Saturday, 25 August 2018

Okay George, we agree that those who covered up abuse by sexual deviants are "shit" but what are you going to do about it?

The "Holy Father." The Vicar of Christ on Earth whom St. Catherine of Sienna called the "sweet Christ," has once again shown his potty mouth and preoccupation with human excrement.

On two occasions previously, Pope Bergoglio has referred to certain people as "fomenters of coprophagia," literally people who eat human excrement. 

“The pope said the cover-up of abuse in the Vatican was ‘caca’. The translator interpreted it as ‘filth you would see in the toilet’.”

For once I agree with Jorge Bergoglio even with his foul mouth. After all, I've no golden tongue.

Inquiring minds are asking though, George, now that you know that the Church is full of shit, what are you going to do about it?

I note that your homosexualist Irish American Cardinal Farrell has the bowl cleaner at hand.

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Johnno said...

We should start a hashtag for Francis on par with Trump's #DRAINTHESWAMP -

I recommend #PULLTHEFLUSH.

The Pipeline extends back to South America.

Brian said...

Hey Vox
How are the gay episcopal foxes throughout the church ever going to address the problem of gay clerics? How are gay bishops ever going to deal with the problem when it, ultimately, involves removing themselves? Well, it will not happen. Homosexual bishops, come thick or thin, will protect the "brotherhood". That is the supreme law of their ministry, not the salvation souls. Oh, by the way, straight bishops, who have tolerated this infestation, are equally deserving of reproach. Dishonesty, deceit, is everywhere (Fraus Uno...Fraus Omnibus). The followup document for this Meeting of Families is, probably, already written, as is the followup for the synod in October. These meetings are all dog and pony shows, little more than foils, for the "eccleciocidal" frenzy that is the New Theology playbook of Bergoglio (stage name: Francis). There are a lot more Pennsylvanias out there. Flush out this sewage.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

How awful to realize that the document for this meeting has already been written! We all know what is in it - families want full inclusion and affirmation of sodomites and sodomy respectively!

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Strong message to follow my words below. Guy McClung, Texas

For They Know What They Do
Posted on Wednesday, August 22, AD 2018
by Guy McClung

Priests, Pastors, Prelates,


Priests, Pastors, Prelates.


Priests, Pastors, Prelates,


Priests, Pastors, Prelates,


Priests, Pastors, Prelates,


Priests, Pastors, Prelates


Priests, Pastors, Prelates,

Personas Non Christi.