Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pope Bergoglio has been put into a corner - Will he answer and correct himself, or will he declare himself to be a formal heretic

Cardinal Raymond Burke 

Raymond Cardinal Burke, was, until being literally fired by the Bishop of Rome, the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. As I wrote yesterday, think of this as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It is that equivalency. Raymond Leo Burke is arguable the greatest canonist alive today. Therefore, when he speaks, understand that he does so with full knowledge of Canon Law and history. 

In a jaw-dropping interview in the National Catholic Register with Edward Pentin, Cardinal Burke lays out clearly the situation. I highly recommend you go there and read it all, but I wish to reprint here, for your understanding, exactly what these four cardinals, and we should presume they are speaking for others, are doing.

Pentin: What happens if the Holy Father does not respond to your act of justice and charity and fails to give the clarification of the Church’s teaching that you hope to achieve?
Card. Burke: Then we would have to address that situation. There is, in the Tradition of the Church, the practice of correction of the Roman Pontiff. It is something that is clearly quite rare. But if there is no response to these questions, then I would say that it would be a question of taking a formal act of correction of a serious error.
Pentin: In a conflict between ecclesial authority and the Sacred Tradition of the Church, which one is binding on the believer and who has the authority to determine this?
Card. Burke: What’s binding is the Tradition. Ecclesial authority exists only in service of the Tradition. I think of that passage of St. Paul in the [Letter to the] Galatians (1:8), that if “even an angel should preach unto you any Gospel other than that which we preached unto you, let him be anathema.”
Pentin: If the Pope were to teach grave error or heresy, which lawful authority can declare this and what would be the consequences?
Cardinal Burke: It is the duty in such cases, and historically it has happened, of cardinals and bishops to make clear that the Pope is teaching error and to ask him to correct it.

There is another question coming. We will assume Edward Pentin did not ask it out of prudence or if was asked, it was certainly not answered. That question is this:

And if at that point, the Pope refuses to correct it; what then? 

The answer is already above. Can you find it?


Joao said...

It's in there: anathema sit. Also, indirectly in the quote from Mt 18 (Mt 18, 17).

But there two other complementary possibilities. The first one is the Pope remains quite and his minions wage war on faithful bishops and cardinals through the sympathetic media. The second is the Pope excommunicates Burke and uses his powers to silence and threat the others.

Remember St. Athanasius trials...

Anonymous said...

C Burke and all the Cardinals, Bishops and priest who are defending the faith, are our modern day Saints. St Micheal the Archangel protect and defend them as the battle lines are being drawn. Jesus said you are either for me or against me, clearly C Burke is for Jesus.God bless him abundantly!

Anonymous said...

Is it "Let him be anathema"? Do you think this will happen?


Anonymous said...

Correcting himself is beyond his little mind and antithetical to his amorality.

He is a thug, heretic.

But the crap he has come out of the closet with has long been practiced in the Catholic Church, as I have, personally, seen iit practiced in support of adultery and all its attendant crimes, since 1990.

Both Wojtyla and Ratzinger are just as guilty as THE HERETIC, but they were still in the shadows, far more discreet.

But a whore, is a whore, is a whore. These men are pimps for adulterers. Period.

History needs to reflect the truth.

My family was destroyed by adultery under the Pontificate of Wojtyla. He turned his back on my pleas as did Ratzinger.

Wake up people. Open your eyes. Listen to the victims of these miscreants.


Charles D. Fraune said...

I think Francis will not respond. He is a heretic and is stubborn and dedicated to his heresies.

Then the Four Cardinals will issue a public correction against the Pope, thus implicitly stating the Pope is a heretic. The Pope will not respond, or he will lash out at them and condemn them.

The Four Cardinals will then call on all Cardinals to gather in Rome together for a "council" and call on the Pope to appear. Here, they will call him out to his face for his heresies and give him one last chance to repent.

When he does not, they will denounce him for heresy, proclaim him to not be Catholic, and to not be Pope. Then, they will elect a successor - Card. Burke.

Ana Milan said...

It's looking more like schism every day. They could just tell us to ignore PF as he is an antipope, but if the Cardinals are all excommunicated then that will undoubtedly lead to another schism. It could begin the revival of the Old Rite as the SSPX & other Traditional Orders would, I expect, come on board. Wasn't there something about Rome losing the faith & the HQ being transferred to Fatima? Maybe part of the Third Secret which hasn't been disclosed. If PB was a faithful son of the CC he would now come out of hiding & disclose the Third Secret in full & urge the consecration of Russia. He has nothing to lose & will be meeting his Creator soon, so why not do the honourable thing even at this late stage?

Ana Milan said...

I fear we are facing a schism. If these Cardinals tell us to ignore PF as he is an antipope & they are then excommunicated, the excommunication wouldn't be valid if he is an antipope. It could then usher in the return of the Old Rite, as the SSPX & Traditional Orders would be surely on board & ready for the challenge. I seem to remember reading that when Rome lost the faith the CC HQ would be transferred to Fatima & Our Lady asked for a basilica to be built there. Maybe part of the Third Secret not yet fully disclosed.

When is PB going to come out of hiding & divulge the Third Secret to us & then urge for the consecration of Russia to proceed without delay? He will be meeting his Saviour soon so has nothing to lose - even if they excommunicate him it is PF & cronies who will have egg on their faces. We live in interesting but also dangerous times. The four Cardinals need our prayers & support and their supporters in the Vatican (reckoned to be around fifty) need courage to visibly stand behind them. I hope the majority of clergy also back them so the world will see that it is not four cranks making a fuss but a genuine attempt to stop perdition.

Michael said...

