Thursday, 17 November 2016

In a display of extraordinary arrogance, Bergoglio cancels Consistory of Cardinals

Xl consistory crop

In a move that can only be considered spiteful, the Bishop of Rome has cancelled the Consistory meeting of the College of Cardinals which is typically held when new Cardinals are installed. The new Cardinals will be presented with their red hats and celebrate a Mass the next day.

Bergoglio has no fear of the four Cardinals. He is mocking them. He is giving them and "I'll show you who's in charge," moment. Yet, he knows that if they meet, as a group, the matter of the letter and doubts would come up and answers would be expected. Bergoglio does not fear these Cardinals. He despises them. If he did not, he would have already responded.

The man is a disgrace. He has promulgated heresy; we have expected this for two years and six months ago, he proved it. He confirmed the heretical and sacrilegious portions of Amoris Laetitia in his letter to the Bishops of Buenos Aires and the implementation of Holy Communion for adulterous couples in the Diocese of  Rome as announced by the Vicar or Rome.That, could not have been done without Bergoglio's knowledge and approval.

Make no mistake, the Church is in the greatest crisis since the Protestant revolution. No Bishop of Rome has behaved in such a despicable way towards the Truth since John XXII and he was declared a heretic, before repenting of his heresy on his deathbed.

Bergoglio must be rebuked; and don't be surprised if he strips the four of their red hats!


Anonymous said...

Rebuke is far, far too insufficient.


Ana Milan said...

I doubt very much if it will cause great pain for the Cardinals to be stripped of their red hats. They will go down in history as the only ones worthy of them in this day & age. They should wear any discrediting as a badge of honour. The world is gazing at this spectacle and PF & his cronies are not coming out smelling of roses (or indeed of sheep). Their only concern is for Christ's Law to govern His Church in accordance with His Will & to bring souls to Heaven, not send them to Hell. The fact that PF has decided not to hold the Consistory after all must send shockwaves throughout the episcopate as a whole. He is beginning to feel the heat. Between now & next May there is bound to be a lot of fallout to the outcome of the Synods on the Family. As Our Blessed Lady said Satan's last stand will be on Marriage & the Family. We look forward to Her Triumph.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Could someone explain to me, why Amoris Laetitia is any worse than celebrating Luther, assuring Scalfari that atheists doing good works go to heaven, or that proselytizing is mortal sin?
Bergoglio hated the Church before he became pope, and those four Cardinals know it. Why did they wait to catch him in formal heresy, as he, like a fox, has been misleading the sheep for decades, potentially leading them to hell? What do they know we don't?

Get out of her, people - one is tempted to say.

No name said...

It could be more cowardice,than arrogance. Maybe he feared th stares of the fifty or so faithful Cardinals who await a response to the dubia.

Anonymous said...

Bet his throwing a tantrum just like he did during the synod.
Pope Francis Rages Against Conservative Cardinals:

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Ana. The red of the robes of a Cardinal mean that they must be willing to lay down their lives for the Church. As you said, they're the only ones worthy of them.

JayBee said...

D M-P,
AL is worst "offense" because it directly contradicts the Gospel. Marriage is not merely about doctrine, canon law, praxis, catechisis, hunan needs, tradition or such. Marriage is a sacrament founded by Christ himself.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Saying that atheists go to heaven doesn't contradict the Gospel? Equating all religions as valid paths to Heaven doesn't contradict the first commandment of God?

Barbara Jensen said...

Amoris Laetitia is an official document. It is more binding than a conversation with an elderly journalist who may have 'got things wrong'. There is nothing informal said, but rather the Sacrament of Matrimony has been distorted and is leading people into error. This reality is what has caused the four Cardinals to dare to confront this arrogant and vengeful pope. Pray for these four Cardinals and all bishops and priests who will soon have to declare where and with whom they stand. There will be no middle ground possible.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Barbara Jensen

The consequences of non-binding words spoken on air planes and in interviews with elderly men (who got the meaning of Bergoglio very correctly, let us not be deluding ourselves into our own peril), and of Assisi gatherings and phone conversations are no less damaging to souls than a footnote in Amoris Laetitia.

Your understanding and a rather legalistic approach is exactly what Bergolio and his followers (or puppet masters) have been using - deliberately, according to best techniques of propagandizing and social engineering - against the Church.

Gradualism, a steady unrelenting stream of heresy spoken off-the-cuff and officially, mildly and in an anti-Catholic rant that goes for homily these days, is what they are using.

No wonder Bergoglio is enraged - he got away with so much worse, how dare day question him now?

If we care about souls, we shouldn't insist on asking, whether someone was led into hell via an interview or an encyclical.

Anonymous said...

Pope Judas better have a trembling fear of God,Christ the King when he meets Christ for his Judgements.Christ will not be all that Merciful to the Pope that betrayed Him and His Flock.

Anonymous said...

Pope Judas slapped St. Thomas Moore in the face and all the heroic Saints that were Martyred by the Protestants who refused the Holy Popes. This Pope is Trillions of light years from being anywhere near Holy. He can't even perform the Holy Mass properly.