Saturday, 19 November 2016

Pope Bergoglio has answered the "dubia" - go fly a kite!

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"The Church exists only as an instrument for the communication of God’s merciful plan to the people. During the Council, the Church felt it had the responsibility to be a living sign of the Father’s love in the world. In the Lumen Gentium, it went back to the origins of its nature, the Gospel. This shifts the axis of Christianity away from a certain kind of legalism which can be ideological, towards the Person of God, who became mercy through the incarnation of the Son. Some still fail to grasp the point. They see things as black or white, even though it is in the course of life that we are called to discern."

The only ideologues in this whole scandalous, heretical mess is Jorge Bergoglio and his cabal of St. Gallen Mafiosi and his neo-sycophants.

Yes, Catholicism is black and white. Right and wrong, is black and white. Truth and falsity are black and white. The grey areas are pastoral and that is part of life, we get that, but the truth is never grey and what this man and his sordid, filthy backers have done is to undermine the very truth of Christ in the matters of adultery and sacrilege. It is an attack on the Sacraments and the unity of the Church.

They are responsible for this. Pope Bergoglio is responsible for this. At the same time, it must happen, it is inevitable. The de facto schism has been happening for decades, it can no longer be hidden and like a boil, it must be lanced, like a cancer, it must be cut out.

More Cardinals and Bishops must speak up, and they must speak up now. What is it going to cost you? Your bishopric? Your red hat? Good, better you should lose that then lose your soul.

The Pope must be corrected.  He is not a god. He is not infallible.


Ana Milan said...

Pope Francis calls on new Cardinals to love their enemies amid growing "polarisation and exclusion"
Edward Pentin@eEdwardPentin/twitter.

Does this signify that he forgives the Fab Four for issuing the Dubia which he will now answer & will not be excommunicating them?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Off the cuff comment, no education in theology, no pastoral experience:

In order to change the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, one must believe one is superior to Him, one has evolved beyond our Lord and Saviour's historically and socially limited understanding. One must think that our Lord Jesus Christ is not eternal and perfect, beyond limitations of time, space, subjective perception. One must think that our Lord Jesus Christ set impossible standards for humanity, that He was too naive to understand the messiness of life, and too rigid and authoritarian and culturally colonial while offering the Way, the Truth and the Life. He lacked political correctness and a flexibility, which would allow Him to shake the hands of unrepentant baby killers and war criminals. Too judgemental. He lacked the ecumenical spirit, and did not comprehend, that all lives lead to heaven, no matter how disrespectful or hateful toward Him. Unless,,, one did not label oneself a humanitarian (Jolie, Dicaprio, Soros) in advance - then his soul might dissolve into nothingness.

Those Bergoglio accuses of legalism ore not condemning anyone. They are not postulating that adulterers should be barred from the Holy Mass. They are however upholding the teaching of our Lord, and the teaching of our Church, and are encouraging adulterers to fully participate in all Holy Sacraments. For this they need to repent of their sins and renew commitment to a life in obedience to our Lord's commands.

Walking with someone, as they separate themselves form God's grace by choosing disobedience (in the privacy of their internal forum, that God never spoke of, for His universal commandments apply to all equally), without the encouragement to turn to God and ask His forgiveness and ask for strength and wisdom to choose that which leads us to be more like Him (living in this world, but being not of this world), is not pastoral, not loving, Walking with them toward a dangerous cliff and denying them a warning (as pastors) is gravely negligent, evil.

No one is persecuting adulterers by telling them the objective truth about their state. No one is telling them that God won't forgive them.

We are simply saying that God told us that He is just, and that He won't be mocked.

Jorge Bergoglio and team of traitors, stop mocking God.

If you don't like the teaching of our Lord, and the teaching of our Church, leave!!! Join a communist party or any other organization of your choice. Just stop gas-lighting us! We see you!

There is more to life than that which can be seen here and now. Hedonism is the opposite of Christianity. Christians take up the cross and follow our Lord Jesus. They do not choose the easy path, but the hard, narrow one. Life on this earth is a blink of an eye in comparison to eternity. But even here, it can be filled with joy. The more we obey our Creator, the more peace and joy He gives.

