Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Are are killing the future for those of no faith and afraid to die?

The same society that allows doctors and mothers to kill babies in the womb and jabs a needle to kill someone with euthanasia is killing the economy because a handful of old people who have little to no faith in anything other than their baby-boomer lives, are afraid to die.

This article is from the CBC today and forces us to take a closer look:

I don't wish to be callous. I don't want to see anyone suffer unnecessarily and die but are we seriously contemplating shutting Ontario down again for this? There are 32 deaths of which 29 were over 79 and 26 of those were in long term care.

Quarantine long-term care. Protect the vulnerable.

The rest of us need to use common sense. 


mazara said...

More people died in Nursing homes than anywhere, no way are they doing this to protect the elderly, there are stories on twitter of people been asked to sign do no resuscitate forms, vunerable people isolated from family.

Tamsin said...

We can't live, and no one has ever been able to live peacefully with his fellow man, without knowledge that this life is not the end. It is appalling that the same men who suggest euthanasia as the remedy for suffering, suggest isolating lockdowns as the remedy for... natural death.

Euthanasia will not remedy suffering. Lockdowns will not remedy natural death.

Our bodies wear out.

Anonymous said...

Common sense, Vox ?

I am a healthcare professional who is weary from seeing even people like Senator Rand Paul today on television explaining that masks don't protect anyone because virus' are so small they pass right through the fabric.
first of all, virus' do NOT have wings but travel on a glob of mucous or particle of dust and yes the 3 ply surgical mask can and does lessen the viral load one may be exposed to.
Wash your hands using soap and friction and limit exposure to large groups in enclosed rooms.
Everyone who works in LTC knows that even C diff spreads like fire in a nursing home, so the fools who place covid 19 patients in nursing homes are doing so with full knowledge they are going to possibly wipe out the clients who reside there.
Abortion and euthanasia are murder so people like Bill Gates who believe in population control are murderers no matter how much money they throw at vaccines.
The stupid arguments to the contrary are only displays of the prolific lack of common sense which, along with atheism, are more dangerous than any pandemic.

Vox Cantoris said...

Whoa! I agree with you. By common sense, what you wrote is exactly what I meant.

While masks are not 100%, I wear one in a store or close quarters at work, not outside and certainly not in my car, alone. Everything you mention is common sense. I just find it pathetically ironic that the same people who kill the babies and elderly are suddenly so concerned about them.

Quarantine the vulnerable. The rest of us need to do what you wrote and get on with life.

And for the sake of God, STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK!

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Vox!
My fellow friends in Healthcare appreciate your sentiments and actions to promote common sense regarding this virus.
Unfortunately, way too many "Catholic bloggers" have encouraged not wearing masks, some even going so far as to imply that God is protecting them especially because they pray.
Several are still posting that covid 19 is "just a cold" or "just the flu".
Are we to presume that those who succumb to this disease and die are weak both spiritually as well as physically? Pride is a most grievous sin. One which belongs to Satan himself.
That should be a warning to all Catholic bloggers. Please do not think you have been endowed with all the answers.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

We are more than past reserving judgement as to whether positive covid cases are all positive covid cases and covid hospitalizations and deaths are all covid hospitalizations and deaths. Entering the latter days of November and little to no reports on the annually recurring "flu season." Biden is warning of 200,000 deaths in the US alone between now and his (sic) inauguration. That's the bad news. The good news is that flu season has been cancelled for lack of interest (but mostly to achieve his 200,000 goal).