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A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 20 November 2016

Pope Bergoglio is the "hermeneutic of discontinuity," and the living breathing incarnation of the "dictatorship of relativism."

The Avenire interview has not gotten the attention it deserves. There has been so much written on the dubia and the letter of the Four Cardinals, the Pope's refusal to answer, and the consistory, that much in this recent interview has gone unnoticed. It is important to unpack it and using the help of computer translation, as best we can, we can look at some of the more concerning quotes. 

There is something that must be said of the imprudence of the Vicar of Christ willingly submitting himself to secular media opinion makers and journalists. It should simply not be done. Not on an aeroplane, not anywhere. It belittles the Office of the Papacy, it reduces it, and the person of the Pope to just another political leader or head of an NGO. It confuses the people as to what is, and what is not, Magisterial. The Pope's talks to media, along with the Tweets of his sycophants, or those in the communications department who do it in multi-languages under his name not equate with Magisterial teaching. They do, however, create great confusion and division, and they reveal much more.

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Right out of the gate, in the interview, Bergoglio talks about, the "spirit." When asked about the "Holy Year," he states:
"The Jubilee? I have not made a plan. Things have come. I simply let myself be lead by the Spirit. The Church is the Gospel, it is not a path of ideas. This year on mercy is a process developed over time, from the Council ...  
Also in the ecumenical field the path comes from afar, with the steps of my predecessors. This is the journey of the Church. It's not me. I have not given any acceleration. To the extent that we move forward, the path seems to go faster, is the motus, in fine velocior ".
He speaks much of the "spirit." I categorise this with his "god of surprises," and neither of them are Holy. Since the advent of the so-called "charismatic" movement (something this writer views as a fraud), Catholics have fallen for this idea that the Holy Spirit is guiding every step they make and every thought and decision. These suffer the same delusion that the Holy Spirit actually elects the Pope, and, therefore, we must conclude, that every odour emanating from the Bishop of Rome, whomever he is, must smell like frankincense.  

The reality is the very opposite. Everything must be tested. From the moment this man came out on the loggia that dark March evening, he has been a scandal to the Faith. That very night with his "good evening," to the next day refusing to bless the gathered media, the witnessing of him refusing to genuflect at Holy Mass but grovelling to wash the feet of anyone but a priest, on Holy Thursday, we have seen his lack of respect for Catholic and pastoral practice, rubrics and manners. We have his continual insults to faithful Catholics from "self-absorbed, promethean, neo-Pelagians" to "breeding like rabbits," and more recently, "rigid" people trying to "hide something." These are not from a spirit that is holy. These insults are not worthy of the Vicar of Christ. When Our Lord referred to "whitewashed sepulchres," He had, by His divinity the right to call out the liars of his age. Everyone also knew to whom he was referring, the Pharisees and Sanhedrin, and why he was doing it. With Bergoglio, he is never clear, never specific as to whom is to be on the receiving end of his verbal assault. It most cases, it ends up being the simple Catholic people. The set-up of Kasper nearly three years ago putting forward the horror we have witnessed at the two Synods and now the heretical Amoris Laetitia is the peak of this scandal.  This "god of surprises," put forward by Bergoglio, is not the Triune God of Heaven and Earth and more than than the god of Mahomet is. This "spirit" two whom he refers, is not the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity. It cannot be and logic defies it to be; because just as "Satan cannot cast out Satan," God cannot blaspheme Himself.

Bergoglio reveals in that first line above that he has no plan, other than chaos and the Marxist rhetoric of moving "forward." But he is not being truthful. He has a plan. It is the plan of those who put him there and the plan of those who formed him. It is a plan to destroy the Catholic faith, it cannot be anything else. The idea that he is simply suffering dementia is simply not true. He, in fact, knows exactly what he is doing. He is at best a progressive and at worst a Marxist in a political sense. He absorbed, as a young boy and man, the Peronist mentality from his Argentina; he models it well. He is a bully and a demagogue. There is no humility in him. It is a media message, a spin, a lie. Perhaps due to his modernist mind and his reduction the Catholic faith beneath the supernatural, he is proving to be irrational and goes with whatever comes into his mind, interpreting all of it, as divinely inspired. Again, he is all about "feelings." He sees everything he does as inspiration form his "god of surprises." We are now told that he praises "communists who think like Christians."

