Saturday, 18 August 2018

Spermatozoa Vestments - or is it a 666, or both? Or is it really BDSM?

They will tell you it is the Triskelion.

The Triskelion shows unity which is why it became an early motif for the Holy Trinity.

You decide.



TLM said...

Interesting Vox.....I had never thought about 'Spermatozoa' but I did immediately spot the 666. are most likely spot's probably BOTH, or maybe even more diabolic meanings. Satan is very clever.

Unknown said...

It's definitely both!

Anonymous said...



Johnno said...

It's the Trinity having a dialogue about what doctrine they should change next.

Anonymous said...

New Age: Yen Yang

Anonymous said...

In addition to the 666 motif, it looks like 3 sperm coming together, as if to say, any combination can make a family.

Jack said...

Anonymous said...

It looked to me like a Celtic spiral. I guess we all see what we want to see.

Brian said...

There seems to be something "rainbowish" about this symbol and particularly the colours. Am I reading too much into this?

Anonymous said...

The garments look very rainbowish,seeing Satan and his worshipers have hijacked the word rainbow i definitely would say it is 666.

Anonymous said...

Pastel pink is, for this abominable conference, to communicate the red of martyrdom. Which says a bit about how these narcissists exalt themselves. Wayne

Peter Lamb said...

The recent scandals in the Novus Ordo clergy is the logical spiritual fruit of the revolution of
the Vatican II church. The destruction of the Faith and Morals among the clergy reflect the
failure of Prayer (Faith) and Penance-Discipline (Morals). Where one fails to keep an eye
toward the Father by Faith, the danger of infidelity to the graces of the Holy Ghost results. The
very character of the post Vatican II era was a mockery of Doctrine and Piety (doing for the love
of the Father). Effectively the entire discipline of the Church has been under attack resulting in
moral turpitude in the clergy, both priest and Bishops and higher, as well as lay folks. This is
easily seen: in dress, no cassock; no Friday fast and no Rosary for them. The result is moral
decadence and even Bishops who cannot stand in moral rectitude. Such is the nature of man’s
need for Faith and grace. The moral failure which has been enabled by this clergy demonstrates
the defective character of a false church these 50 years. The elevation of those leading characters
who were guilty show a Novus Ordo consequence, not an accident. The Catholic Church
is composed of saints and sinners but the Novus Ordo religion is one of false Faith and Morals,
false Prayer and Penance.
"God has not chosen everyone to salvation; it is a rare gift to be a Catholic; it may be
offered to us once our lives and never again; and if we have not seized on the accepted
time, nor know in our day the things which are for our peace, oh, the misery for us!" -
Cardinal Newman in Discourse to Mixed Congregation.
(Father Miller in Parish Bulletin.)

Anonymous said...

It's Yin and Yang belongs to ancient eastern mysticism nothing to do with Catholicism!

Kathleen1031 said...

It is what it looks like, a pre-Christian or pagan symbol that means whatever the designer intended. We can speculate on it's intended meaning, but one thing about it we can know with certainty, there is nothing Christian in the design. We give far too much benefit of the doubt now, this design is a scandal, as is the World Youth Day 2019 symbol. We are right to say you are insulting us with this pagan image. These men are raking us over coals and getting far too much enjoyment out of it. It must be grand fun for them.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, it is not traditional, has no connection to anything recognizably Catholic before 1970, therefore it is to be approved by the gay clerical class. TS

mazara said...

Osusanna said...

Star Trek. They probably have the same producer.