Friday, 4 December 2020

Are you there? Do you care? Or have they beaten you up so much you are numb?

Are you there my friends? Are you ready to fight? Have you girded your loins for battle? Are you a Miles Christi or are you so numbed by all of this that you have nothing to say, believe that there is nothing you can do? Have you been so deprived of the Holy Mass and Holy Eucharist so long now that you have been weakened, lost hope, given up? Are you giving in to despair? Have you forgotten your rosary? The Divine Office tab above?

Which is it, because I am confused?

I know you're there. This is you, can you find yourself? This is you as of 07:45 A.M. this morning from midnight. 

Just over a week ago, this blog broke through 8,000,000 page views and is now up nearly 42,000 since. I know you're there, I know you're reading. I don't write this to praise myself or seek acknowledgement, I am truly wondering what you are doing? You are reading, this I know, but you are not commenting - are you acting? Have you used the email addresses? Have you reached out to your parish priest?

Have you been so beaten up, so betrayed, so disappointed in those who govern you in Church and State that you have just accepted it, you've just given up? I hate to draw the comparison but am I just "a voice crying in the wilderness."

Have you written the Cardinal? Publish it in the combox? Have not but wish to tell him something? Write it in the comments and I will turn it into a post. 

Tell us your parish where the priest is not opening the church for private prayer up to a maximum of ten. Where are you not able to have a priest hear your confession, provide you Holy Communion? 


Where is the priest hiding with his video games or whatever else he does when he should be wearing the small of the sheep? We will out them, we will make the Cardinal aware of their negligence. 

Trust me, the Cardinal has read these posts, the public letter. I know if for a fact. So have those around him. He will not be moved, at least, not yet. But we can continue to hold him accountable in this life for taking away from you, the Holy Mass and Holy Communion. We will publicly make it clear how you have been abandoned. And yet; not one of you has written. 

So, what one must conclude is that it is not happening, that our priests are meeting all your needs, all your spiritual care. Or they are not and you just don't believe that there is anything you can do. Or you just don't care anymore. Is that the case? Is that what you want Cardinal Collins to know - that you don't care, that this is just okay? 

Which is it Toronto Catholics? Are you ready to have the Cardinal shutter your churches for Christ's Mass? It is about to happen, you know, you can count on it.  York Region is next and you will have no Mass on Christmas. It does not need to be this way, we know what to do. 

Can you believe it? Do you get it now? He took Lent, Holy Week, the Triduum, Easter Sunday, Eastertide, Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi. You missed all of it. Now they've taken Advent, you don't think that the Apostle of Christ, the "Pope in Toronto" as he has referred to himself is about to demolish Christmas Mass? He has already declared Mary, Mother of God - Feast of the Circumcision/Octave on January 1, not obligatory. Did you know that?

How much more are you prepared to take?

You have a combox. Out the priest right there, out the parish. You can remain anonymous.

Don't let them grind you down. It is what they want.



Irenaeus said...

St. John of the Cross in Mississauga is closed for private prayer. Masses are cancelled. The church is on lockdown, closed until future notice, and the parish office is open for 2.5 hours each day to answer calls and let people in if they have an appointment. Confession is available by appointment; baptisms, weddings, and funerals continue to be celebrated by arrangement.

The thing is, none but the cancellation of Mass is readily available on the parish website's homepage. You have to hunt for the most recent bulletin in a tab.

It's almost as if the priests don't want people to come in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vox,

Where were you in March when this first started to happen....oh yeah...writing this.....

"St. Junipero Serra offered no Mass on the ship to the New World. It was not allowed, the Precious Blood would have spilt. St. Francis of Assisi offered no Mass in the mountain on his retreat. Even if he wanted to, he could not, he was a deacon. Stop the fuss. I predict that tomorrow, flights in North America will be grounded and the stock markets closed. Shortly thereafter, we will be ordered under martial law to shelter in place. Why? Because if we do not, 10,000,000 in North America are going to die by the end of August because this mitigation is not much better than doing nothing and people are not listening. If we bite the bullet, it will be over in seven weeks and we will be all together before Pentecost ad the dead will be held to around 10,000. Our grandparents were called to war, we are called to our couch and our gardens. We can do this. God has not abandoned us."

...and using emotional blackmail and comparing apples to oranges.

Formally retract this statement in a blog post and admit you were suckered. Considering that Frank Walker is linking to you now, that's why your traffic is up. However, I think he may have forgotten that you were freaking out along with Hilary White and Steve Skojec. Because in my opinion...he should have lumped you in with her yesterday because you just flipped the switch like Hilary without nary a word that you were wrong in the first place.


PS That google map, if that's where people are really located, that's just creepy...and it's creepy for you to use big brother technology and assume they are doing nothing because they are not commenting to your blog posts...please.

PPS. before you ask...I go to the lockdown rallies, written to Doug Ford, told the Cardinal what I think, and have told several priests to their face that this is wrong and may just go against them in the end. Black snowflakes????

