Thursday, 17 November 2016

This is how a "dubium" is handled - well; what about it, Pope Francis?


CJ said...

Given Francis' tendency to be a bully and a bitch when he doesn't get his way, it would not surprise me if he went into a full tilt tantum.

Anonymous said...


Marxists are trained never to respond to inquiries that expose them. Keep this in mind in both the Church and the socio-economic/political world, in days like these...


Anonymous said...

The Church needs a correction, to be put back on course. Just like America was put back on course with Trump.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox,

"This is how a "Dublin" is handled". Good example. Unfortunately, however, there's another way this can be handled.

In the 1980s, + Archbishop Lefebvre brought dubia re religious liberty to the CDF. Then-Cardinal Ratzinger answered some and left others unanswered. These were published in book form by Angelus Press under the title Religious Liberty Questioned (

I agree that PF should answer all of them - I'm just pointing out another alternative that might happen.

In Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Vox - it should be "dubia". Typo - mea culpa!