Thursday, 3 November 2016

Poor Tom Rosica, CSB; called out by an erudite journalist and a brother priest!

Poor, poor Tom Rosica, a priest of the declining Congregation of St. Basil. 

Rosica makes inflammatory and arrogant statements about other Catholics and then directs them even towards a brother priest. Then the brother priest defends himself in a most charitable manner and poor Tom's own words come back to haunt him about "vitriol." 

Father Tom Rosica has brought all this upon himself. He says that the internet is filled with "hatred and venom," and then spews it himself.

It's good to see Father Raymond de Souza defend himself against Rosica's recent screed. 

Around Toronto, he is now called out as a "thug."

All the while and we find out that he even puts on his Facebook praise for a degenerate such as Martin Luther, who wanted to rape nuns, hated the Mass and called Our Lord Jesus Christ a "fornicator."

Why would a Catholic priest and an apparent papal advisor promote Martin Luther's protest on his Facebook? A protest that has led to the loss of millions of souls.

When Bergoglio is dead and cold and the battle for the papacy divides the Church and a true and holy Pope emerges who will "restore all things in Christ," and declare the works of Bergoglio, anathema; and Catholics will need to make a choice, to stay with Orthodoxy or to depart into the darkness with Luther, what will our priestly friend do?

He will need to become just a priest. Let him learn to say the Mass well, let him rediscover why he is a priest by learning well the Church's timeless liturgy as the Novus Ordo will be abrogated. Let him hear many confessions and preach the orthodox Catholic faith. Let Father Thomas J. Rosica leave the fleeting "fame" he thinks he has achieved at a declining and irrelevant television enterprise; let him leave these social media and journalistic pretension behind. Let Father Thomas J. Rosica, work to save souls and his own rather than being part of a "cesspool of hatred," a cesspool of vitriol which he has been instrumental in creating. 

Tom Rosica has caused all of this. He has lashed out at dozens, hundreds of Catholics. He has called us names in private emails and in the public square; he has threatened us with retribution for holding an opinion and for commenting on his own public commentary; as if he alone is the arbiter of what is right and true. To do so, wearing a roman collar, is the height of clericalism.

May Father Rosica find a ministry that will save souls, starting with his own rather than wallowing in an internet of "vitriol and venom."


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Anonymous said...

This is the story of A priest who had a near death experience ,after been involved in an horrific accident,he only stood a 10 per cent chance of survival. Father Steven Scheier's Judgment experience .

JayBee said...

After some years pondering this question and trying to assess pros & cons, I do not believe any priest should run a blog. Ask yourself honestly if any you know have truly been of benefit? Or does it usually lead to egotism for the priest and confusion for the laity?

Note I have no problem with priests contributing a piece or column to another blog, or submitting an essay or homily for distribution.

Look at Fr. Rutler or Fr. Schall, for example, two of the very few priests worth reading on a regular basis.

The best minds (spiritually and theologically) do not waste time tinkering with commentaries, recipes, insults, jokes, papal speculations, cartoons, religious platitudes, pontifications on canon law... or even Biblical, historical or philosophical perspectives: The broad anonymity of a blog is not suited to the essential teaching and governing charisms of the priesthood.

Anonymous said...



I've thought the same, and think you may be right. Generally speaking.


C. LaSalle said...

Many of us Catholics have been scandalized by his words and behaviour toward other Catholics.

He could use a very long retreat!

Paulos said...

Not sure about priests and holiness. When I was a medical student at Queen's Fr. DeSouza was accompanying a young female student to a "marriage conference," is it possible he also like Martin Luther, seduced young women in his care? She was living in the home where masses were taking place, Newman House I think. When I sought help from priests and bishops for my children getting raped by foster care they ignored me, likely due to their own lack of a moral compass. I never knew you.