Saturday, 7 November 2020

Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton, Lou Dobbs discuss Voter Fraud in America and the Coup against Donald J. Trump


Kathleen1031 said...

Recounts have happened. There is an historical precedent. As Americans, we demand a recount happen in the questioned states. Our Constitution gives us the right to have free and fair elections. We are not a banana republic, and we cannot allow Democrats to turn us into one. Everything is at stake, and now is the time we must make demands.
We must inform our state legislature, the Republicans, that this is what we want. Even if counting is not going on in our state, we should tell them.
We can contact the White House online. They have an easy way to email them through the official website. We can tell our friends and family we expect a recount. Do not give in, do not capitulate, do not pull your hair out but do not yield on this. Let Republican senators who will work to get it done, know. Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cotton, Sen. Blackburn, etc. We DEMAND a recount.

Why would the Democrats resist a recount if they are so sure Joe Biden won?
They should have nothing to fear from it and they should be interested in uniting the nation, but the Democrats are already threatening Republicans with "lists", so here already we see they are nothing but tyrants.

Without confidence in our election process, we are no longer a united nation and will be forever fractured. You cannot leave millions of disenfranchised Americans to just accept a stolen election, and that is how millions see it.
COUNT THE VOTES AGAIN. I cannot see one reason Democrats would not welcome that process unless they know they have cheated and they do not want that found out. It would take relatively little time to do it, and there is precedent for it. If they do not agree, we turn to our Supreme Court, which absolutely cannot avoid ruling on this critical issue for our nation.
There is no other answer but to recount for the good of one and all.

Consecrated to Mary said...

Kathleen you are absolutely right. If we accept this election is is the end of our republic. I will not be disenfranchised. I pay federal income tax, property tax, business tax and tangible taxes every year and I will not continue to pay if my vote is not counted. Joe Biden has done nothing but enrich himself and his family at the expense of the American people for 47 years. I am sickened every time I think of him as our president. He is a demented, evil man.I put up with 8 years of Obama but my patience is at an end.