Thursday, 24 November 2016

Is Bergoglio's man in Mexico a supporter of buggery? Faithful Mexicans, protect your children from Franco Coppola!

The Mexican people are protesting the globalist homosexualist agenda being forced upon them. The Papal Nuncio speaks of "dialogue" rather than confrontation.

Only an effeminate malefactor or open sodomite would suggest "dialogue" to people fighting for their children and the soul of their nation-state. 

One can only conclude that Archbishop Franco Coppola is one.

What did this pathetic excuse for an apostle of Christ do in his last few posts in Africa?

Let these filthy scum "dialogue" and "encounter" themselves straight into Hell.

As for the good Mexican people, let this malefactor know what you think of his advice.

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Ana Milan said...

This man is a NWO 'priest' as are so very many others being promoted by PF. The CC is hand in glove with Soros who will not stop until he gets his NWO governance of the entire earth. He & his corroborators in the Vatican were headed for a total knock-out until Christians in America showed their own power & turned against them, voting for Donald Trump instead of their candidate Hillary Clinton. The Mexicans have already voted by a large majority against their President's proposals which would endanger their children when this Nuncio was sent to try & reverse that outcome. Meddling in the politics of the country instead of preaching the Word of God which they are ordained to do.

This article does not support the LGBT theory that they are born homosexual & have no choice. Sin is sin & both heterosexuals & homosexuals must curb their base instincts. Lack of behaviour control leads to the breakdown of society, yet those who constantly complain they are 'different' & demand 'equality' are a minuscule number. They would not get a hearing if it were not for the huge financial support given by George Soros, neither the Abortion Clinics, so why is this man allowed to walk the streets instead of being appropriately charged on all counts of incitement to break the law, backing war criminals, blackmail etc.? He has his men in all our institutions - UN, EU, CC, all world governments yet was never elected to such power. Money & Satanic influence has given him the wherewithal to buy his way into every legislative body & make their personnel his puppets.

We must stand behind the four Cardinals & those who support them urging them to immediately activate the next steps in furthering the Dubia correction. It gives us a chance to get rid of the progressives in the Vatican & episcopates if it is successful, as PF will have to step aside. It will be then be the task of the Cardinals to elect a truly Catholic prelate to the Seat of Peter, one who will uphold the Precepts of the CC in every respect & make null the appointments made by JPII, BXVI & PF to high positions which has lead to rampant sodomy, child molestation, homosexual marriage (& blessing by Catholic priests), parental control taken away, accompaniment of non-repentant divorced & remarried to receive Holy Communion, & derogatory remarks against Traditional Catholics etc.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

A person whose conscience is healthy, and who discerns reality in accordance with the supernatural reality of God and His order (let's call it the eternal world order, not the masonic, new one) wants to live by it - for his own good. Every deviation from God's will causes distress in a morally healthy person. Repeated acts of deviance from God's law however, cause a numbing down of conscience, contrary to the intent of our Creator. That which caused shame, remorse and discomfort in a healthy person, becomes the new norm for a disordered person. Having a priest who would remind him of the eternal consequences of offences calling for vengeance to heaven, seems to much to expect under Bergoglio.

When a priest is a sodomite (even if not actively engaging in anal and oral sex, but only in his approval and desire to dialogue with sodomites about normalization of sodomy, for this is the only "dialogue" they tolerate), he immediately speeds up the progress of the sodomite agenda.

Sodomites receive an unending supply of funds, support and pseudo-scientific research to impose sodomy an all children, and to deprive parents of a right to teach children about the unnaturalness and sinfulness of sodomy, without perverted priests.

He is a very deviant priest. I would call for his resignation, but... he has an enthusiastic approval of the pope and all his minions, many sodomites among them. They are not necessarily selfless in their enthusiasm to remake sodomy into a great gift to the Church.
My hate speech is directed at anal sex and other forms of sodomy, not at the internally disordered sodomites. Especially the young ones never knew any better. Nobody told them. Many were violated when young, raped, demoralized by bad examples, brainwashed in schools, deprived of proper upbringing and protection.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, well said. We all need to acknowledge that sodomites are at the highest levels of our church, and they are openly forcing their pro-sodomy agenda on the church and her people. This is indeed a world-wide effort, and powerful people and groups are at the helm, including I believe, Jorge Bergolio and his entire cabal. Children, young men, are the ultimate "prize" for these sick men, who are obsessed with innocence and male (or female) beauty, which they cannot attain, but can control and corrupt to feed their diabolical and disordered needs. These men justify their disease with talk of "love" and "encounter" but it is vile sickness, to touch a child or young person with evil intentions, however couched in "love", it is NOT love, it is demonic obsession.
"If it's not by eight (years of age) it's too late". THAT is the sick mantra of men who corrupt little boys by that age so that they might turn into sodomites as well. NAMBLA (National Boy/Man Love Association) now had advocates in high places. You can hear professors or doctors, such as some at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, who openly attend conferences arguing that "it is not fair to criticize the pedophile...and stigmatize his behavior", and disordered men now openly ask to be "heard and understood". To this we must say NO, NEVER, you cannot have our, or ANY children!
God help us, deliver us, from the pox of these sick vultures who would prey on innocent children! Please Lord, not this! Let us not grow so jaded and complacent we ever turn away so as not to see evil that preys upon our children. We would be guilty of the crime ourselves if that were ever so. Homosexuality and pederasty are one, inextricably linked. This is why you never hear any homosexual or group denounce pederasty. It is just another "choice".