Monday, 21 November 2016

SSPX - it's just plain common sense.

Look, it's really simple.

The whole scandal of the SSPX "excommunications" and "suspensions" is a black mark on the leadership of the Church.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was right then and he was right in the 1970's. His suspension was an act of injustice. It was vile and despicable on the part of Paul VI and his henchmen. John Paul II succumbed to enormous pressure and put the Archbishop in an impossible situation. Rather than obey man, he chose to follow God and Tradition. "Put not your trust in princes," comes to mind. Further, obedience to an unjust law is not required. Obedience to error is not required. Benedict XVI, to his credit, began the removal of the injustice and declared that those who persecuted Catholics who attended and desired the traditional liturgy were acting in serious error because the traditional Mass was not and could not and can not ever be abrogated! 

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These people were and are Catholic. Everything else is for Canon lawyers to sort out.

There is no schism, There never was a schism. It there were the responsibility would be with dicastery in charge of Christian unity, not doctrine.

You can go there to receive the Sacrament of Penance. Do it. And if you can do that, you can hear Mass.

So good for Francis. Even a broken clock is correct twice per day. Let's give him credit where it is due.

God bless the Society of St. Pius X and may Marcel Lefebvre be raised to the Altars.

Now, go to this link:

Gaze upon that countenance. Can you in any one of these see hatred, malice, deceit or corruption in those eyes? That face? What love. What faith. What serenity.

It could only be from God.

That is all.


susan said...

I find myself praying to him often these days. The more I read about and from him, the deeper in admiration I fall. His "Open Letter to Confused Catholics" is the was a nuclear bomb of Truth in my life. Not one sentence in that book could I argue with or find fault in. "Spiritual Journey" is another beautiful opus. If you don't know him, or have bought into the enemy's calumny about him, do your soul a great favor and read these two will be a better 'you' at the finish.

The orthodoxy to be found in Africa is due in great part to his missionary and episcopal efforts...he was a heavy-lifter on that continent, and C. Sarah is a product of his strong fidelity and spirituality through the Holy Ghost Fathers. Lefebvre was a builder of the seminary system there, and a strong enforcer of Tradition in teaching and praxis.

Archbishop Lefebvre....ora pro nobis.

Brian said...


Well said. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Vox, have you ever seen the black and white photos of the Lefebvre family? The children are all very young. The parents so stately. Of the childrn two or three priests, one a future archbishop, and at least one nun. The faces in those photos exude holiness and piety. You do not see such examples very often.

Ana Milan said...

There is no doubt VII was a satanic set-up & must be rescinded, but which future Pope will have the courage to do so. All our present errors can be traced back to that Council. I'm not sure, however, that PF is being merciful in extending faculties to hear confession to the SSPX - he has his own agenda. What about the other Traditional Orders? He hasn't mentioned them. Will they be left out in the cold?

The best way for the SSPX to get what they want is to urge those Cardinals who silently support them to come out & back the Dubia. If they remain silent, that could have a detrimental affect on the Traditional Orders being fully incorporated without strings attached by the next Traditional pope who could follow PF if the Dubia was successful. The Dubia, being a formal church document issued by four Cardinals needs to be supported by all Catholics. I have tweeted @Potifex urging PF to answer the Dubia. I know he has ignored all petitions & letters to date but this is different & maybe his mouthpiece might notice hundreds of tweets & get back to him. Just a thought.

Guest said...

Dear Susan,

The Little Story of My Long Life (+ Archbishop Lefebvre in his own words) and Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais are literally I-can't-put-it-down books. (I was carrying them with me everywhere!)

The first one is a little book; the second is a huge biography. Both should be available from Angelus Press:

Monsignor, pray for your spiritual sons and daughters!

In Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

5 out of 8 children embraced the priesthood and/or religious life. Cf. The Life of Gabrielle Lefebvre:

Anonymous said...

So will the SSPX truly defend our lord by supporting the four Holy and God fearing Cardinals Burke, Caffarra, Brandmüller and Meisne?

Sixupman said...

Prelates who are de facto Protestantant their followers have 'Faculties'; Prelates and followers who are Catholic were denied 'Faculties'; insanity in the system.

susan said...

Thanks Margaret....I'll pick them up!

Ana Milan said...

It is very important that we rid ourselves of this Papacy & the Dubia is the first step in correcting a sitting pope. It will also send shudders done the spines (if they have any) of his supporters as if he continues to resist he will have to be publicly declared as having detached himself from the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of Christ's Church on earth. The Cardinals wlll then tell us his teaching is not to be followed & arrange a conclave to elect another pope. Our prayers should be for the next pope to be a Traditional Catholic in order to commence the restoration of the CC.

At this stage we should all be putting @Pontifex into meltdown with our tweets urging PF to answer the Dubia. If we are intent on inflicting a deadly blow to the NWO Religion PF & gang are trying to force upon us we have no other option at present. God needs to see our own support for Him as there are so many against Him, among them the lukewarm & disinterested.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Susan, Letter to a Confused Catholic was the first thing I read on my way out of the NO. It is great and spurred me on my way. Archbishop Lefebvre was a good and holy man, but most unfortunately for us, he was a holy missionary and not a theologian. He well understood what was going on, but he did not have the temperament of a fighting general. Due to his great humility, he feared the responsibility of inciting decisive action and this is why he flip-flopped and procrastinated such a lot. I have previously posted many of his sede comments, but he always baulked at following them to their logical conclusion with action. If he was alive today, he would long since have done so. Most of the leading sede clerics come from the SSPX. Bishop Sanborn was the Rector of their seminary. I am reliably told that quite a few SSPX priests are secret sedes.

The only problem with the SSPX is their peculiar theology:
1. They will not accept that an heretic cannot be Pope, whilst freely admitting that the Pope is a heretic.
2. They have this weird ecclesiology that a Catholic may recognise a man as Pope and yet sift, according to their own opinion, which of his teaching must be accepted and what might be rejected. In so doing, they implicitly deny the dogmas of the infallibility and indefectibility of the Church.
3. They offer the Mass "una cum", in union with an heretic, despite the clear teaching of the Church that Catholics are prohibited, under pain of sin, from praying with heretics.

All of these aberrations are so clearly abhorrent to a Catholic and so contrary to Catholic doctrine, that I simply cannot understand why they embrace them, but the fact that they do, gives me pause. I have no doubts about the bona fides of Abp. Lefebvre whatever, in those early days, but Bp. Fellay is altogether another kettle of fish. Frankly, I see him as controlled opposition. They are not short of money - see their new seminary - and their money came from a Rothschild. That also gives me pause.

The SSPX should have been the sede stronghold of Catholics. God bless Abp. Lefebvre.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Gaze upon that countenance. Can you in any one of these see hatred, malice, deceit or corruption in those eyes? That face? What love. What faith. What serenity.

It could only be from God.
For true.