Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Living rent-free in "Reverend" Michael Coren's brain.


I've got to thank the so-called "Reverend" Mister Michael Coren, an ordained Anglican cleric. He surely does believe that I am a "leading Catholic blogger in Canada."

Hey, it works for me. But Michael, old buddy, old chum, do at least give me proper attribution. It should read, "Leading Canadian blogger, Vox Cantoris wrote."

Gee, I guess you and that fired CBC "journalist" are still smarting over that false article you put on The National that mentioned my name which the CBC, paid for by me, was forced to retract and remove from their web site and social media.

Poor man.


Irenaeus said...

Making a heavy mark again, eh, Vox?

Jonah said...

High five!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

The more birthdays I have I realize that most of these people out themselves or shoot themselves in the foot if you just give them room. They just can't help themselves.