, avoid those who associate with such harmful connections. […] Their talk spreads like cancer, their conversation is as catching as an infection […] their poisonous and pernicious propaganda is more deadly than persecution was. Persecution leaves the door open to penance and satisfaction; but those who do away with penance for sin shut the door against satisfaction altogether. And so it is that, through the presumption of certain people who beguile themselves with false promises of salvation, all true hope of salvation is destroyed.

Pius XI.
"Is it permitted for Christians to be present at, or to take part in, conventions, gatherings, meetings, or societies of non-Catholics which aim to associate together under a single agreement everyone who, in any way, lays claim to the name of Christian? In the negative! ..this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics. There is only one way in which the unity of Christians may be fostered, and that is by furthering the return to the one true Church of Christ for those who are separated from her.”

“When St. Augustine speaks of man’s last end, he hastens to add this counsel to any one who wishes to reach that end: “Their attempt will be useless if they do not submit to the Catholic Church, and humbly obey her, for she alone has been divinely instituted to give light and strength to souls, without which they will necessarily stray from the right path.” Would to God they had listened to the voice of Augustine in the past! And would to God that everyone might hear him today who rends the seamless robe of Christ, and casts himself miserably outside the path of salvation.”

“She is a garden enclosed, My Sister, My Spouse, a garden enclosed: a fountain sealed up” (Canticles 4:12). These words of Holy Scripture are applied, according to the Fathers, to the Catholic Church, the immaculate spouse of Christ; they distinguish her from infidel or heretical sects, so that men will know whom to follow and whom to avoid in their search for eternal life.”

II John 1:10-11.
"If any man come to you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house, nor say to him: “God speed you.” For he who says to him “God speed you” communicates with his wicked works."

St. Paul - let them be anathema!

Pedro Erik said...

Well, it is war. Spiritual war, The most important war, The only one that matters.
But, now it is much better than silence and hypocrisy.
Christian is brother in arms with the four.
God bless us.

Anonymous said...

In a sense this is good because it completely undermines him theologically, and manifests an illegitimacy from which it will be difficult to recover.
Our goal is union with Jesus Christ. This cannot be achieved when enslaved to immorality. The Holy Father's spokesman contradicts the very purpose of the papacy. What is one to conclude?

Kathleen1031 said...

We thank God for the faithful Cardinals. It is late, but better late than never, because at least the usurper has not been allowed to trample Christ under his Argentinian feet without being called to account. Even the poor sheep deserve to see that.

I would love to see the Vatican reps stop tweeting. It is far beneath the dignity of the offices these men hold to see them publicly sounding and acting like petulant fifteen year old girls, complete with snarky responses. I find Spodaro's comments immensely telling.
These men are of low moral character, but the office still deserves better. One can only feel embarrassed by all this.

thewarourtime.com said...

Vox Cantoris,
Thank you for posting a link a post of mine.
God bless you and yours and his work at your hands.
mahalo & regards,

JayBee said...

Wow, the deceit, the corruption, the lust for power! And the bludgeoning tweets!

These DNC intrigues are ruthless... oh, wait... the Church, you say!?!

Anonymous said...

Time is running out for the Bergolio camp, God is about to reclaim HIS Church. What happens when the smoke of Satan in the Church starts to crumble.... Satan gets real mean, hence we see this in this wild card's Tweets and on the many occasions when Bergolio spurts out evil and uncharitable remarks towards those who cherish the Lord of Lords. Our Lord said the gates of Hell shall not prevail and we say, thanks be to God.

Eirene said...

I loved the quotes by Peter Lamb! I could read them all day/night long! Shame more members of the Vatican hierarchy haven't! Things are hotting up now, folks and thank you, Vox, so much for sticking to your guns, despite all the attacks! And to all your faithful commenters who bring enlightenment to my evening hours!

Anonymous said...

Peter Lamb: Could you add a reference to the quotes you posted?

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous, Mea culpa - big time! I spent a lot of time reading widely during the time I smelt a rat in the novus ordo church. I always collected good quotes, but to my great regret I never always recorded where I got them from. I corrected my ways in later days, but I'm ashamed to say I can't tell you where I got these from. Sorry!

Dear Eirene, :)

nazareusrex said...

Take a look What the Apostate Jesuit James Martin said: https://twitter.com/JamesMartinSJ/status/798861488656121856?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw




thewarourtime.com said...


thewarourtime.com said...

Agreed. Cf. When They are Assembled at Armaged′don, it Behooves them to Choose A Side Wisely. - https://thewarourtime.com/2016/11/18/when-they-are-assembled-at-armaged%E2%80%B2don-they-must-choose-a-side-wisely/