Friday, 25 November 2016

Pope Bergoglio praises dissenting theologian who "challenged Catholic morality."

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When he died in 1998, the anti-Catholic New York Times headlined that 85 year old Bernard Haring "challenged Catholic morality." He was a Redemptorist priest and was praised by the likes of Charles Curran and Richard McBrien, priests of post-Vatican II American Catholic destructionism.

In 2016, the Pope of Rome has praised the same man before his Jesuit brethren:

“I think Bernard Häring was the first to start looking for a new way to help moral theology to flourish again,”

In his continued theological disorientation, Jorge Bergoglio's theme "black and white" is again apparent in his address to the Jesuit General Congregation. 

In the same talk, Bergoglio condemned the new "morality" amongst seminarians. It is unclear from his incoherent, rambling exactly what "morality" he was questioning. The man is the most anti-theological, anti-intellectual, anti-philosophical Pope in history.

The Pope's words are in direct conflict of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Bergoglio is in grave error when he teaches that all must be "discerned," and that there is no "black and white." Our Lord made it quite clear that he came "not to destroy the Law but to fulfill it," and that if we "love him," we will keep his commandments. Thus, he expected us to see sin in "black and white," Bergoglio thinks differently.

Since I have the choice, I will follow the Lord Jesus.

Francis praises major Humanae Vitae dissenter in rebuke of ‘white or black’ morality

ROME, November 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis has praised the 1960s German moral theologian Bernard Häring, one of the most prominent dissenters from Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, for his new morality which the pope said helped “moral theology to flourish.”  
"I think Bernard Häring was the first to start looking for a new way to help moral theology to flourish again," he said in comments, published today by La Civiltà Cattolica, that were given during a dialogue with the Jesuit order which was gathered for its 36th general Congregation on October 24, 2016 in Rome. 


Vox Cantoris said...

Sorry gang, I accidentally deleted the post but was able to rescue it to republish.

Here are your comments.

Yes, Jorge. God is a black and white God. The Devil is grey. on Pope Bergoglio praises dissenting theologian who "challenged Catholic morality."
at 08:21

You know things are getting desperate when the Modernists dredge up the corpse of Bernard Haring. on Pope Bergoglio praises dissenting theologian who "challenged Catholic morality."
Aged parent
at 08:05

Why would there be a reason for the Ten Commandments if there was no "white or black" morality? It is quite plain to see that this pope is not Catholic & should, on that basis alone, be immediately removed from the Papal Office to which he should never have been elected in the first instance. on Pope Bergoglio praises dissenting theologian who "challenged Catholic morality."
Ana Milan
at 07:10

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

When Jorge Bergoglio praises and promotes someone, every Catholic should DISCERN - the person is either an atheist or abortionist or sodomite or criminal or heretic or hypocrite calling himself a Catholic.
Why does he even bother wearing these uncomfortable white robes, if he hates all things Catholic so? Oh, I see - the Jesuit General wears black. A great synthesis into grey.
Will we soon be ordered to wear equalizing grey uniforms to match our grey morality in our collectivist paradise?

Kathleen1031 said...

We are grateful for the interventions of our good Cardinals against the apostasy and constant insults to Jesus Christ and the faith. We are utterly sick of this man, and pray the Cardinals continue to press this issue, do what must be done. If schism must come, we prefer it to this maddening nightmare of open hostility to Christ and our faith from Jorge Bergolio. I will no longer call him pope.

Ana Milan said...

I've read on a few sites that Cardinal Müller studied Moral Theology under Fr. Bernard Haring. If true it's not favourable t have him in charge of the CDF, but then Cardinal Schönborn would be probably worse. Can we not rely on anyone being Catholic any more?

Michael Dowd said...

From every heretical word that escapes from Pope Francis mouth the evidence mounts that he is no longer a true Catholic and hasn't been one for some time. In his efforts to make Church teachings 'user friendly' he, paradoxically is pointing the way to hell. Let him be anathema!