A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 9 November 2016

The best speech delivered by Donald J. Trump - he takes off their mask!


Ana Milan said...

There is no doubt Mr. Trump speaks the truth & it has been a minor miracle that he has overcome all the demonic schemes, harassment, vote rigging, personal slander attacks etc. to become the next President of the USA. We can only hope & pray that he can now overcome the hatred & venom that will greet him when he takes over the White House. The NWO enemies of democracy will do everything in their power to resist him overturning legislation that requires negating immediately. He will undoubtedly need ongoing support from the voters in order to bring about the very necessary judiciary appointments in replacement of those judges who flagrantly cast aside the Constitution in order to make way for their own NWO Agenda, just as they are doing in Europe. George Soros has suffered a set-back but not a complete defeat which we must all work in whatever way we can to bring about soonest. Support those priests/bishops who had the courage to warn the electorate prior to voting & ignore the collective silent hierarchy who have demonstrated they do not have the interests of the sheep at heart but rather those who have fleeced them. The Vatican must be overhauled, exorcised & staffed with saintly & able men who will answer Christ's instruction to 'go & teach all nations'.

susan said...



P.J.David said...

I fully appreciate excellent and very appropriate comment of Ana Milan. Let us first thank our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother Mary for this new President, Donald Trump, a courageous person.
We must thank all those voted for Mr.Trump ,especially, the our Bishops and Priests who did a wonderful job of advising the Catholic faithful to elect Mr.Trump.
I am an Indian Traditional Catholic , resident of India, closely followed the election results as being telecast by CNN. American people will surely rebuild the great country from the ruins. God has not forsaken you in spite of unimaginable number of abortions, sins against chastity and purity. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon. You have the great priestly Society ,SSPX. There are many many Holy sacrifice of Holy mass celebrated daily to protect your country from Devils attacks. Our prayers for your President and his team will have wonderful results from very near future. GOD BLESS.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Ana, for once we agree! :)

Anonymous said...

I believe prayer and people waking up to reality has achieved this result. I live in the UK and we have recently left the EU, another surprise victory. We need to keep the pressure on with our prayers as Jesus himself said "for the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light".
Our next goal is "The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Thank you for great web-site.

Tommy said...

That great speech has an eerie resonance with a very similar
speech made by JFK (available on youtube)shortly before they
assasinated him in dallas.May almighty God protect him and guide him.

Michael Dowd said...

There has been a polar shift in politics. The Republican Party has become the party of working men and women. The Democrat Party that of the elites, Wall Street, Big Business, NWO, MSM, Pope Francis and the devil.

I view what has happened as miraculous reprieve we have been given by God due to the prayers of many and the help of our Lady of Fatima who wants the truth of her visitation 99 years ago to become fully known which is now being suppressed by the Vatican. We must pray and work to expel the devil from the Catholic Church.

The Sensus Fidelium Fan said...

There was definitely, without a doubt, Divine Intervention at play in this election. Millions of Christians all over the world were praying for the election of Trump-Christians in Israel, Europe and North America. Collectively we have used the most powerful weapon of all against the establishment......Prayer to God the Father!! Thanks be to God!!

Johnno said...

Trump should get Putin on the phone right now and get tips on how to get his country back from the oligarchs the same way Putin did.

It starts by getting the military on your side. Then imprisoning the crooks or exiling them or giving them time to flee. No doubt the Clintons are booking tickets to Riyadh as we speak.

Also imprison the banksters. Use the military to directly put pressure on the Wall Street Cartel and the Central banks. These money-lenders are the ones who are a threat.

Also open up the archives and flood the net with leaks of 9/11 documents not meant for public consumption. It's time we found out who was behind that atrocity and I'm betting they weren't Afghani.

Halt ALL funding and weapons shipments to the Saudis and Israel and Turkey. Starve the Islamic State to death and let Assad and Putin clean up the remains.

Starve the Islamic State in Syria and elsewhere. Allow these nations the sovereignty to use their own money and set up their own non-globalist interest-free banks.

Give Ron Paul a call and put him in charge of the Treasury and auditing the FED.

I could go on, but all of the above is already VERY dangerous, and this is why getting the military and all lower ranking agents within the FBI and Secret Service who are loyal etc. on your side is VITAL first.

Do not trust Giuliani or Pence, keep an eye on those two. Get a special prosecutor and investigate thoroughly the Clintons and deliver justice. Air all the dirty laundry. I sincerely hope Trump was just playing 'nice' when saying America "owes Hillary a debt of Gratitude."

Johnno said...

Another terrible fact about the New World Order, the Occult and Sexual Immorality.

Hopefully Trump will investigate this and expose the operation of child sex trafficking and other underground activities.

A cardboard cut-out of Pope Francis shows up at John Podesta’s “pizza party”

Reddit thread into Podesta and pedophilia.


The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring

FBI Exposes Clinton Pedophile Satanic Network

Parents BEWARE!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT AGAINST SEX-ED IN YOUR CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS! The one in Ontario was drafted by a criminal sex-offender who was the Deputy Minister of Education! They guys occupy positions of influence and are friends of gays and Liberals!

Anonymous said...

Take back the Federal Reserve .

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Thanks for your support, Vox. Pray, God, we drain the swamp in Rome, next.