Tuesday, 28 August 2018

To Blase Cupich, clarity and truth on child molesting perverts is a "rabbit hole" - the "environment and migrants" are more important

In a stunning and shocking comment, Blase Cupich, the Bergoglian Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago who owes, according to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, his appointment to the Chicago See to the disgraced homosexual predator Theodor McCarrick, has said that Pope Francis has more important things to do than address the Testimony of Viganò. "We're not going down a rabbit hole on this," said Cupich.

Cupich is a disgrace. 

He needs to resign.




guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

These Sons of the Father of LIes do not resign-remember Billy Boy after THE DRESS became public? It does not matter what is made public and what is proven. There must be class actions for billions$s against almost every bishop and cardinal, personally, in the US, and RICO suits. Want to find out the truth? Give FULL immunity to: underlings, minions, and lower aux bishops with promise of no prison time for them and no taking of their personal wealth - much if not all of the over 4 billions$ stolen from the widows mites and the faithfuls' money. . Nothing short of this will rid us of these demons and their minions. Guy McClung, Texas

Aqua said...

I stand with Batman on this one.

He deserves a face slap for that stupid comment.

Our children are being sodomized. It might be one of my children next time.

I thought I was angry before. I truly feel like .... well, Batman did it for me.

I am really pissed at these people. Imagine how Jesus Christ must feel, on the Altar, seeing this abuse, abuse on abuse ... no one caring.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Hillary was supposed to be in an orange suit by now, and look at her - free as a bird, bolder than ever.

So will it be with the church sodomites. Bergoglio will soon officiate at their weddings. This big "scandal" will help push the sodomite agenda through. Even if some indiscretions were committed, intrinsically disordered bigots with their unhealthy attachments to Jesus Christ and to their Catechism, specifically their persecution of the uniquely gifted is at fault. Be adult about it, and move with the times, with Bergoglio I mean.
Bergoglio is not the villain here. He is the hero, the savior. Cleverly identifying and marginalizing morose bigots, reinstating and promoting gay sodomites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vox! Great job!

I attended seminary in the 80's. It is where I first heard the word homophobic.
My brothers and I prayed that our Lady would save our school or suppress it.

It closed in 1997 to my dismay...such a loss.

As seminarians we were severely criticized for objecting to the massive homosexual incursions. As you can imagine, I am hardly surprised by current developments.

I am glad Vigano spoke out. God bless him!!!

We need to abrogate V2 and actually practice the faith.

I told my Bishop what was happening at my school. I was dropped.

It is worse than most lay people know. We desperately need Holy Priests....now more than ever!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

They are making it far worse. And yet still, they have their defenders. The usual media types, Catholics in comboxes, it is really stunning. People actually don't care that boys are sodomized or raped. The only explanation is they love homosexuality and are going to champion it no matter what. Of course boys get sodomized! What is that to them!
It is an evil world friends, much more evil than even we knew. Truly may God help us, in a world where popes enable cardinals to sodomize boys, it would be better if God sends the meteor.

geoff kiernan said...

This idiot (Cupich) is an idiot. I have thought long and hard about the use of the word 'idiot'.... No other word come close hence its use. I am astounded at what he said....It demonstrates just how far away he is from reality

Helen Weir said...

The comments of Cardinal Cupich reproduce, in carelessness and in tone, the attitude displayed by Donald Wuerl as well. These are men so used to lounging around in excessive prestige and power, they're not even paying attention to what they say themselves. Making sense is below their pay grade.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Kiernan at 4:48: think again Geoff, calling him an idiot lets him completely off the hook. If ++Viganò testimony is correct, Cdl Cupich is depraved, not an idiot!

geoff kiernan said...

Mark Millward at 3.11. Good point well taken

Tom A. said...

Well you will not find any in the NO sect. It seems every seminary is now a gay frat house.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Aqua-Don't fall into their new cover up by using only the word "children." 80% of the vicitms of the priest sodorapists and the bishop homopredators were young men - not "children." Guy McClung, TExas