His outbursts of anger at the Casa Santa Marta against the thirteen Cardinals that signed the letter at the Synod (including our own Thomas Cardinal Collins of Toronto), his behaviour in Mexico to an innocent person as he waded into a crowd, to his rage reported by Pentin over the dubia, and his constant striving to give images of humility to the medial reveal a disturbing pathology, possibly narcissism.

He states further that it is not him, but the Council that is responsible and that he is not speeding things up but just going along with that which is coming from the "spirit."
"Making the experience of forgiveness that embraces the whole human family is the grace that the apostolic ministry announces. The Church exists only as a tool to communicate to people the merciful plan of God. At the Council the Church felt the responsibility of being in the world as a living sign of the love of the Father, with the ascent of Lumen Gentium to the sources of his nature, to the Gospel. This moves the axis of the Christian conception of a certain legalism, which can be ideological, the Personality of Godhead who became the incarnation of the Son's mercy. Some - think of certain replies to Amoris laetitia - still do not understand, it is either white or black, in the flow of life that you have to discern. The Council has told us this. Historians say, however, that a Council, to be absorbed well by the body of the Church, needs a century, we are only half a century from it."
The Council is once again being manipulated. As ambiguous as the documents of the Second Vatican Council can be, as regrettable as some of that which has come from it is, nowhere can one find the justification for what is contained in Amoris Laetitia or in his complete upheaval of the Church including this decentralisation that he advocates. If he believes this, he is either deluding himself out of ideology, or he is deceiving and lying to further his own goals, led by something he believes to be the Holy Spirit. At this point, we must conclude it to be the latter. It is simply blasphemy to hold the idea that God is responsible for heresy, error and confusion.  If one holds that there are ultimate truths, then one does, in fact, become a "legalist" and we should wear it with a badge of honour and not take it as an insult. If one sees only "black and white," then we should say that Our Lord Jesus Christ was also a "legalist." He said, "I have not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it." He also said, "If you love me, keep my Commandments," the "Law."

This Pope is the embodiment of the "dictatorship of relativism," spoken of by Joseph Ratzinger immediately prior to his election to the papacy. Bergoglio is the living, breathing incarnation of the "hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture," spoken of by the same man who left us to suffer with both and who is now his successor's prisoner."
"It is the journey from the Council which goes on, and is intensified. But it is the journey, not me. This path is the path of the Church. I have met with the primates and leaders, it is true, but also the rest of my predecessors have done their encounters with these or other responsible. I have not given any acceleration. To the extent that we go on the road seems to go faster, is the motus in fine velocior, to put it according to that process expressed in the Aristotelian physics."
This is the second time he talks about "acceleration" but then tries to explain that it is not him doing it, Again, we are left to conclude that it is this "spirit" and this "god of surprises," that is directing him.

Image result for archbishop-victor-manuel-fernandez"The pope must have his reasons, because he knows very well what he’s doing. He must have an objective that we don’t understand yet. You have to realize that he is aiming at a reform that is irreversible. If one day he should intuit that he’s running out of time and he doesn’t have enough time to do what the Spirit is asking him, you can be sure he will speed up."
Archbishop Fernandez, affectionately known as "Tucho," is the ghostwriter behind the Lutheranesque Evangelii Gaudium, the Soros inspired Laudato Si and the heretical Amoris Laetitia. Clearly, Francis needs to find new friends. This man was not deemed suitable as a Seminary Rector by the Vatican. Now, he is an Archbishop made so by Bergoglio. There is no "turning back" according to Fernandez. "Francis is stronger than adversaries inside the Curia." We can only conclude then that Bergoglio believes that "he's running out of time," and therefore is not speeding up. He has purged the St. John Paul II Institute on the Family and has now done the same, seventy positions in a purge of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Why then, does he think that he, "is running out of time?" Is it his age, 80, or his health, not the greatest? No, it is because he knows that he has been found out. The Four Cardinals' letter proves it, only publicly. Do not think that he has not heard this and more, privately. He knows we are on to him. He will not answer the dubia. He will push ahead and he will be the cause of a schism and will put himself outside the Church.

