Sunday, 22 November 2020

Good morning Ontario and enjoy your last opportunity to engage in the public worship of God in Toronto!

Well, looky here.

In all of Ontario with 14,446,515 people, nearly 500 hospitals and 20,000 hospital beds there are 513 people in hospital with the China Virus.

But you won't be able to worship God at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and you can't get a haircut or browse your main street independent store for your winter boots, unless it is Costco or Walmart - then hundreds can browse at a time. The photo at the right was taken yesterday at the local Costco in southwest Toronto.

So, you can go to Costco to buy your toilet paper in a line of hundreds but 50 people can't gather at St Clare of Assisi in Woodbridge which holds 1,000 or St. Michael's Cathedral which holds 900. Catholic and non-Catholic Christian church goers have not caused these spikes. Jews going to synagogue have not caused spikes.  Not enough are going to church. Those that are attending follow the guidelines and I can tell you that church pastors are being responsible with the cleaning. So, what is the problem?

On the matter of the Premier, my sources who know him and have spoken with him tell me that he is being pulled from both sides, particularly those who want a whole shutdown. His common sense has enabled him to resist it. He is trying to stay on the road without being pulled into a ditch. At the same time, the Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto, will, as of tomorrow deny God His due public worship. 

513 people out of 14,446,515.

But you can't go to Mass!


Brian said...

Will the suffragan bishops to the west cave in as well? Monkey see monkey do....

M. Prodigal said...

It is NOT about your health; it never was.

Kathleen1031 said...

Deep Church is part of Deep State. Obama and Trudeau and Bergoglio rose at pretty much the same time. This is all part of the Great Reset. Prepping the people for state ordered restrictions on liberty, what would a Commie revolution be without that. Most of the churchmen seem perfectly happy to go along with it. These are the men who declared God non-essential.
And the people just do what they are told.

Anonymous said...

Kyrie Eleison.

Bear said...

You left out the part where the Ford government decreed that the maximum number of people that may take part in a religious service in total is ten. At Mass this morning we counted the priest, plus the caretaker, plus the sacristan, plus the person who has to welcome people into the church, make sure they are on the list and that they disinfect their hands, plus the thurifer, plus the organist, plus the cantor, which left just space for just three people. How shall we allot those seats? Collins could go against the decree of the Ford government, but then the churches would be forced to pay fines and closed by the police.

P. O'Brien said...

We are witnessing "Antichrist on the Installment Plan" or perhaps better "Incremental Antichrist."

Vox Cantoris said...


One priest, one server, one Cantor, one caretaker plus six.

The Cardinal is a Cowardinal!

Ford said 10.

The Cardinal said 0.

Put the blame where it lay.

Vox Cantoris said...

You also miss the point, Bear, that it is the right of God to be publicly worshipped and our duty. That is the point. You don’t need some Susan reading it a sacristan unless he is serving as well. You can allot the six seats any number of ways. Further, there could be 5 Masses, no homily, singing at one.

Clearly, you missed the point and you can’t defend Collins in any way on this.



Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve Mass from Vatican cancelled, no reason why that cant take place.

TF said...

I've said from the very beginning that this "pandemic" was an attack on the Church and what's left of Western society. I'm not happy that I've turned out to be right, but at least the Forces of Light have many new recruits. Let us fight with our Rosaries in one hand, and pens, rhetorically speaking, in the other. We can still win this without picking up more destructive instruments, if we act swiftly and boldly. Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!

Anonymous said...

From Eponymous Flower:

Edit: this is a note to thank everyone for all the spiritual sacrifices you’ve made for me, the Masses, intentions, good will and love. I’ve been very humbled and grateful for these infirmities. I thought I was done for a minute, but God might have some other plans.

As it stands, I’m feeling better and my body seems to be getting to upper hand over this deadly Covid pneumonia.

God bless you all!


Vox, please forgive me if this is out of place.

Vox Cantoris said...

No forgiveness necessary. I left a comment there forgiving him and that I would pray for him notwithstanding his heinous harassment of me and I got lambasted for it from his minions.

I'm glad he is recovering.

I wrote him this morning via his personal email wishing him well.

Anonymous said... mean doing everything to make Heaven look like a dystopian horror movie wasn't enough? uh...imagine that.

Illegal fines do not have to be paid and payment is unenforceable if every church (and business) did it. The government could illegally "lockdown" down churches, but many graces, and even the end of this scamdemic, would more than likely have been the outcome. Mass being celebrated outside at the front doors of a locked church would have been a better witness than capitulation. But...alas...that wasn't to be because Canadians are too passive aggressive obedient little sheep and suffer way too much from the mortal sin of "doing or not doing something morally right because of human respect". (I'm a Canadian BTW).

So...welcome to the Covidian church. Hope you like the new world order decor because that's what happens when you throw out obedience to the Original Decorator's design.


Johnno said...

What actual Catholic Cardinals would've done is hold Christmas Vigil Mass publicly right outside Ford's house, or just in Nathan Phillips Square. And other individual bishops would do likewise in front of whatever government car-lot or public square or park is near them.

No masks. No social distancing. Loudest choir possible. Those who are worried or vulnerable need not attend. Live-stream it.

Ademar said...

Pax Christi!

Read the prophecies of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich about the anti-church. It's here!

And storm Heaven with prayer and mortification to receive the graces to figure out how to arrange for the valid underground offering of the Holy Sacrifice and the provision of the Sacraments. Research "ecclesia supplet" with the aid of competent folks.

Know that your brethren South of the border are on a knife-edge regarding a possible totalitarian tyranny that will shut down our own churches. Thanks be to God, our churches in Ohio, where I dwell, are still open, with minimal restrictions. I will remember you all in Rosary tonight and the TLM tomorrow!

Hang in there, my dear Ontarian fellow faithful!

Domina Nostra, ora pro nobis!

Vox Cantoris said...


Donald John Trump and America have been in my prayers at Mass for weeks now. God's ways are not our ways.

There is an old saying up here that "When America catches a cold, Canada gets pneumonia." The world is dependent on America being right and good and true. I have family in Buffalo and Dallas, they are apoplectic at the situation.

However, you have one advantage that we do not which I know you know.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

God save the United States of America!

Barona said...

So the ratio of hospitalizations to total population is 1 in 28,161 and we are told we need another FAILED lock down? Glancing over the Ontario government stats shows both Peel region and Toronto so-called case numbers dropping; whilst perversely the media is using the case numbers to push hysteria? Just what is going on?

How it possible that such a monstrous lie can be hoisted on the public?

How is it possible that churchmen and politicians can be so easily manipulated by "Herr Doktor Schwanzloch"? [no pun intended].

Anonymous said...

Imagine a bond movie where the supervillain ties James Bond and discusses his evil plans in detail...

Bond: NO, I don’t believe you because it sounds like a conspiracy theory! You’re making it up, flat earthier!

That is the clown world we live in.

Vox Cantoris said...

Holy Noah was also a conspiracy theorist.

Then it started raining.

Anonymous said...