Tuesday, 24 November 2020

John Zmirak Shares His Personal Knowledge Of The "Authenticity" Of Sidne...

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Kathleen1031 said...

YES. I noticed this as well. Not just the usual suspects trashing the press conference. But checking Newsmax, and Breitbart and other "conservative" outlets, and seeing them practically yawn over the press conference. They crapped all over it, speaking frankly. And Tucker Carlson, and the way he treated Sidney Powell, it is stunning to see this happen. People we thought on the right, are on the left, as it turns out. We have few friends, but they can go to hell for all we care. Better to know who they are, they're out now.
Sidney Powell looks like the total real deal. Rudy Giuliani is a courageous man. When his hair dye started running, I was annoyed, because I knew that would be the talking point, not the nuclear bomb this press conference was. And it was, they used it to diminish what was being said, that our American election was stolen by the globalists. They know it, we know it, anybody honest knows it. Jenna Ellis put the cherry on top with her verbal admonishments to the activists there posing as journalists, they are no such thing.
I still say this can go to Trump, because if what they are saying is true, the election needs to be corrected by some Constitutional means. We cannot let this go, not at all. I am a grandmother, I am very concerned over this. I say fight, for for our country, and the soul of our nation. Now is the time. If we give Communists their way on this, our nation will be so fundamentally different we will not have the same nation any longer and what we have will resemble Cuba or Venezuela more than America. We all knew what happened, we all saw the voting stop and the results suddenly shift Biden.
They cheated, and we know it.