Wednesday, 25 November 2020

CTV NEWS REPORTS - As for November 15, 2020 10,947 dead in Canada but 10,781 were senior in long-term care!

In June, the CBC reported 80% of deaths were in long-term care. The CTV report may not be accurate, but I think we can trust the CBC number. What is the number now though and why is it so hard to verify, what do they not want us to know? Whether it is 80% or 99%, it still reveals that the overwhelming bulk of deaths are of the elderly and infirm and these poor souls may have died regardless in the next year. This is not too discount their value but to condemn the government for its dereliction and the Cardinal for his banning of Mass and the destruction of the economy for a number that is nowhere near the infection rate. 


A report on CTV Network in Canada revealed a shocking number. The report took place on November 15, 2020 revealing that 10,947 persons in Canada had died of China Virus. Shockingly, 10,781 were seniors in long-term care. Therefore, across the whole wide range of Canada from sea to see to sea, as of November 15, only 166 persons not living in long-term care facilities died of China Virus.

One hundred and sixty-six!

Dealing with my home province of Ontario and Toronto, this is an indictment of incompetence and bombastic moronic evil on the part of Doug Ford and John Tory and our public health bureaucrats. Our Archbishop, Thomas Cardinal Collins, has been taken in by them and has shut down the public worship of God until at least December 21 and will probably blow out Christmas, the very Christ's Mass from which the name derives.

Not even in the communist era in Poland did the communist government shut down churches and order an end to the Holy Mass being offered publicly.

Doug Ford, John Tory and Cardinal Thomas Collins have outdone Communist First Secretaries Boleslaw Biret, Wladyslaw Gomulka, Edward Gierek, Wojciech Jaruzelski combined. How does that make you feel, gents? You've outdone them.

All of them have failed. They have failed to protect the vulnerable under their care and now they have engineered a fraud in order to cover up their own deceit and incompetence.

I am at a loss. This is just evil. These men are failures. They are scoundrels. They need to be held to account, in this world and the next!

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