Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Bergoglio meets with rich American sports stars to talk about social justice

He won't meet with Cardinal Zen over his destructive pro-communist China policies and the persecution of the real Catholic Church in China. He refused to meet Cardinal Burke. But he never misses and opportunity to meet with celebrities.

Rich celebrities.

Not a mask in site. Not one. Though he has cancelled all Advent and Christmas liturgies due to the China Virus.

Not. One. Mask.

Surely he preached to them of Jesus Christ and the need to enter fully His Church outside of which there is no salvation.




Barona said...

And then they wonder why people are skeptical of PPE and lock downs. Simple: people know that though these people are evil, they are not stupid. The Pope, his henchmen, or politicians such as Gauleiter Newsom of California, would not be caught cavorting in public if they even had a suspicion that we were facing MERS, SARS or Ebola.

Kathleen1031 said...

It astounds me that any Catholic would consider him the head of the church or their spiritual leader in any way. But then again, Catholics vote Democrat.