I think Francis is so full of himself, and the attention he gets from the world, that he will consider Cdl. Burke and the other cardinals to be just a few extremists who aren't worthy of his consideration.

Francis and his type seem to think that theology doesn't matter, Tradition doesn't matter, even secular philosophy and history don't matter. All that matters is "encounter," "accompany," and "dialog." In other words, objective truth does not matter. Without theology, philosophy, and Tradition, how do we know the "spirit" we feel is God? How do we know it isn't just our own emotions getting worked up, or our brain responding in a way we simply hadn't experienced before, or even an evil spirit? We know because the promptings of whatever it is that we feel do not defy revealed truth. Perhaps if Francis had considered this, then he might not have gotten himself into this mess.

Michael Dowd said...

How do we proceed now? It seems to me that we must consider Pope Francis a de facto heretic and disregard all he does or says. We must also pray for those in the Church who are challenging him that they continue to have the courage of their convictions in the face the possibility of a psychological and economic burning at the stake. We must also pray that Pope Francis retracts his heresies.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The man has no fear of God (and is proud of it) and regularly speaks in contradiction to His Word. Why should he be concerned with some Church laws?

First the masons demoralized the people - deliberately. Then they called it inevitable change, evolution. Now, they call evil good and good-evil. Sodomy - a gift, faithful Catholic - evil/obstacle to oneness. The people were brainwashed, and now they want Bergoglio's poison, sincerely. The servant of Satan knows it.

Fortunately for the remnant. our Lord will not forget us, and His Word will not change.

Anil Wang said...

Michael Dowd said..."How do we proceed now?"

Well Pope Francis is still Pope regardless, but if the formal act of correction is in place and enough cardinals and bishops lend their support, the next Pope will have no choice but to correct or revoke Amoris Laetitia, even if that Pope is timid and scared of the St. Gallen Mafia. Keeping quiet is no longer an option since if we keep quiet the next Pope may try to sweep the whole thing under the rug and just teach the Catechism.

Of course this might force Pope Francis's hand. He may come out of the shadows and "infallibly declare" (** see below) that Amoris Laetitia is true doctrine and force all bishops, on pain of removal and excommunication, to sign "an oath in favour of modernism and Amoris Laetitia". Pope Francis is the most proud Pope in my memory, so I wouldn't put it past him just to spite his perceived "rigid" enemies. Alternately, he might remain quiet and work with the St Gallen Mafia to ensure that the next conclave elects Cardinal Kasper as Pope or just change the rules of selecting Popes and just appoint a successor himself.

We live in dangerous times. Please pray your rosaries. Lepanto and the US election ended successfully despite the huge odds against it because of the Queen of Heaven and this threat can end well through Our Lady's intercession as well.

(**) Yes, I do believe such an "infallibly declaration" can be attempted and succeed on the physical level but because it logically contradicts past "infallibly declarations" it would be invalid. Since the definition of "infallible declaration" makes no mention of logical contradictions (it was assumed), a future Pope would modify the definition of "infallibly declarations" to include logical contradictions and the hermeneutic of continuity (i.e. past infallible declarations by councils or Popes cannot and never have overruled future infallible declarations by councils or Popes).

TF said...

I am acquainted with the good Cardinal, as are many, and he strikes me as very prudent and holy. Those that know him well tell me he is very saintly indeed. I must admit I was previously disappointed in his seeming slowness and tepidity in rebutting Pope Francis, but I've always believed he has the good of the Church foremost in his mind. He is very grave, yet humble -- the polar opposite of someone like Dolan.

He's telling us that he and others intend to see this thing through, and I believe him. The weight of the world is on his shoulders. Only humble men have the strength to carry it, granted by God through Mary. Please pray for him, and the other cardinals involved in this perilous work, that God's may become brilliantly manifest through it.

Unknown said...

Cardinal Burke is everything a spiritual Father should be. He urged Catholics to pray the Rosary daily for America, look what happened. I say lets give a shout out to all faithful to do a daily Rosary for his (and the other cardinals) for their protection, perseverance. They will no doubt have the forces of hell (pf and his minions) to deal with, but they have Our Lord and our Lady on their side. Nonetheless, these faithful Cardinals cannot feel they are isolated or alone. I believe we should somehow let these Cardinals know that we support them, love them and pray for them. God Bless them and keep them safe.

susan said...

TF.....ditto to every word. I just hope he moves with more urgency henceforth....LOTS of souls being lost, and LOTS of damage being done to the Church the longer this ugly chimera is allowed to breathe.

Ana Milan said...

Massimo Introvigne & Andrea Tornielli accusing Card. Burke of starting a schism.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Ana Milan

They are pulling the unity card, the same one they used during the synod on the family. Better united in Satan worship than divided over it.

These liars are so transparent, it hurt to look.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Of course, I meant to say - rather than addressing the issue of heresy (erroneously and misleadingly called lack of clarity these days), they go on the offensive and accuse the less than a handful of good bishops of trouble making. This is taken straight from a communist handbook "Rules for Radicals", a manual dedicated to Lucifer. Isolate, accuse, attack, smear, threaten.

Kathleen1031 said...

We cannot continue down the road PF has put us on. Watching him and these men dismantle our faith piece by piece is torture. PF must be called to account for his terrible words and actions. Our church suffers.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to watch Akita and the Fatima Secret movie on YouTube at e

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Thank you very much, Anonymous at 7:14. I needed to see it,

Anonymous said...

I do not like Burke. He was silent, as the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, when I asked for help. I could never trust him. He turned his back on our marriage.

To me he is duplicitous and speaks from both sides of his mouth and I truly wish he would read this comment and understand what evil our marriage has been exposed to with the full blessing of the Catholic Church.

Sorry, but I reflect how much plundering our family has faced for decades.