Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Crowds flock to Adamson Barbecue in support of owner who defied Toronto ...

I stopped by after work but they were sold out.


Will stop by for lunch today.


Barona said...

Good for you Vox!

This man and his wife have more guts and courage than all of Canada's bishops combined. What they are doing is good, but it is still in the natural order. They but feed the body.

How much more so should our bishops reopen our churches for Mass. Mass, a Heavenly Banquet, is in the supernatural order. It feeds the body AND the soul with the Bread of Life.

M. Prodigal said...

My pastor said this morning that we are not shutting down, we are not counting or limiting and are not registering. The only thing we do is every other pew. No face diaper needed either. He said that as other parishes limit and register for Mass, many are coming to us and not to be judging those who do or don't--lots of reasons out there-- and do not judge other priests and parishes who follow the dictates of government. We continue on about as normal. Thanks be to God! Father has said again and again not to be afraid. No one at the parish has been sick. He said people should do what they think they need to do to care for their health but his job is the care of souls and their salvation.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, hopefully you were more successful today. So, which church will you be at this Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Blessed be COVID, destroyer of worlds!