Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Everything you ever wanted to know about the bishops of the United States of America (Canada's are no better)



Carlos said...

The old joke was Stalin saying "We will have democracy here. Those want to follow me can follow me. Those who don't want to follow me will follow Lenin." Well, wouldn't it be a great coincidence to be a Democrat elected by fraud in a year number ended in zero! Avoid riding convertibles and Texas, Joe or you will follow JFK.

Kathleen1031 said...

Older Democrats pine for the days of Camelot, but they are gone forever. JFK would not recognize the people who call themselves Democrats today. He would rightly recognize them as Communists. So whoever wrote this is an older man.
This is shocking, and shameless. How dare these bishops publicly congratulate a cabal of pagans who now have brought our nation full-term abortion. I know we say it, but try to really consider this anew, these bishops SUPPORT, full-term abortion. The bishops realize this means a baby moments from birth can be killed legally now. They're ok with that.
This is why we are Roman Catholic, will always be, please God, but we have nothing to do with these men. Nothing.
President Donald J. Trump is pro-life. Franklin Graham is pro-life. Abp. Vigano is pro-life. These are the men we support. Not the USCCB. We are done with them. The Catholic faith they "profess" is not one we recognize.

Brian said...

"Confessor, one who suffered for the faith or who practiced virtue in a heroic degree."
Yesterday was the feast of St. Andrew Avellino, a Confessor not a bishop. I couldn't help but think about the cowardice of our bishops, cowardice about which you have, more or less, addressed in this post and in a recent post, about the lack of action by "Timid Tommy.". Outside of some traditionalist bishops where are those who have the courage to be confessor bishops? Just a few, it seems, among the thousands who plod along to get along, safely tucked away, under the conciliar penumbra. We are all called to be confessors, are we not?

LORD deliver us from the negligence of the bishops.

Peter Lamb said...

These "bishops" are not negligent, or cowardly. They are novus ordo minions of satan. They are soldiers of satan actively working to overthrow Christ's Church and install the satanic novus ordo one world religion and "church". I expext all have been "consecrated" in the new rite and are therefore invalid anyway.

Tom A. said...

Peter, it always strikes me as odd how many Catholics look towards modernists to return the Church to Catholicism. Don’t they get it? The modernists destroyed the Church, they are not going to fix it. Do not worship with modernists nor with those who associate with modernists. They will infect you with their heresies.