Thursday, 3 November 2016

Can there be any more doubt about the dissent and heresy of James Martin, S.J. -- Is he really just a homosexual himself?

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Truly, this man has his reward, and his award. Only a narcissist, and most homosexuals have an intrinsic narcissism along with the objective and intrinsic disorder, would pose in such a manner. Only a priest who has lost the meaning of his vocation would pose in such an arrogant manner as if on some little holy card.  

In a meandering, pandering and patronising diatribe, Martin twists and turns Catholic teaching on its head in his praise and false compassion of these suffering souls.

James Martin of the Society of Jesus is a liar.

James Martin of the Society of Jesus is a deceiver.

James Martin of the Society of Jesus would rather leave people in the darkness of their sin than bring them to the truth of freedom and salvation in Jesus Christ and His Church.

James Martin of the Society of Jesus is a betrayer of Our Lord and St. Ignatius. He should be, but will not be, severely disciplined  by his religious superiors.

James Martin of the Society of Jesus must be a homosexual himself.

You can read a summary of his speech on LifeSiteNews

You can read the man's self-condemnation in his own words at the Jesuit, America Magazine.


Rab said...

James Martin, SD (Societas diaboli).

Aged parent said...

Well said, Vox.

Peter Lamb said...

Vox, you are doing great, good work!

Anonymous said...

What a stupid diabolical poofter he is, the devil delights in such a wolf in sheep's clothing...Contrary to what his fan club thinks, Martin hates them.. Hate is a strong word, but that's the only way one can describe words and actions that will lead souls to hell.. Every soul is precious, for Martin to lead them as well as himself away from the truth, which is Jesus Christ is an abomination. Shame on him!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

When over 25 years ago I came to Canada from Poland, I was shocked at the "positive attitude" required in approaching all vice, "Do not be so negative"; "Look to the good first";"Do not judge"; "You bring in a critical spirit". I could not believe it, I thought people here have gone mad.
I used with these (mostly Christian) people the argument, that sin had to be (kindly yet constructively) identified to be rejected, I said that judgement is a necessary element of all decision-making, and that identifying sin to help people reject it is a very positive, not a negative thing.

I was alone. I was looked at as a brute lacking modern sophistication.

With the help of TV programmING Poland is the same now, all positive. Sodomites are included in all soap operas, as a natural, positive thing. Parenthood by sodomites is celebrated on first pages of glossy magazines, No one asks about the rights of children, only at the special gifts of sodomites.

There are no special gifts sodomites bring to the table. They can do absolutely nothing better that a normal humanity can do. All they can is to do some things well (it varies from individual to individual) while choosing the evil of sodomy, destroying themselves,

Anonymous said...

Of course he is Vox.

The "positive attitude" is a favorite of theirs.

I'm just positive I'm revolted by them.

Anonymous said...

Only the most degenerate, base mind would reject the normal relations between a man and a woman and instead look to the same sex and commit vile acts.

JayBee said...

Decorative vestments, pretty but with no religious symbols, another subtle trend in secularizing the Church. Tlm style is not important because of "sumptuous brocade" (msm misunderstanding Benedict), rather for holy images, uplifting depictions, symbols, and as an art form touches the heart and mind sans language.

Eirene said...

One had to notice that neither in his vestments, nor on his person, was a Cross to be found! A picture is better than 1000 words.

Anonymous said...

He is doing great damage. He is very personable and has a way of speaking and writing that is very engaging. He is leading his flock down the WRONG path. He needs our prayers. I used to listen to The Catholic Channel on Sirius xm and he appears quite often with priests that I respect. It is a real turn off and it makes me wonder about that whole organization.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, that is disappointing but I guess inevitable. What culture can resist the siren call of secular humanism that has infected the church and the culture. Still, once we could enjoy knowing that there were islands of faith in the world, Poland, Malta, Ireland, where the faith was kept. Those are all succumbing or have totally succumbed, to the godless culture. Nothing spreads it better than social media and entertainment. The tribes in New Guinea will probably be having gay marriage ceremonies around the fire soon.
The church is filled with these men, these destroyers. They should have been weeded out long ago. They are confused about the most elemental matters and confusion is what they sow. I remember, with perfect clarity, approaching a young and odd young priest in our parish, who had two "ministries", one, the youth group, and the other, an AIDS ministry. I approached him one day when I needed to talk to a priest about a family matter. I looked into his eyes and told him I needed to speak to a priest, and his expression could not have been less interested. His eyes were completely empty. He couldn't have shown less interest in making sure I spoke to someone. This priest used to dress in secular gear and drive around in a sports convertible. The priest at that church ended up under investigation for financial mishandling and he died. My son, who was a teenager at that time, told me that when he volunteered to be one of the people whose feet would be washed on Holy Thursday that the priest said to he and another teenager "make sure you wash your God d**** feet". And my son was interested, very, in church and the faith. He was a lector as a teenager and read scripture all the time. At one time I thought he might have a vocation.
Not surprisingly, my son ended up leaving the church and going into a local Protestant church. He has never really come back.
These men are not made for ministry nor capable of being spiritual fathers to the flock. They have their own issues. It is a tragedy they have been allowed to take over our church and make it to the higher offices.