We do not strive for fake equality, as defined by Bergoglio and his band of commies. We give thanks for all our Creator gave us, without envy, that someone else got more talents.

We have God's promise - that He never burdens us with more than we are able to carry. Jorge Bergoglio! - Just obey our Lord, and stop changing His Word and His order of things, You are not the saviour.

Your peace and your security are opposite to our Lord's peace and security. Yours are in the UN and Soro's billions spent on social unrest, in rebellion, unnatural habits of Sodom, envy and greed.

Our Lord's peace comes from obedience and trust in Him. Unity is in truth, not in remaining silent about errors and lies.

Wile Bergoglio's traitors are getting rid of the cross, he intensifies his attack on true peace.

Unknown said...

At this point he is, through his response to the dubia, by all evidence a formal and pertinacious heretic. Therefore, IF he ever was pope, he is no longer. I'm not a sedevacantist in the "classical" sense of the term. But it is probably impossible for a heretic, and certainly for a public, formal and pertinacious one (and he is such even besides AL) to sit with Christ-given authority on the Chair of St. Peter, the infallible pillar of truth for the whole Church. I am not judging him, he has judged himself by refusing to answer the cardinals and deny heresy. I know of some traditional priests (both diocesan and SSPX) who have begun omitting Francis' name from the Canon.

Ana Milan said...

Pope Francis Dismisses Entire Membership of Pontifical Academy for Life.
Maike Hickson@onepeterfive.

This man needs taking down right away. If the Consistory of Cardinals don't do their job they will be vilified by history. No more waiting around - come out of your hiding places & do the job you are charged with. Stand up for Christ & stop this blind obedience to what is obviously an Apostate Papacy. Ensure Our Lady's Triumph in time for the Fatima Centenary in May. Exorcise the Vatican & precincts & elect a holy & Traditional Catholic Cardinal who will uphold the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. You are supposed to be the successors of the First Apostles - it's time you acted as such.

Anonymous said...

SSPX priests omitting his name in the Canon? Where is that happening?

JayBee said...

So... Tradition is out, and I'm a good moral person as long as I behave per Gospel and documents of V2? Oh, and help the poor, right? And what do we mean by "Eucharist" now? Since I have not heard "Blessed Sacrament" in 20 years I'm guessing "soul and divinity" is now passe? Eucharist merely means "liturgy"... some sort of community banquet?
Is grace now out too? Baptism does not instill grace, it's just a initiation rite?

Hey I'm seriously asking, because if this is what the pope believes, why do I need more?

They have been, it seems, trying to gradually get us used to this new church. Why not just be honest, priests come out at every mass and announce we're done with old-fashioned religious superstition?

It looks like the die is cast, I am no theologian, so why not make it easy and simple for myself and just go along with Bergoglio and company? Can anyone say why not?

Anonymous said...

""The focus should be on Christ"It seems the focus is on Christ only when it suits ,its not on Him when engaging in ecumenism ,it's not on Him in Churches that have removed the Tabernacle away from the Altar,it's not on Him when the laity "perform"on the Altar during Mass,it's not on Him when His representative tucks the Sign of His Redemption away out of sight .Very selective focus.Has Pope Francis ever read Luther,no one who has any love of Christ could promote a man who called Christ a fornicator and God a scoundrel.At least a football team know who they are playing for.

C. LaSalle said...

In all my sixty five years as a Catholic I have never found myself so confused as I am every time the Pope opens his mouth. If the clergy can't or won't do something then we as laity must. We are all Catholics and deserve better.

The Pope is more concerned with gays, transsexuals, the divorced and Lutherans than he is about us.

I pray for him daily however the state of the Church is at a breaking point.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine told me some priests here in Italy are quietly doing so. However, I don't know their names or where they are saying Mass.

Ralph E. said...

