Saturday, 25 August 2018


Faithful Catholics are reeling from the news of the latest scandals resulting from the sexual and physical abuse of thousands around the world by Catholic priests. For those of us who have been writing about these issues, none of this is a surprise but it is no less distressing.

At the same time that these horror stories continue to break with more to come, clerics such as James Martin with the continued blessing of the Jesuits preaches heresy and a path to perdition for people suffering from same-sex attraction. We see some bishops issuing statements that the main cause has been homosexuality in the priesthood and episcopacy but it seems that they can be counted on one hand. Most have taken a more passive approach as has the Bishop of Rome with his woefully inadequate letter. 

Let us get to the facts.

Evil men with debased sexual desires, men attracted to other men, mostly younger, mostly teenaged, have for nearly a century infiltrated Catholic seminaries and the priesthood in order to gain access to their victims and to destroy the faith.  

When we read of the actual actions of these priests, it is to make one vomit. These are not simply men who have same-sex desires and fall, these are manipulative monsters. These are clearly, Satanists, the actions are demonic.

  • Forcing a 13-year-old boy to strip and pose naked as Our Lord on the cross.
  • Inserting the Most Blessed Sacrament into a girls vagina.
  • Putting the penis into the mouth of a boy and then washing his mouth with Holy Water. 

This is more than just homosexual behaviour. This is more than a simple fall from grace. This is evil. It is ritualistic. It is demonic. It is in the realm of the Black Mass.

Look, we were warned. We were told by Bella Dodd what was coming. Malachi Martin wrote all about it under the guise of fiction. People laughed, they scoffed. 

Nobody is laughing now.

My fellow Catholic, you must remain faithful. Do not walk out on the ledge and away from the Church. The Church of Christ is here, it is alive but it is overshadowed and hidden by this false church, this corrupt and filthy church.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not your friend. While he is not responsible for the current situation in America he has his own shadows in Argentina. Someone will out him yet, While he did not appoint McCarrick, he surely took his lobbying effort. He has continued to appoint bishops and cardinals of McCarrick's ilk. Tobin. Farrell. Cupich. McElroy whose bloom is off thanks to the late Richard Sipe, and yet, even Sipe was distorted. While he did much good to expose the rot, he was a modernist. He, like Marie Collins, sees no problem with homosexuality, even in the priesthood, he simply believed no homosexual should be admitted to seminary because they would be preyed upon.

When Bergoglio came out that night on the loggia, your writer was shaken. I had the urge to vomit, it lasted for hours. The next day, when he offered Mass from a table set up in the Sistine Chapel, I gasped and when he refused to genuflect at the consecration, I knew what we were dealing with. 

Every homosexual priest must be outed. Every bishop must remove them. Every bishop who is a homosexual must be outed, he must be exposed and removed. He cannot be trusted. No homosexual priest or bishop or cardinal or pope can ever, ever be trusted. 

Was it a coincidence that the grand jury report in Pennsylvania was released on the Vigil of the Assumption? Some think not and that this was a sign from heaven that Our Mother is taking action. 

In the homily below by Father Altier he refers to a teenagers room and that the mother has been bugging the child to clean it up. He refers to how Our Blessed Lord cleaned up the Temple but did it like a man and that when this cleansing comes, it will be done as if by a mother. Every nook and cranny, every corner, every cobweb will be removed. 

It won't be easy, but it will be glorious.


Kathleen1031 said...

Amen to that. May it happen soon.

There is no human intervention except the pope and the Cardinals and bishops to denounce homosexual priests and bishops and to identify homosexuality and Modernism as a double-scourge on the Body of Christ. That followed by concrete steps to end heresy as well as the acceptance of homosexuals into seminaries. They could also conduct the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If this pope, hopefully increasingly desperate, wants to pull of a public relations coup that would have some meaning for many Catholics, that would be it. He wouldn't even understand the heavenly effects, he wouldn't have to.

Do you think that will happen? Neither do I, but it is the only intervention of human action that would begin to address this, and only a beginning.

We are in need of divine intervention, because the above will not happen.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

of course sodomites will not be expelled from seminaries and Church hierarchy.
What we are witnessing, is Bergoglio setting the stage for celebration of sodomy - in order to prevent uniquely gifted priests, bishops and cardinals from giving in to seduction by wicked young men and clerics.
Backward traditionalists with hateful, darkened minds must be stopped in their efforts to deny these wonderful, happy people a right to an authentic life.

I wish I wish I were wrong. But I must acknowledge that so called father Martin was placed where he is with full knowledge of his Jesuit boss, a boss who not long ago kissed the old hand of another Jesuit sodomy promoter.