Later, Bergoglio is asked to comment that "some people think that, in these ecumenical meetings you want to "sell out" Catholic doctrine. Someone once said that you want to "protestantise," the Church ... "
"I do not lose my sleep from this. I continue on the road of those who have preceded me, I follow the Council. As for opinions, we must always distinguish the spirit in which they are spoken. When there is not an evil spirit, they also help to walk. Other times you see right away that they take criticism here and there to justify, they are not honest, are made with evil spirit to foment division. We see immediately that certain rigors stem from a lack, from wanting to hide inside their armor of sad dissatisfaction. If you watch the movie Babette's Feast is this rigid behavior."
That's right. The Four Cardinals and the Dubia are "fomenting division." Catholics who hold to the faith, and I am talking about every day, John and Mary Catholics attending the regular diocesan parish, who struggle to raise their families, and remain faithful - they go to Mass, the Sacraments - these are people concerned about what is happening to their Holy Mother, the Church, and this man calls states that they are out do "foment division." The proverbial, pot, calling the kettle, black. He does not "lose sleep." That is for the rest of us.

Again, as in the insults last week to young Catholics attending the traditional Mass, Bergoglio puts on his psychiatrist cap and labels people who hold fast to the Truth and the traditional Mass as nothing more than "rigid behaviour," from those "want to hide inside their armour of sad dissatisfaction." 

The man is a hypocrite. Wake-up Catholics. What Pope, what Vicar of Christ speaks like this? 

As for Babette's Feast, what the heck he is he talking about and why is recommending a movie? What can a cinematic film teach us about our Faith?

On a personal note, his comments are very revealing to me. In the two years to three years leading up to the vexatious and frivolous attempt by Father Thomas J. Rosica, to sue this writer, I received over a dozen email communications from him. The tone of Bergoglio and the style of insult is near identical to those of Rosica. It is either that Rosica is whispering in his ear or more likely, it is a matter to do with their formation. What was happening in the seminaries between 1960 and 1990 when these men were educated and formed for priesthood that caused them to think of Catholics in such ways? What is this pathology that turns them into amateur psychoanalysts rather than missionaries of Christ? Why did these men ever become priests and why did any bishop ordain either them?
Image result for tom rosica"Will this Pope re-write controversial Church doctrines? No. But that isn't how doctrine changes. Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge such that particularly doctrinal formulations no longer mediate the saving message of God's transforming love. Doctrine changes when the Church has leaders and teachers who are not afraid to take note of new contexts and emerging insights. It changes when the Church has pastors who do what Francis has been insisting: leave the securities of your chanceries, of your rectories, of your safe places, of your episcopal residences go set aside the small minded rules that often keep you locked up and shielded from the world."
What Rosica articulated, Bergoglio is doing.

The interview then winds its way towards Lund and ecumenism. 
"Walking and working together, we realize that we are already united in the name of the Lord, and then the unity is not that which we create ourselves. We realize that it is the Spirit who impels and carries us. If you are docile to the Spirit, He will tell you what you can do, the rest is done by Him. That's why I say that the unity is on the way, because unity is a grace that you have to ask, and also because I repeat that every proselytizing among Christians is sinful. The Church never grows by proselytizing but "by attraction," as Benedict XVI wrote. The proselytizing among Christians therefore is in itself a grave sin. … because it contradicts the very dynamics of how to become and remain Christian. The Church is not a football team that seeks fans."
That's right, preaching the faith does not bring people to it, in Bergoglio's distorted mind. "Faith is learned by hearing." Is that not what Holy Writ states?

It is the laity, mostly through blogs, that have been at the forefront of exposition of the errors of Jorge Bergoglio and his Papacy. As a Catholic, it is not an easy thing to bear what he says and does. It is even less easy to come here and publicly challenge the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, the very Vicar of Christ. Yet, how can one not? How can one sit idly by, whilst this man and those around him, tear apart the very Church through which we were given the very grace to see. 

A few days ago, a woman whom I have known for a number of years saw for herself what was happening and what was being said. She is a faithful woman, a good Catholic. Not a "traditionalist" in the sense of the Rite as she is part of a regular diocesan parish, but certainly a traditionalist in faith and morality, devotion and practice. She would be of the generation of this writer, a child coming to age in the great dawn of Vatican II; conflicted between that which we were taught and saw as young children and that which was then thrust upon us. She said to me, "it is as if everything I was ever taught was a lie." I responded, "No! they are the liars. Not your parents, not your good priests and nuns and teachers, it was not they who lied to you, they were right then, and we are right now."

And this is the danger, -- that good people who are only now becoming aware of the horrors of the Bergoglian papacy are going to lose their faith because they do not know what to believe and what is true anymore.

This is how modernism works. A drop of poison. One drop at a time.