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Cassanadra,

Thank you for quoting me. Yes, I wrote that but I did not call for the closure of churches. I called for a reduction in attendance to 40%, go read back further. I also can draw a distinction and if was wrong, I will admit it. At the time, we knew little of the China virus. We can debate the true danger of the virus another time, but there is a virus, it is real and people die from it, in large numbers, however, primarily over 70 and in long-term care. We care about these people. I also care about the reality of everyday life. You can fault me for writing that then, but where did I err? Why did I go along with it? Because I understood that we seemed then to be in a state of emergency with little to no knowledge of what we were dealing with. Since then, we know much more and I am not referring to the upcoming vaccine, which I will not take. I have a friend who had it, he was bad, really bad, in less than 24 hours on Remdesivir, which Trump was on, he said he felt like a he was twenty years younger. Doctors now know that it is not the ventilator but anti-inflammatory treatment that works. We know now that most with it have a Vitamin D deficiency. And for whatever worth the mask is, it does provide some protection from spreading viral load particles in close quarters. We simply no more and can adapt. that is the difference. So Cassandra, you can't use my words against me.

Please do not put me in the same boat as the two you mention, neither of whom I link to. I have little respect for the bully who picks on women and less for the woman who was once our parish secretary and is abusive behind the scenes. As for that map, would you like to know what kind of browser and operating system were used? I can tell that to. Just so you know, the arrow is not their house but the point in the neighborhood where the grey box is from Rogers or whomever. Creapy? Sure, but don't blame me.

Tell me, how is it you are critical of me? Did I create this problem? Do you see anyone else, other than Barona and Iraneus at Toronto Catholic Witness speaking out? Is anyone else holding their feet to the fire? Wait until you see tonight's post.

Did you know I went to Adamson's BBQ four times? Did you know I've spoken to over a dozen Toronto Police Officers and heard them express their frustration with our politicians? Do you not think I've sent multiple letters to Ford, Tory and my local MPP and Councillor? Did you read my post where my contacts in the government (I have a political background from the Mulroney and Harris eras)? No, you don't, yet you sit in judgement of me.

I ask the question because I truly believe that people are not doing enough, so I applaud you for what you are doing, keep it up.

But if you think you can get away with railing at me, as if I am the problem? You've come to the wrong place.

Vox Cantoris said...

P.S. Frank Walker has linked to me more times I can count for at least five years.

Further, as with my criticism of the community in Kitchener over masks and losing the mask, you are failing to understand the distinction that I am drawing between legitimate authority and when it ceases to be so.

That, in my opinion, is now where we are. We have moved beyond what is legitimate when Costco is open to hundreds and the boot store on main street is closed, when Walmart can have 100's and a church 10. The Cardinal is equally guilty of losing legitimate authority when he allows ten in to pray but not nine and a priest to hear Mass.

This is the point and for this, there is a distinction.

Anonymous said...

Perfect love of God casts out fear!!!

Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was IN THE BEGINNING, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
Pray for us! Oh daughter of the Father, Virgin Mother of the Son, Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit!
Our Lady asked at San Damiano that we offer our daily Rosary as follows: Monday - for the poor souls, especially for those of priests. Tuesday - for the youth. Wednesday - for the family. Thursday - to thank God for, and to honor the Most Blessed Sacrement. Friday - for Priests and religious. Saturday - for the conversion of sinners. Sunday - for our Holy Father the Pope.

Visit any Cemetery, find a statue of Her, any day, any time and perhaps we shall meet!

Prayer and fasting keeps you meek ie, self possessed, not other possessed

If you want to view Catholic love of God that casts out fear, and Ann These two are working out their salvation in fear and trembling (fear God alone!)

Matthew 10:28-29

“Amen I say to you that you who have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man shall sit on the throne of his glory, shall also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone who has left house, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall posses life everlasting.

Anonymous said...

This is what Cardinal Collins needs to do.

1. Resume public Masses immediately, even with a ten-person limit. Parishes could be encouraged to use a lottery system to decide who to invite. As you've said, Vox, it's worth it. A huge Evangelical mega-church in London started in someone's garage years ago, gradually evolving and growing. We need to adopt that logic here and even a few people gathered for Mass is better than none.

2. Let the province know that churches will resume public liturgies (above the person limit) for Sunday, December 13. As a concession, they could start with a 15% capacity limit, as a concession. And add Masses at larger/busier parishes, or use a lottery system, if needed. Parishes may receive tickets, but if they all reopen, then there is strength in numbers.

3. Announce that for Sunday, December 20, all parishes in Toronto and Peel will open at 30% capacity, which is the number across the rest of Ontario. Which itself is already a major concession.

By announcing this ahead of time, then, hopefully, the province will relent; if not, then the Archdiocese of Toronto needs to proceed anyway -- and the province will eventually follow along. It doesn't hurt to lead.