I think a schism is inevitable. I wish that would have happened during the pontificate of pope Benedict XVI. Then at least the pope would have been on the right side. And there would have been a happy reunion of conservatives and traditionalists. All the talk about VC II would have become irrelevant, because you don't "dialogue" when you are a small remnant church. And we would have the old mass and the new mass 2.0. And the election of Bergoglio would have been prevented. It could have been so beautiful.

Vox Cantoris said...

Lorenzo Caperchione,

What is the sense of the faithful in Italy as best as you can tell, regarding Francis. Not just the "traditionalist" wing, but generally.

Unknown said...

Dear Vox,
It is quite difficult to tell. However, I will try to do it by subdividing the Italian Catholics into these groups.

1. Ideological modernists, progressives, lefties ("cattocomunisti"), both in the laity and in the clergy, enthusiastically support him and denigrate Tradition, as everywhere. They are headed by Bp. Galantino, secretary of the episcopal conference, and the modernist bp. Forte. They are strong in curial offices and "parish councils".

2. Common NO churchgoers, simple people, the elders, women etc. generally support him wholeheartedly, due to lack of information, little knowledge of the Faith, sentimentalism, blind obedience, or a mixture of them. Sometimes reservations may rise, however mostly on "political" topics (e.g. immigration). The parish clergy, also probably due to cowardice, tends to be in this group. They are probably the vast majority of the Italian church. The lay movements (Neocathecumenal, charismatics, Azione Cattolica, most of Comunione e Liberazione etc.) also fall in this group.

3. "Critical" NO churchgoers, tied to the JPII and BXVI legacy. They are uncompromising on moral issues, and generally understand some doubts on VII and the need for the TLM. They have at least some reservations on Francis, and at most they strongly criticize him. Some priests support this group, which forms a significant minority. They are represented by our beloved Card. Caffarra and Abp. Negri, both coming from the conservative wing of Communion and Liberation.

4. Traditionalists proper are strongly set against him. The most virulent criticism, however, is underground, since the TLMs are mostly diocesan and a modernist or coward bishop will probably take this as the occasion to suspend the Mass, often by the threat of reprisals against the celebrating priest. Sadly we are few and scattered.

5. The "socciani" composed of people from both 3 and 4 groups, who follow the thesis of Antonio Socci and believe Benedict is still the pope. However they are not organized into a single group, nor do they have priests who support (at least publicly) their ideas.

6. Neocons who proclaim themselves traditional while supporting Francis. They are mostly an academing élite. They are disappearing as their beliefs are being disproven by reality.

7. Political right-wingers who attack him for his positions on immigration, communism, abortion, same-sex unions, global warming etc. while leaving behind the truly important issues.

8. Young people are either indifferent to religion and supporting Francis or striving to be faithful catholics. The latter, as myself, often discover the TLM, or sometimes even the SSPX, and become traditionalists.

Finally, I can tell you that most TLM-goers, even in diocesan settings, either do not recognize Bergoglio as pope or take the sede vacante as a possible and legitimate topic of discussion. The wars between traditionalists are mostly at the top, since common faithful (from SP to SSPX and sedevacantists) are generally friendly and even warm towards each other despite their disagreements.

Forgive me if this post was to long. I tried to be as truthful and precise as possibile.

Michael Dowd said...

I wonder if God will intervene? Pope Francis is causing many to misunderstand the Catholic faith and use that misunderstanding to justify committing sin. Others will simply walk away. Most will stay and become more lukewarm than they already are. The damage caused Pope Francis catastrophic. Evidently, most Cardinals and Bishops don't see the situation this way or lack the courage to do anything if they do.

My guess is that God will not intervene but leave it up to the laity to stand up for Christ and His Church.

On this special day let Christ be our King, not Pope Francis. Let us pray for Vox and all orthodox bloggers for the strength to fight the good fight and for us to support them in their efforts to speak the truth.

Vox Cantoris said...


A good friend of mine, here in Toronto and born in Italy, would like be in touch with you. If you can write me at I will link the two of you up.

God bless.