It is the "synthesis of all heresies" and Bergoglio is its teacher.

St. Pius X, Pray for us.


Stephen Lowe said...

This article is inspirational as it has an hypothesis and then backs it up with facts. Clear and complete. God bless you and those who are faithfully shining light on the darkness.

Aged parent said...

Someone should inform Rosica that doctrine does not change.

Fr. Michael said...

An articulate article that summarizes the crisis in the Church. Poison may be dripping in to the very heart of the Church, but the Precious Blood of Christ will not allow it to kill His Mystical Body.

Ana Milan said...

A trillion thanks Vox for writing this article which clearly sums up the devastation this Papacy has brought to Catholics. Its intent to demoralise the good & uphold the bad, to smack down good priests & applaud the wayward. To appoint men to high positions in the CC who are so 'accompanying' that they forget the Ten Commandments & the necessary adherence to them. They are of this world, just as PF is. Neither he nor they ever speak of justice. They overlook the victims of broken marriages, child abuse, radicalism & prefer to accompany the wicked rather than call for justice for the poor of spirit & the victims of war. They have turned their backs on our Christian brothers in war torn ME whilst urging Europe & US to absorb the huge amount of young radicalised Muslim men that keep coming to our shores. We are rigid & uncompassionate if we try to stop this invasion which is given priority over naive inhabitants. He prefers atheists & pagans as his friends & advisers & believes that communists are the real Christians.

How long will the Hierarchy put up wth this man? When will they wake up to the manifestly demonic threat PF is to the faith? Will those who until now have secretly supported the SSPX come forward & be identified? There is some rumour that his Apostolic Letter will contain some news concerning the SSPX. If they don't it may be the death knell of the SSPX & they should consider carefully that possible outcome.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox for an articulate description of what's happening now in the Church of What's Happening Now. The devil has found his man in Pope Francis. It is as if a spiritual meteorite had hit the Church and the dust cloud of evil has shielded us from the Son of God. As a result of Pope Francis and others actions the Church is destined to become a remnant. Lord have Mercy on us all.

Kathleen1031 said...

We have been very certain for some time this man is working for the diabolical. Your article here sums up so much and so well, but there are books that could be written about his papacy already, citing the obvious examples of how and why this man is not a follower of Jesus Christ.
It is a terrible thing to have a bad pope. It is a scandalous thing to find out we have a plethora of evil sodomites and Marxists who agree with that bad pope. It is taxing to the extreme to see the evil those are doing day in and day out, flogging the Body of Christ, and having to stand by and watch it. Let's face it, prayer and some activism on social media is all we've got. This is a God-sized problem. It's going to take a God-sized solution.
They'll get theirs, of that I have no doubt. It will come the day they draw their last breath on earth, maybe sooner, who knows. But these men don't fear God, they are either so corrupted they believe what they do is right or they are so corrupted they know it is wrong and don't care. That is for God to sort out. But even in the face of failure, we have a right to expect our Cardinals and Bishops to address this publicly and with conviction. Out this heretic! Out his blasphemy and his error! Take a stand for Jesus Christ and DO...YOUR...JOB, the one you took a VOW to do no matter what.

Great article Vox.

Rab said...

Bergoglio lacks basic knowlegde, dignity and decency. We also rightly doubt his orthodoxy and benevolence. Either way, he is obviously utterly unfit for the office of Peter. May God free us from this man and give us a holy shepherd, a renewer!

Barbara Jensen said...

Yes, Vox, thank you for this quality and clear article which sums up so well the status of things as they really are in the Catholic Church with Bergoglio at the helm. Louis Verrechio at 'AKA Catholic' calls the present bishop of Rome an antipope. Your article gives real meat as to why this is true. Ann Barnhardt is right. Pope Benedict XV1 abdicated under false criteria and he is therefore still pope. No genuine pope would behave as this monster is doing. As you state so clearly, he is on a course to destroy the Church. This is so obvious that only the willfully blind refuse to see it. The present situation in the Church will be hardest for bishops and priests, for, on a human level, they have the most to lose. Each of us will have to choose following the satanic mouthpiece on Peter's Chair, or following the fullness of the Faith, which is to say following Jesus Christ. There will be no middle ground. Jesus told us, "Let your speech be 'Yes! Yes! and 'No! 'No!' Anything else is from the evil one." Hence we have a clear description from where Bergoglio's response to the Dubia is coming. The 'spirit' 'Pope' Francis references is the devil. This has to be faced and for the Cardinals and the Bishops and the priests who do hold to Christ to remain silent and compliant in the face of such evil will destroy the Church. Indeed a remnant will be underground and the few clergy who dare will be there with them. God help us all. Pray for the priests, bishops and cardinals.

