Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hey, Tom Rosica, is this the "Francis Effect" you wanted?

Thomas J. Rosica, the erstwhile papal spokesman, executive producer or the little watched Salt + Light Television and a member of the rapidly declining, Basilian Congregation in Toronto, produced a video called The Francis Effect.

I wonder if this is the Francis Effect that our friend Tommy counted on?

The current pontificate has coincided with a worldwide decline in major seminary enrollments. After many years of small but steady annual increases in the number of major seminarians during the reigns of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the numbers slightly dipped in 2012 then went down more steeply in 2013 and 2014. To be more precise: at the end of 2011 there were 120,616 major seminarians. This went down to 120,051 by end of 2012, 118,251 by end of 2013, and 116,319 by end of 2014 (the latest for which statistics are available). If the experience of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires is any indication, and if Francis manages to impose something of his vision on the actual process of priestly formation all over the world, we are convinced that we will see a collapse in vocations far greater than that which has already transpired in the first years of his pontificate.

Down nearly 4,000!

Great work Tom.

Stupendous work George.

Can't have too many rigid seminarians now, can we?

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Wolverine said...

Actually, Rosica and his crowd are succeeding in trying to destroy the Church. I believe it was St. Francis who prophesied about a future Pope that would be known as "the Destroyer".


Anonymous said...

Agree, when I read "I wonder if this is the Francis Effect that our friend Tommy counted on?" I thougth: that's their objective, destroying everything, as Wolverine says.

The question is....why is God permitting it? Is it, maybe, His plan too?

Anonymous said...

Major seminary = Theology.

Young men who would have entered even in September 2013, would barely be half way done a philosophy degree.

Not fair with this comparison Vox.

The slide out of seminaries was well underway during JPII and BXVI.

Vox Cantoris said...

You make no sense. People have left the seminary and the numbers coming in are done.

You can't spin this, the numbers don't lie.

What is going to happen is an actual speed up in the number and the longer Francis remains Pope the worse it is going to be.

But this is what you want, right my dear Canonist?

Eirene said...

The pic of Rosica and his bestie looks like they are doing a High Five! It's fun destroying over 2 centuries of Faith, isn't it boys?!

JayBee said...

There's only one thing rigid in a seminary and it's not the theology.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps some candidates might be a bit "rigid," so why should they bother?

Seriously, when the Pope himself tells potential converts-a most notable case being that of Tony Palmer-that they needn't cross the Tiber, or he elevates to the bishopric priests like Robert Barron, who preach that hell is practically empty, is it any wonder priestly vocations have declined?