Monday, 6 August 2018

Bergoglio's Confidant Maradiaga - Manipulation, Intimmidation and Cover-up

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We have written before on this confidant of Jorge Bergoglio. A more pompous and arrogant prelate, one can hardly imagine.

The situation in Honduras seems to be near desperate. Seminarians faithful to the Church have written of the homosexual infiltration in the seminaries and the intimidation that they have received.

This arrogant malefactor Maradiaga has gone so far as to slander and threatened them.

Now, Edward Pentin is reporting that this scoundrel is actually protecting the homosexuals in the seminary in the same diocese where a homosexual predator bishop was just removed. 

Jorge Bergoglio has protected this man. He has surrounded himself with scoundrels, homosexuals and heretics. 

He will not run away from this with any diversion. It is up to the lay faithful to continue to report and educate on the evil presence that has infiltrated the Church of Christ and which seeks our destruction.

The bishops and cardinals must act no matter the cost to their careers. 

The financial and homosexual mafia must be exposed and removed.


Michael said...

What an embarrassment to the Salesians. St. John Bosco must be rolling over in his grave because the congregation he founded has produced such a traitor to the Faith.

Would Francis get away with protecting such a man outside of Latin America?

Dan said...

I think the whole damned hierarchy is corrupt and in on a scheme to destroy the Church. It seriously seems that accusations of perverted behavior become part of a "resume" that is needed to even be considered for elevation of title and/or post.

I'm sick of it.

Maybe just like our stinking Francis I'll start saying "Luther was right!"