CJ said...

Not my pope. When he is Catholic, yes. When he is un-Catholic or anti-Catholic, no. Not my pope.

Justina said...

I was advised by a priest this morning--a good and holy priest, no Modernist--that, since I myself am not the Pope nor a member of the hierarchy, I should "mind my own business" and not be concerned about what Bergoglio is doing. But isnt the integrity of the Faith, and the salvation of the souls in grave peril because of Amoris and the rest of the Bethoglian mess, my concern and the concern of every Catholic?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Vox. Is it you who sounds and thinks like me, or is it me who sounds and thinks like you? I am confused.


Kathleen1031 said...

Let me just reiterate my appreciation for you Vox. Sincerely, thank you for your writing. I hope you know how helpful and consoling your articles are. There is so little help, so little consolation. It's like being in a war, believing you are practically on your own, and seeing a little tiny light flicking somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps your priest friend is not such a "good" priest?

Just a thought.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you Kathleen, you're very kind.

God bless you.

David (the Vox)

mazara said...

Popes Francis and Benedict jointly bless new Cardinals . http://callmejorgebergoglio.blogspot.ie/2016/11/benedict-xvi-has-some-visitors-over.html#comment-form

Anonymous said...


guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Folks - If there is a "virus of polarization" who is its source, who is "patient zero"? Is it Jesus who said there will be people who by their own choices will be condemned to the everlasting file of hell? or is it Jorge Bergoglio who contradicted this and said that the "logic" of the Gospel is that no one is condemned forever?

The following from St. Augustine's discussion of the Gospel of John, "Go and sin no more," will help you decide the identity of the church virus's patient zero[note the sentence "He said this not"]:

"Saint Augustine
The Gospel of John: Tractate 33

Mark what follows: Go, henceforth sin no more. Therefore the Lord did also condemn, but condemned sins, not man. For if He were a patron of sin, He would say, Neither will I condemn you; go, live as you will: be secure in my deliverance; how much soever you will sin, I will deliver you from all punishment even of hell, and from the tormentors of the infernal world. He said not this.
7. Let them take heed, then, who love His gentleness in the Lord, and let them fear His truth. For The Lord is sweet and right. You love Him in that He is sweet; fear Him in that He is right. As the meek, He said, I held my peace; but as the just, He said, Shall I always be silent? Isaiah 42:14 The Lord is merciful and pitiful. So He is, certainly. Add yet further, Long-suffering; add yet further, And very pitiful: but fear what comes last, And true. For those whom He now bears with as sinners, He will judge as despisers.
. . . .
8. . . . .Who is deceived by hoping? He who says, God is good,God is merciful, let me do what I please, what I like; let me give loose reins to my lusts, let me gratify the desires of my soul. Why this? Because God is merciful, God is good, God is kind. These men are in danger by hope.
. . . .

You have to fear lest hope slay you; and, when you hope much from mercy, lest you fall into judgment"

Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

Anonymous said...

Got the same message myself from the same kind of priest. The logic was this: 80℅ of Catholics don't pay attention to Pope Francis anyways. So, why scandalize them? And 'isn't this going to be interpreted as 'protest' of the Pope therefore just validating these heretics protestation of dogma.' And 'fight the idea not the Pope.' Anyways. I asked does Lady Wisdom no longer have her prophets in every generation? That comment wasn't appreciated obviously.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 2:4 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

4 He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh at them: and the Lord shall deride them.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I have always stated that Jorge Bergoglio is neither senile nor suffering of dementia. He is a mason at heart, a demagogue with an agenda to destroy the Catholic Church and to create a one world religion, in service of Lucifer, humanity, not God.

When I hear him saying that he is simply acting under the inspiration of the Synod, which in turn was inspired by the Holy Spirit, I can't contain disgust. Bergoglio knows very well all his machination and moves, which led to the Synod's long planned and predetermined outcomes.
When certain statements were voted out of the final document, Bergoglio himself ordered that they would be included. Why? - Because they were the necessary basis for what the masons and sodomites had planned next.

