Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of the "St. Galen Mafia" urges changes now while Bergoglio is still Pope!

More proof that this papacy is in the hands of corrupt Catholic hating enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

And it's only Tuesday!

From LifeSiteNews:


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November 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Liberal-minded Cardinal Karl Lehmann is urging his fellow German bishops to change Church discipline quickly while Francis is still Pope.
In an interview with German website katholisch.de, he pressed the bishops to use the “freedom that has been granted by the Pope.”
“Francis wants us to explore new paths. Sometimes you don’t have to wait until the large tanker begins to move,” he added, alluding to the alleged slowness of the Curia in making changes, an attack often uttered by German liberal churchmen.


Ana Milan said...

The sooner Plan B comes into force (and I hope the four Cards. have one) the better, as these old men will keep plugging until PF gets his way. They never think that it can all be overturned by another Pope & Council. None of AL or any other 'teaching' by this pope is infallible although there are many Catholics who seem to think it is. If PF's statements were made from the Seat of Peter he would have been ousted well before now as a heretic. He & his cronies know that full well & this is where ambiguity comes in. The NWO religion requires it to be successful, but it won't be. Christ always wins, but then they don't believe in Him. We who do must stay calm & watch it all play out as it will. Prayers & verbal/written support for our leaders who still honour Jesus & His Blessed Mother is the only way we can quicken the outcome.

Jonah said...

It's very convoluted to say that the German church is "liberal". In the sense that the Nazis were "liberal"? The German problem is not unconnected to Germany's history. And, the Argentine problem is not unconnected to the German problem. How long will so-called "conservatives" continue with eyes wide shut: http://www.concordatwatch.eu/kb-38082.834