Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Bergoglio and his scum blame Viganò? May God in heaven send his wrath and judgement upon these evil men!

The long delayed report on the sodomite pervert, rapist and criminal Theodore McCarrick has been released. Dr. Taylor Marshall questions the timing of the release - when America is so preoccupied with the issue of a fraudulent election and a literal globalist coup, the demonic Bergoglio and his minions release the report which they trust will be ignored due to overwhelming information. Dr. Marshall's job, the job of those at LifeSiteNews, my job, your job, is to ensure that this does not happen.

I have not and will not read the report. We have trusted people such as Dr. Robert Moynihan, Dr. Marshall and Dorothy Cummings McLean and others have and will provide erudite commentary and disclosure.

What we do know is this. It is an exercise in obfuscation and cover-up and blame. Bergoglio is the hero when in fact, he is a fraud and guilty of cover-up. They blame John Paul II for not acting. I do too. He refused to believe that Maciel was the monster he was and the excuse of these matters tainting his view due to his familiarity with communist tactics does not fly with me. He knew, he did not act. The same people that declared him a Saint did the same to Giovanni Montini and Angelo Roncalli. 

Saints? Bullcrackers! 

Never forget this picture of these bosom buddies. 

Bergoglio and his rats have tried to turn the tables to blame Archbishop Viganò, the man who is in hiding, the man who has clearly made amends for any sin of omission, a man who has shone light on this Vatican filth.

Here is his response. Expect more from him. He knows much and as with President Donald John Trump, these men are heroes who have not yet finished their work. Get your popcorn, the outing of the Deep State and the Deep Church is going to be biblical, literally!


Today the official Report of the Holy See regarding the McCarrick case has been made public. Before I express myself on its merit, I will take time to analyze its content. 

However, I cannot fail to note the surreal operation of mystification regarding who are the ones responsible for covering up the scandals of the deposed American cardinal, and at the same time, I cannot help expressing my indignation in seeing the same accusations of cover-up being made against me, when in fact I repeatedly denounced the inaction of the Holy See in the face of the gravity of the accusations concerning McCarrick’s conduct. 

An unprejudiced commentator would note the more than suspicious timing of the report’s publication, as well as the attempt to throw discredit upon me, accused of disobedience and negligence by those who have every interest in delegitimizing the one who brought to light an unparalleled network of corruption and immorality. The effrontery and fraudulent character shown on this occasion would seem to require, at this point, that we call this suggestive reconstruction of the facts “The Viganò Report,” sparing the reader the unpleasant surprise of seeing reality adulterated once again. But this would have required intellectual honesty, even before love for justice and the truth. 

Unlike many characters involved in this story, I do not have any reason to fear that the truth will contradict my denunciations, nor am I in any way blackmailable. Anyone who launches unfounded accusations with the sole purpose of distracting the attention of public opinion will have the bitter surprise of finding that the operation conducted against me will not have any effect, other than giving further proof of the corruption and bad faith of those who for too long have been silent, made denials and turned their gaze elsewhere, who today must be held accountable. The Vatican fiction continues. 

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop                                                                                                                 November 10, 2020


Tom A. said...

His first mistake is referring to Bergoglio as the “Holy See.” Nevertheless, he is a smart man. In an afternoon he could read Pastor Aeternus and Pascendi thus concluding that Bergoglio cannot be Christ’s Vicar.

mazara said...

Consider how fast a traditional order can be shut down and its members disbanded, for the crime of piety,and the way these people are raised through the ranks of the hierarchy .

Irenaeus said...

Well put, Vox.

Peter Lamb said...

Absolutely Tom! That's why I accuse him of being controlled opposition. Despite the overload of evidence, Vigano refuses to recognize that a heretic cannot be Pope. Despite all he says, he keeps to his sworn allegiance to bergoglio as a true Pope. His behavior is utterly non-Catholic.

Kathleen1031 said...

Francis and the men in Rome can spin all they want to, it is irrelevant to us. They no longer have influence in our lives, their words are like vapor. Naturally they would try to place blame on Abp. Vigano, or anyone else they could scapegoat. What timing. Gee one would almost think they had inside information that post-election would be a good time to release this work of fiction.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank God for the SSPX. I truly believe God has given them to us for this time. As Mazara says, "a traditional order can be shut down and its members disbanded for the crime of piety." They cannot do that to the SSPX whose sacraments are all valid even if formally illicit. If anyone unleashed horror against the Church it is the Roman wolves in the curia beginning with Pope Francis who welcomed Pachamama into their midst and polluted the Vatican with diabolical activity. what a Judgment Day they will face!

Tom A. said...

Why in God’s name does the SSPX seek recognition from modernists as to their status in the Church? The “illicit” ones in the Church are thw ones in charge.