Had these controversial parts not been included, as the Cardinals had decided in the vote, are we to believe the Holy Spirit would have been denied a voice? It was Bergoglio who made the decision to disregard the council. Obviousely, the Holy Spirit does not manipulate and dos not deceive.

The man is a servant of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Any good and holy priest, even one not so holy can certainly suggest we "mind our own business." All of us need to do so. Our business is our salvation. We should be focused on that.

For the most part, griping and complaining about Pope Francis is detrimental to ourselves and those around us. We laity do not have the standing to actually effect any change, so often, the most we accomplish is scandalizing ourselves and others.

I agree that Pope Francis has pretty much been off the rails since his elevation, and I also agree that if he does not answer the four cardinals, that tends to indicate a pertinacious inclination toward heresy. But that is not my business. I certainly will not convert my friends and family to the True Faith by railing about the Pope.

Sedevacantism, anti-popism, etc., do not have a direct bearing on my salvation (though I understand that Sedevacantism is a heresy, itself). During the Great Schism, there were Saints on both sides. But they did, day to day, what they needed to do to become holy. That is what we should do.

I don't know if Pope Francis is actually legitimate, an anti-Pope, or a pertinacious heretic. I cannot truly judge that (and if I could, what then?), that is something the hierarchy must deal with. But I am certain that if I were to go on and on about those matters to potential converts, I would drive them away. I would also do much damage by loudly proclaiming these beliefs in the average NO parish, and also in the average TLM, to a great extent.

Again, our business is our salvation. We certainly can correct the folks close to us who may be led astray by current events, but we are not all called to write blogs. Vox has a heavy responsibility. The hierarchy has an even heavier one. I do not envy them. If they err, they can cause great problems for souls.

I am grateful that my responsibility is so much smaller.

We are in a storm. Don't get out of the boat in a storm. Hang on, and help those around you hang on as well. Don't let what is going on in the wheelhouse distract you from putting on your life jacket.

(I think it a great error to cease to pray for our Pope. That poor man needs prayers more than ever. Hell is eternal. We all have a good chance to end up there. We must pray for these men, both the good and the bad. They all desperately need the Grace of God.)

Unknown said...

If it is true that tomorrow will see a surprise announcement that the SSPX are regularized and accepted, then all the chaos of a Francis papacy was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post Vox, thank you so much for all you are doing for the lord, God Bless You abundantly!

Michael Dowd said...

On speaking out against Pope Francis. Are we to be like lambs led silently to the slaughter by our "good shepherds"? Are we to be like the Jews at the hands of Hitler? If so called "holy" priests will not speak the truth and lead us away from the volcanic evil of Pope Francis then it is up to us to do it. The real scandal is in not speaking out.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Vox, a really terrific post Miles Christi!
"The man is a hypocrite. Wake-up Catholics. What Pope, what Vicar of Christ speaks like this?"
Go ahead, take the logical next step my valiant friend!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

One more comment on this:

When a person talks about moving forward, if he is intelligent, he should be able to say, what the end-goal is. Where to is he moving? What is is that he sees ahead?

When he speaks about progress, if he is intelligent, he should be able to show, how what he proposes as progress is better than what preceded it.

Not all movement is improvement, not all progress is movement toward something good. As we have seen over the last 5+ decades, most of what Bergolio would call "progress" has created "realities of life", which are nothing other than Sodom. To achieve progress toward the good and the true now, one would have to condemn the movement, and hold it responsible for these realities, instead of promoting it.

For example, when a wife (like the premier of Ontario) asks her husband to move to the basement, while she engages in sodomy with another woman (while her three children sleep or listen on and take direction - forward? - across the hall), and then the populace elects her to impose sexual deviance as a norm on all school children, one would have to show, how this is progress. I would call it progress of immorality, stupidity and evil.

Another example, when the pope kisses the hands of an old Jesuit, sodomy-promoter, he promotes sin and regression, a path to hell.

I ask, what is the end-game here?

Salvation of souls?

The way Bergoglio "reasons" is sickening, it is devilish. How can people be so stupid, as to buy it?

When Bergoglio calls a unrepentant baby killer (she claims she killed thousands a year for many years) one of Italy's best, while bashing and calling dark and suspicious all who still aspire to virtue, where forward is he leading the flock?

Then he performs a stunt, he calls abortion an evil.

Is there any evil-doer he would not praise and promote as a vehicle of progress? S-I-C-K-E-N-I-N-G

I hope Some Rosacea reads it.

Anonymous said...