Thursday, 5 November 2020

TRUMP 2020: Democracy in Chaos


Anonymous said...

I could not stand it. All those anti maskers. Many times people were asked what they thought about wearing masks against covid amd time after time respondents said they believed in masks t help prevent the spread of the disease. IMHO this is why the election went the way it did.
Vox was correct. Wearing a mask is an act of charity.
When Trump's Doctors emerged from Walter Reed they were ALL wearing surgical masks and when asked they said ,"We wear masks to protect ourselves and our patients."
Whether readers here like it or not , masks lower the viral load should you be exposed. The higher the viral load , the faster and sicker the victim becomes.
Sorry but the non maskers sound like arrogant spoiled brats. Right or wrong you helped to destroy your candidate's credibility in the eyes of many.

Kathleen1031 said...

Trump won. There is no way he did not win. We don't see the "blue wave" the media told us we would see, because it wasn't there. There is no way Republicans added seats and did well and those same people voted for Harris/Biden.
We CANNOT allow these people to steal this election. Can. Not.
We positively must stay with President Trump on this, we MUST! We must not talk, sound, or act as if there is a good chance he lost. Stay with him. He is a warrior, he will fight. We know it was stolen, do not give in!
Friends, when we hang our heads down and sigh and say it's over, it could be.
Pray, and fight. Stay in it, and pray and fight. Keep praying, ask God to help him, help us. Do not capitulate. Do not let it seem we think other than that this election was stolen and we demand an accurate count.
Back...him...UP. All the way. ALL THE WAY.
We cannot lose this. Gird your loins friends. Stand tall and resist with everything you've got. Act confident. Be sure. Keep the faith.

Tom A. said...

Doctors in hospitals have access to clean sterile PPE. They frequently discard their PPE and don unused new clean and sterile PPE. The public has never received any training in proper use and disposal of PPE. Anything used improperly can wind up doing more harm than good. The cloth masks most people use day in and day out are never washed or sanitized. God only knows what germs and contagion they are inadvertently spreading. Not all non maskers are arrogant spoiled brats, some of us are skeptics who realize that our supposed elites do not have our best interests in mind. I don’t trust them on so many issues, why should I trust them on masks.

elpine flower said...

Tom, surgical masks are not that expensive online. My family uses them and then discards.
My daughter has them provided for herself and her employees at work.
It is no big deal as long as you wash and or sanitize your hands too.
Barnhardt has turned it into a Latin Mass anathema..........stupid.

Tom A. said...

True, but the executive orders tell people to wear a cloth face covering. They do not demand that they are surgical masks nor do they demand that they be discarded after one use. Therefore, many people wear them over and over thereby making the mask madate useless and even harmful. The public is not trained to wear PPE properly and should not be required to do so. If individuals are concerned, they should do their own research and take the precautions they deem appropriate for their situation. I find it incredulous that so many so called trads and conservative Catholics trust our masonic modernist anti- Catholic governmental elites. I certainly do not. From day one of Covid I have studied the data and altered my routines as I have seen fit. I do not need Big Brother to tell me how to deal with Covid. They have their own agenda and our welfare is not at the top of the list. If it were, they would be mandating that we all go to Mass and confession because the only thing that really matters is our eternal soul. And the only way to save that is through the real Catholic Church. Not Bergoglio’s sodomite fake church.

Unknown said...