Sunday, 1 November 2020

St Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir - For all the Saints


ALDU said...

Thank you for a beautiful recording of this beautiful hymn. You may be aware that St Edmundsbury Cathedral is a Cathedral of the Church of England, not of the Catholic Church. It adjoins and was perhaps once part of Bury St Edmunds Abbey. The Abbey is in the centre of the town and is a ruin, having been destroyed by Henry VIII during the Reformation. It had been an extremely wealthy Abbey during the previous centuries and the Barons who made King John sign the Magna Carta travelled first to the Abbey on pilgrimage, perhaps as a cover for their meeting and perhaps to acquire courage to carry out their work. The ruins and grounds of the Abbey are beautifully maintained as a park and can be seen at and My wife was raised in Bury St Edmunds and has relatives there. We have visited the town many times.

Anonymous said...

The Church of England is part of the Catholic Church, indeed, just as the Church of Rome is, tracing it's "legitimacy" without interruption to St Peter.