Thursday, 2 August 2018

Bergoglio Quotes Himself to Justify Change in the Catechism - is the teaching on Homosexuality next?

We awoke this morning to find that the Bishop of Rome has changed the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its teaching on capital punishment. In the letter to bishops, Bergoglio, unable to quote anything from Holy Scripture, Church Fathers, Saints or other Popes to justify his decision, humbly quotes himself.

Allow me to quote myself.

You can read erudite words from Louie Verricchio and Steve Skojec and Edward Pentin and others on this matter, I will be brief.

Jorge Bergoglio is wrong. Not only is he wrong, he is manipulative and deceitful. He cannot change the catechism and he cannot compel you or me to accept something that is contrary to what we accepted before. How can something that the Church has had a position on for two thousand years be fine yesterday and not today? It is simply not possible. 

I do not accept this change. I reject it. I condemn it. I renounce it and him. I welcome any canonical censure imposed upon me from this wretched malefactor. 

Here in Canada, we do not have capital punishment and have not had it for decades. I accept that I don't agree with it, but I accept it. I also believe differently.

Now, I wish to address something more salient.

Why now?
  1. It is a manipulative attempt to take direction off the scandal of Mr. Theodore McCarrick and is enables and those Cardinals who knew and covered it up.
  2. It is an attempt to pressure American Catholics to abandon Donald J. Trump and vote Democrat in the November mid-term elections.
If you think that this heretic will not shortly amend the catechism to change the teaching on homosexuality then you have not been paying attention.

Mark my words; a future pope will declare this man a heretic and all of his work and appointments will be anathematized. 

Jorge Bergoglio is an enemy of the Faith. He must be denounced.


Barona said...

I agree. That is why I reject "religious liberty" (separation of CHurch and State)as a monstrous blasphemy. We note that the churchmen were clever enough to deem the Declaration "Dignitatis Humanae", precisely that: a "declaration". Now, what doctrinal and/or canonical authority does a "declaration" have? The authority of a "declaration" has never been defined. Modern man hates doctrine, hates truth. Those who profess "religious liberty" are enemies of the Faith. They must be denounced. I stand with all the Popes who denounced "religious liberty" as an abomination.

Johnno said...


It doesn't matter what his ulterior motives may be. This is FORMAL HERESY, and not expressed in some private letter or document whose authoritative doctrinal standing is 'debatable.'

It's printed in the Catechism, and is therefore being enforced on all Catholics.


Bergolio has separated himself from the Church. I'm certain this was evident a long time ago, but not is it unambiguously clear!

The only question is whether he was ever Pope at all in the first place, and whether Benedict XVI still retains the keys due to his sloppy diarchy beliefs.

What the hell was going through Bergolio's mind?

"I'm going to formally commit to heresy to take attention away from dear 'Blanche' McCarrick?"

He could've just run naked through St. Peter's Square if that was the case...

Is he hoping to win liberals over by the gesture after McCarrick? To keep the Democrats loving him and sending in the funds dear McCarrick needs?

It just sounds to me like Bergolio was always leaning in this direction from far back, and the climate was created by John Paul II's idiocy, which Bergolio has only built upon.

Putting guilty people to death is always bad - except if they are innocent and unborn, then it's okay because... circumstances...

Is this a practice run for what Bergolio plans to do with Humane Vitae?

Contraception is next folks! Buy stock in Durex or whatever they're called because sales are going to go up! And the Catholic Charities mysteriously have a lot to supply!

Ana Milan said...

This half of the dual papacy (an abomination in itself) has been a catastrophe from the outset. Why won't ++s Burke, Brandmuller, Müller, Sarah tell us the Truth of the matter - is PF a properly elected pope? Was he not considered a heretic in Argentina before his election which was then carried out by electioneering & possibly threats/blackmail (against the rules laid down by JPII). Hasn't a pope got to be a Catholic confessing the fullness of the Doctrine, Magisterium, Tradition of the OHC&A Church & teaching what has been handed down directly from the First Apostles, never differing or wavering from their divine content? Why then do they all stand around & allow this monster to ambiguously change everything that has been held sacred & holy for nigh two thousand years making himself as the God of Surprises - a Satanic title if ever there was one. Can not a multi-generational Catholic not be permitted to demand the answers as to why Satan is sitting on the Throne of Peter & when do the successors of the First Apostles intend to remove him?

Johnno said...

Some imagine Francis is trying to distract us away from McCarrick.

I suspect the opposite -Francis is using McCarrick to quietly shovel through his imposition of heresy upon the faithful.
And if any Catholic should raise a stink, they’ll be slammed with being concerned over some ‘outdated discipline’ rather than show concern for the sexually abused.

Francis isn’t going to let a crisis go to waste.

peasant said...

Unfortunately we (the church) stopped burning heretics at the stake.

We do still have exorcists. No?

Exorcise Bergoglio.

Catholic clerics sometimes preach of courage but they never hear themselves.

Michael said...

I hope I live to see the day that Francis is declared a heretic and his work and appointments anathemetized. That day will be a truly glorious one. The faithful cardinals, bishops, priests, religious, and laity that Francis has slandered, and otherwise made life miserable for will be given victory.

Dan said...

And the bishops and cardinals will either be filled with glee or cowardly silent.... either way they disgust me.

Anil Wang said...

Why now? The Pope is just testing the waters because enemies all his within the church seem to be asleep.

If this change passes with little fanfare, then similar changes are on the way for every other area that the lavender mafia wants.

Notice how the updated catechism doesn't outright declare uses ambiguity to imply the death penalty is intrinsicly evil, but in actually replaces it with outrage.

Expect this to be the strategy used to attack other parts of the catechism.

The key question is, what can we do about it other than letting people know what's going on?

For the record, I don't think a future Pope can declare Pope Francis to be a heretic because Pope Francis is too slippery and uses language like a mobster boss to imply what he wants, and leave the actual crime to his henchmen. What I do think is that Bergoglioism will be condemned the same way Origenism was. During his lifetime no-one accused Origen of heresy so Origen might not be a heretic, but Origenism is most definitely a heretical.