Johnno said...

We need to get hundreds of people to protest in front of wherever he lives. And it should be loud and appropriately rude.

It's time to stop being nice guys. My nice guy routine is praying for him at home. But we need to get up in Collin's face.

If Black Lives Matter taught us anything, it's that anger and intolerance gets results. The only difference is we aren't going to loot, because that is theft. Particularly we won't harm our churches.

But Collins needs to know that if this thing gets any worse, we won't mind destroying a vehicle or two that belongs to him, and things will escalate from there in proportion to how much of our lives are being destroyed.

Maybe he should acquaint himself with the prophecies of a suffering Pope praying inside while the people outside are screaming and throwing rocks through his window.

Maybe those were faithful Catholics. And maybe that Pope deserved it. I don't know. But now that the Health Czars of Canada are directly threatening our lives and freedoms, Collin's will have to make his choice and suffer the consequences of being between a rock and a hard place. Under those circumstances, will he choose loyalty to the Truth and to Christ, or hedge his bets with the princes of the world for temporary safety?

The Great Reset is scheduled for 2030.

Our Lady of Fatima's deadline for 100 years after asking for the Consecration of Russia is 2029.

This is not a coincidence.

Johnno said...

"what Cardinal Collins needs to do."

What he needs to do is get himself educated on the facts about this non-demic from sources that are not the communist mainstream media, and our communist government. Expose this whole thing for the open criminal conspiracy that it is.

Then defy the government to its face on every issue. Civil disobedience. Face arrest if possible. I'll go with him. Remind his grace that John Paul II was managing to organize all this while in Poland in the face of the Communists. Saints rode their horses on the front lines against the Turks. So don't give us any of that pussycat let's-all-get-along nonsense. Encourage your sheep to take up arms and put on a show of strength. Bring lit torches, bats, hockey sticks, march with processions and our Ark - Our Lady - leading at the forefront. Those with guns will organize to work with good law enforcement to work together. The Cardinal has the power to make this happen.

Let the commies bring out the water cannons and the bad cops be forced to beat us down if they want. Film everything. Upload it on every streaming service. Make Ford and Tory scream themselves to death before the satanic press. Make their jobs difficult and very very uncomfortable. Call for Dr. David Williams' head to drown in his vaccine concoction.

No masks, no distancing nonsense - exercise your right to assemble. If you're in the vulnerable category then remain at home.

Open the Churches. No quotas. Or let each individual diocese make the decision. Let there be socially distanced ones, and ones that don't require it, let people choose where they'll go. There are 4 churches around me within walking distance. Some priests know very well that this thing is a scam. They're willing to allow a full parish if allowed to.

Many options. But what does Collins choose to do? Bend over and flee from his duty and go along with the government and mainstream media approved Zeitgeist.

Anonymous said...

Wrote to my bishop way back in May, or thereabouts. I am now blocked from emailing my parish priest. I have left them because they really don't care about the rights of the faithful, canon law, or our opinions. The authority they had has been fully surrendered to the secular powers and they are completely compromised.
I am and shall always be a Catholic, however.

Melanie said...

What is there still to say? Why should Catholics complain about the New Order other than to condemn the imposter religion outright? I await the Pope’s unequivocal anathema of the New Order along with all it’s corresponding heresies. Hopefully while Catholics are silent, they are actually contemplating our predicament, coming to the logical conclusion that we are sedevacante and FIGHT to elect a Pope. Please keep this in your contemplation; the Pope has to be a Catholic man, not a Freemason, a sodomite nor a New Order. Let’s aim for that. Have a very blessed Advent and a merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Johnno!

Anonymous said...

Vox..very very few care.
The faith is for the most part is lost.
I have no faith in the current human leadership of the church.
At 62 years of age, born into a completely Catholic culture in northern Italy, and spending all those years defending the church and its leadership and finding out that for the most part it is evil and corrupt, I am at the lowest point in my life but I carry on as best I can and just try to ignore them and pay attention to my personal faith life, because I can't change anyone or anything.

Vox Cantoris said...


Nice to read your comment, I've not seen one from you in a while. I could not agree with you more. I think very few care, many are numb. When this is over, it will be very revealing to see how many come back.

God bless you this Advent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vox... blessings and all good to you.
My deep respect for what you and what you stand for continues!

Viva Cristo Rey said...

It can be frustrating Vox. Putting all the effort into this blog and not see results, you can feel like you are alone. You are not.

I've sent emails to Cardinal Collins and Doug Ford and I've spoken to my priest (we are not in lockdown right now). As you have said in the past if Cardinal Collins stands up we will back him.

I hope that all the readers of this blog are actually attending mass every week. We need all churches that are open to be full to 30% capacity, anything less will show that those in charge that 30% capacity is satisfactory.

Keep writing Vox, the faithful are acting. Do their cries fall on deaf ears?